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Great movie
thunderheart1684 February 2004
By far the best drag racing movie ever, especially the cars that are used and the music soundtrack really makes it an overall great film, i really wish that they would put it on video or dvd. Or atleast show it on television now and then.
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Excellent movie for any car racing fan
redrose818111 January 2004
I just love this movie!!! From the first time that I had watched this movie, I just can't get enough of it. I remember first watching it when it re-aired late night on our local ABC channel at 2am in the morning. Ever since then I searched for the movie not knowing that my mother had actually taped the movie. After about eleven years, I watched the movie again. All in all for being a low budget film, I think they did one heck of a job. I also really love the small bits of humor throughout the movie as well as the music and you can't forget the racing!!
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Best drag racing movie of all time
JohnNkaryn6 May 2002
Being a big fan of drag racing, i think this movie is deffinately the finest 1/4 mile drag movie of all time, the cars are phenominal and the track actions is the greatest especially being about vintage drag racing, also the music soundtrack couldnt be any better, overall just a great movie and i wish it would be available on dvd or vhs to purchase.
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Best car movie ever
dlajeunesse10 July 2006
By far the best movie I have ever seen. I'm having a hard time remembering as I seen it many years back.This movie deserves to be shown again and I would love to see it released on DVD or any other type of video I could purchase. Does anyone know If a video exists?? Please let me know and how I could obtain a copy. True die hard Willy's coupe fan.This story is based on street racing, that has a great message for all. Racing should be a track event only and no one should race on public streets. The choice of cars was interesting. A Willy's coupe against local boys Oldsmobile 442.Very dramatic story line and a edge of your seat thriller. My hats off to everyone involved in the making of this movie.
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Check ebay to find this movie!!!
redrose818118 October 2006
This is a great low budget racing movie!! I remember watching it many years ago when it came on TV late at night. It's almost hard to believe that ABC made this movie to be shown as a made for TV movie in 1979. It would be nice if they listed in the credits of the movie what songs were featured in it and the name of the band in the concert scene. A soundtrack release for this movie would've been nice also, but as far as I know, they never did have one. Anyway, I've noticed a few comments about finding this movie. I would check ebay. I have found many old movies on there that have been old video store rentals or were released for a short time. There are copies of this movie on there but the majority are bootleg copies and not actual video releases. As far as I know, they had not released the movie since the time that it appeared in the 90s in the movie store as a rental. Hope this helps.
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Hands down, the ULTIMATE Hot-Rod Movie!!
moparstanton30 November 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Forget about those modern junks in "Fast and Furious", with exhausts that sound like someone rattling beans in a tin can. There's no long, drawn out kissy-face love story going on here to waste your time, either…although , the good guy does wind up with the bad guy's girl in the end, but it's all good fun.

This flick is for every down-and-dirty dude who has ever busted his knuckles on his ride all week long, just to be able to make it to the local cruise night or dragstrip on Saturday night and give those trailer queens a run for their money!

If you are looking for stellar acting, this isn't the film for you, as is the case with most made for TV movies. But if an all-primered pre-war Willys with a Hemi and a Blower, A cool Studebaker pickup, a big block Olds Cutlass, and tons of other classic rods get your blood cookin', you need to own this one! It's also cool to see all the soon-to-be famous actors who graced this movie like Robert Culp, Grant Goodeve, Gregg Henry, Ed Begley Jr. and Pernell Roberts, before they moved on to higher paying gigs. Also, I don't know where they came up with the technical adviser for this movie, but someone had a clue here, for a refreshing change. Or at least, until they start taking Hemi's out of AMC Matadors, but hey…could've happened, right?

OK, here's the story line-Take a good guy with very little cash (sound familiar?), who does ALL his own work (and they show it!), who challenges authority and the bad guys who have all the advantages, and you've got the framework for a decent flick every self-respecting rodder should own. In one memorable scene, the cops pull the hero over, give him yet another ticket (that he has no intention of paying) and when he tries to leave, he cranks the battery dead and the Willys needs to be push-started. Oh man, I can't even remember how many times I was that guy! You just don't get that kind of reality in most 'Car-Movies'. I was thrilled to finally get a DVD copy from Charter Entertainment, as my VHS copy was worn thin. I still watch this flick at least twice a year, usually before I go racing!

