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Sex & Nudity

  • Navin is offered sex by risk taking daredevil Patty. She tells him to make thrusting motions with his waist, checks him out from behind and tells him he's "ok". Then she tells him to "put a rubber on it" and drives away with him on her motorcycle. When they get to her trailer, she tries initiate sex, but he fails to pick up on the cues. She then tells him to put his arms up and begins caressing his clothed buttocks. He wonders if it is getting "hot in here". Then, partially off camera she grabs his privates, and he wonders what's happening to his "special purpose" as he begins to get aroused. She tells him he's about to find out what it's for and unzips his pants. Then the camera cuts to an outside shot of her rocking trailer, and Navin says "this is like a ride." No nudity is shown in the scene, as it was intended to be comical.
  • A letter regarding the scene mentioned above is read by Navin's grandmother to his family. In the letter he explains his sudden fondness for sex. The word "blowjob" is used in the text, without Navin understanding what it means.
  • A man comes out of the bathtub and places his medium-sized dog in front of his private parts before trying to find someone. After running outside, he picks up a small dog and holds it behind him to cover his butt. No private parts are seen, and the scene is purely for comedic effect.
  • Multiple paintings of fully nude women are shown.

Violence & Gore

  • Comic violence.


  • Pervasive usage of shit
  • A dog is named Shit-head.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Drinking and smoking, marijuana use.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

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