You never see this movie on any car magazine's "Top 10 Favorite Car Movies" list for some reason. I don't know if it's too unknown, or just another conspiracy from the "Paint Job" crowd? But I haven't seen this many cool cars floating around since "Heart Like A Wheel", not to mention the footage of the now-vanished dragstrip in Lyons, California. Get youself a copy and enjoy! You won't regret it!
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If you would like this movie
bubblerxo20 August 2007
I have this movie on DVD...This one is a classic any fan of hot rods will want to see. It's all about the Munn's Root Beer Nationals at the "Bayland" drag strip in Freemont,Califorina, and every competitor who doesn't run a Munn's decal on their car is harassed by the corrupt local cops. But you'll see enough interesting cars to make it worth your while. A young racer attempts to win a dragstrip competition in this film alternately known as Hotrod and Rebel of the Road

N-e one who would like to own this movie just click on the link below and you can download it through

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great movie
hlarmstrong6 January 2006
Warning: Spoilers
My husband and I are avid movie watchers and we enjoy all genres. We found this movie to be the best hot rod movie made in years. We really enjoyed it and we wish it was available on DVD or video. What we really liked is that it was a fairly accurate reflection of that time period. The story line was good and so was the acting. My husband's favourite part was when they stole the engine out of the police car and everyone chipping in to help the hero was great too. It is appropriate for family viewing as well. It's too bad there aren't more movies like this. We'd like to get a copy for our collection. Hopefully if enough people comment of this movie it will become available for purchase.
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Brilliant Movie
shaztrans2 January 2006
I saw this movie on TV many years ago luckily i taped it . and as usually happens lent it out to friends who were also suitably impressed but unfortunately i never got it back . I have been trying for years to get another copy so if anyone knows where i can get a copy i will be thrilled . not only the fast action of the drag racing but the absolutely superb soundtrack by many top artists and some not so well known adds to the edge of the seat excitement . I have watched many other drag racing movies but none holds a candle to this one.not only was the storyline well written it was well acted and i feel that it was totally realistic and totally believable . I wish i could give it more than 10 out of 10
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Rare one for the collection
gohuskies8218 December 2005
As far as racing movies go, this one is a great one to get ahold of. I personally looked for this movie for several years and was able to get a used VHS copy of it. I believe it just came out on DVD not too long ago and I am sure that it is a limited release. I love the 1969 Cutlass driven by Grant Goodeve (Sonny Munn) that they have in it, and there aren't many movies that feature a '69 Olds in them. I have a 1969 4-4-2 and a 1969 Cutlass Convertible and had to have this movie in my collection. I believe that this may have been a made-for-TV movie, and was originally titled "Rebel Of the Road." This made it very difficult to find, since the video release was called "Hotrod." In this ABC made-for-TV movie, Brian Addison (Gregg Henry) comes to town to compete in the National Drag Races. Unknown to him, the deck is stacked against him. But with the help of some local folks, he puts together a hemi-powered and blown 1941 Willys coupe. Jenny (Robin Mattson) provides the romance and Robert Culp is T. L. Munn, the low-life promoter along with Pernell Roberts as the corrupt cop.

Lots of drag racing from the Fremont Drag Strip in No Cal. with various hot rods, funny cars and top fuelers from the '70s. Hang on for a fun ride! A "must have" for any fan of drag racing.
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Raw Drag and Street Racing
The-M6 March 2006
This Movie contains enough Raw Drag and Street Racing to be a great Drag Racing movie, you can almost smell the rubber and smoke.

If you didn't love Hemi's before watching the movie you will after. I think this movie made Grey primer cool, and as for Willy's Coupes! Well you will just have to watch the movie.

One of my favorite parts is when they all sneak into the museum and steal the Blower from Munn's own car, Sticking it to the man is always good watching.

Gregg Henry who plays Brian Edison ( the lead ) is believable as the happy go lucky guy next door type, who we can all relate to.

The Soundtrack fits well to the movie and brings you right into the story line, makes you wish for Drive In Movie's and Summer.

I wish it was out on DVD.
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this is by far the best drag race movie ever made!!!!!!!!!!
slotcarman19 November 2006
this is the most real drag race movie ever made!!!! unlike the new rice burner movies out now that lead everyone to believe that you 4 door rice burner can turn 10s in the 1/4 mile HAHAHAHAHA!!LOL ON THAT ONE.there is no substitute for cubic inches sorry!!!! hotrod was one of the only truthful depletions of what will happen if you install a high CID big block into you classic muscle car..."LOAD AND LOADS OF TORQ HP AND SPEED" not a farting sound like you hear in wall-marts parking lot on nay given afternoon.there is a reason the only car older rear wheel drive cars "MUSCLE CARS" the new cars don't make muscle!!! did you know auto makers change the way they rate hp every couple of years so they can falsely advertise the hp pf the new cars coming out!!!they stared doing the back in the early 1980s..why did they do this?? because of the garbage rice burners!! they have found that the general public is dumb and will believe anything!! its true check into it... so throw away the fake FTF movies and go with the real racing "HOT ROD" !!!!!!!!
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For most ask Questions
prostreetcougar35121 March 2009
For all the great fans of the best drag racing movie made the willys coupe is a 1939 prewar car the movie is out again on DVD and you can it from CHARTER ENTERAINMENT for about $18.00 if you have any questions about the movie I would be more than glad to help you if i can i watch it all the time. i'm not saying i know everything but i know the movie as well as most die-hard car the one thing i know is for question about the song cannonball was singing i have no ideal ware that came from that was the first and only time i ever heard it sorry i can't help you on that one.We need to email GEROGE on that one and see what he has to say about where it came from.I have it on VHS and DVD and i watch it all the time love this movie.and ED BEGLEY, JR. plays his part very well as the rest of the cast.One movie to see and buy.
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would like to own on DVD and a few other questions
Dawn Williams8 August 2006
if anyone knows how to get this on DVD please let me know so that we can get a copy of it we have been looking for this movie for years now and can't find it if any one knows how to get it please let me know thank you very much my husband saw this movie years ago and wants me to see it he saw the cars in the movie and remembers it was a very good movie and wishes that he can get it on DVD I thank you very much if any one knows of any other kind of movies that is like this please let us know that too always looking for this type of movie any movies with cars in it mostly a willies I'm also looking for the movie with the 1st women funny and rail car I think her name was Maldowny thanks again for any of your help
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The search is over
ssmonte38331 December 2005
I also have been looking for this movie for about 20 years. I never knew the name of it and any "Car Person" I spoke to never knew what the heck I was talking about.

Thanks to this site I was able to obtain the name and also locate a copy on Ebay.

Thanks for all the info. I can't wait to receive the movie and watch it again. If I can help someone to locate this movie I can give you the name of seller on ebay or at least send you in the area I searched to find another copy. I think this last movie will conclude my car movie collection.
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"Get me the 9/16ths and the Vise Grips!"
racerx7025 April 2006
Dialog as banal as this makes several scenes more than a little cringe-worthy. But I'm getting ahead of myself. I saw this movie years ago as a rental and the guys I watched it with along with myself laughed quite a few times at some of the implausible things we saw, as well as the absolutely BAD dialog and cardboard cutout characters. As a matter of fact, we still use the "9/16ths" comment as part of our expressions at the track, mostly as a method of disrespect. Once things got to the dragstrip, however, "Hot Rod" was a bit more palatable. I enjoyed the rocket Funny Car making a pass down the track (rocket cars having been outlawed for nearly 20 years now), and some of the old school drag cars really gave a look into the late 70's drag scene. Being a drag racer myself, I appreciate the history. The story is standard TV movie fare (this was an ABC Friday Night Movie after all), and even after saying this, I still went and bought a copy on VHS. Should it be on DVD? Considering the dreck that's already on DVD ("reality" shows and the like), I'd vote for a DVD release. File this one as "so bad it's good".
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American Nitro
boont13 October 2009
The greatest drag racing movie ever made, by far, is American Nitro. Originally released in 1979, this classic movie has developed a cult following among drag race fans and is currently in re-release on DVD.

Along with all the top drivers of the 1970s, this film includes a whole sync sound color sequence on "Jungle Jim" Liberman and the only full color, professionally shot, sequence on "Jungle" Pam's drag strip performance.

This movie brings back the golden age of drag racing.

The film just sucks you in. Many people have commented that they have watched it 20 times and more.

If you go to the American Nitro Facebook page you will see their comments.

Google it.

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