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Film News Roundup: Jane Fonda to Receive Lifetime Achievement Award at Michael Moore’s Festival

Film News Roundup: Jane Fonda to Receive Lifetime Achievement Award at Michael Moore’s Festival
In today’s film news roundup, Jane Fonda is set for an award at Michael Moore’s film festival, Shout Factory buys Angie Wang’s crime drama “Mdma,” and the Palm Springs festival sets its opening and closing dates.


Jane Fonda will be honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award at Michael Moore’s Traverse City Film Festival, which runs from July 31 to Aug. 5.

Fonda has won acting Oscars for “Klute” and “Coming Home” and been nominated for “They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?,” “Julia,” “The China Syndrome,” “On Golden Pond,” and “The Morning After.” She’s also won four Golden Globes, two BAFTAs, and an Emmy.

Moore, who is the founder and president of the Michigan festival, made the announcement Wednesday.

“I can think of no other artist who has given more to her country,” said Moore. “What an honor for our festival audience to welcome and to be
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The Woman's Work: Jane Fonda in the 70s

In The China Syndrome (1979), plucky young news anchor Kimberly Wells (Jane Fonda) wants nothing more than to be seen as a real reporter. She wants to be given opportunities like any other person in her field of employment, but when she asserts her willingness and desire to do “hard news” she’s often met with chuckles for men who reassure her that her current job is fine. Kimberly is stuck putting on a fake smile in front of bozo the happy dancing hippo and celebrating the latest local “who gives a shit” excuse for culture in Southern California. Men tell her that they love her new buoyant red hair and that the ratings have gone up since she’s joined the network’s carousel of idiots hypnotizing the mom and pop middle class into a false sense of security. She knows she can report on hard news, and dammit she
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Wamg Spotlights Stars of Comedy Book Club

(L-r) Diane Keaton, Candice Bergen, Jane Fonda, Mary Steenburgen in the film, Book Club, by Paramount Pictures. Photo credit: Melinda Sue Gordon © 2018 Paramount Pictures. All Rights Reserved.

The new comedy Book Club, opening May 18, focuses on something that has long been a favorite of women of all ages – the book club. But this comedy has something extra to offer: four legendary stars with long and storied careers. Jane Fonda, Diane Keaton, Mary Steenburgen and Candice Bergen have garnered enough awards and nominations, including Oscars, and have demonstrated enough star staying-power on the big screen and the small one to qualify as bonafide Hollywood legends. Yet each woman has carved out her own unique path to that title.

They have some things in common, these legendary women. Each is multi-talented, playing both drama and comedy while working with an array of big-name directors and actors. As in any long career, each
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It’s a quality true-life mystery-exposé that doesn’t come off as tabloid trash or Oliver Stone hysteria — the true story of Karen Silkwood is told without cooking the books. The all-superstar cast is something too — Meryl Streep, Cher and Kurt Russell. Only a fine director like Mike Nichols could steer this one into good entertainment & memorable cinema territory.



Kl Studio Classics

1983 / Color B&W / 1:85 widescreen / 131 min. / Street Date July 25, 2017 / available through Kino Lorber / 29.95

Starring: Meryl Streep, Kurt Russell, Cher, Craig T. Nelson, Diana Scarwid, Fred Ward, Ron Silver, Charles Hallahan.

Cinematography: Miroslav Ondrícek

Production Designer: Patrizia von Brandenstein

Art Direction: Richard D. James

Film Editor: Sam O’Steen

Original Music: Georges Delerue

Written by Alice Arlen and Nora Ephron

Produced by Larry Cano, Michael Hausman, Buzz Hirsch, Mike Nichols

Directed by Mike Nichols

Remember when the big movies about adult themes were in the theaters, and not on cable TV?
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Michael Douglas Shares Secrets of His Long Career, From ‘Cuckoo’s Nest’ to ‘Wall Street’

Michael Douglas Shares Secrets of His Long Career, From ‘Cuckoo’s Nest’ to ‘Wall Street’
Oscar-winner Michael Douglas revealed the ups and downs in his film career during a live conversation with Ben Mankiewicz at the eighth annual TCM Classic Film Festival on Saturday. Held at Hollywood’s historic Montalban Theatre, the two-hour discussion covered everything from Douglas’s early television roles to his work on Marvel’s upcoming “Ant-Man and the Wasp.” Here are some of the surprising highlights.

Hairy Beginnings

In 1969, Douglas made his feature debut in “Hail, Hero!” an obscure anti-war drama about a college student who joins the army during the Vietnam war. “Arthur Kennedy played my father, and in the movie he takes my long hair and he chops it all off,” Douglas said. “So I’m showing it to my dad (Kirk Douglas) and he said “You should go to my barber. There’s a way to do that so it looks halfway decent, so you won’t look like a total dork.
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Tcmff Day 3: Michael Douglas and the power of protest

Though the theme of the TCM Classic Film Festival this year is comedy, that hasn't stopped political themes from emerging during discussions with special guests. Yesterday morning's screening of The China Syndrome with Michael Douglas in attendance was just such an example. Douglas and host Ben Mankiewicz started out talking about the aesthetic and casting choices of the nuclear meltdown film, produced by Douglas and starring Jack Lemmon and Jane Fonda. However, as with the release of the movie - which happened to be released days before the Three Mile Island accident in early 1979 - the timing of the Q&A between the TCM host and the veteran actor/producer meant that conversation soon turned to themes of destruction, education, and protest.

It turns out that Michael Douglas makes a very charming protestor. Douglas explained that while he hadn't cared much about nuclear dangers or disarmament before producing The China Syndrome,
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A Tcmff 2017 Preamble

“It’s the most wonderful time/Of the year…” – Andy Williams

Well, yes and no. There is, after all, still about a week and a half to go before we can put the long national, annual nightmare of the tax season behind us. But it’s also film festival season, which for me specifically means the onset of the 2017 TCM Classic Film Festival, the eighth iteration of what has become a perennial moviegoing event. More and more people flock to Hollywood Boulevard each year from all reaches of the country, and from other countries, to revel in the history of Hollywood and international filmmaking, celebrate their favorite stars (including, this year, beloved TCM host Robert Osborne, who died earlier this year and whose presence has been missed at the festival for the past two sessions) and enjoy a long-weekend-sized bout of nostalgia for the movie culture being referred to when
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It Came From The Tube: When Michael Calls (1972)

A lot of great TV horror movies rely on a final image, a real shocker, to hammer home the fear. But not all of them. When Michael Calls (1972) is a telefilm that measures out its chills, leading to a logical conclusion (for a small screen sinner) instead of an iconic screen shot for nostalgic viewers. Regardless, this one provides a platform for a solid thriller with a pedigree behind and in front of the camera.

Originally broadcast on Saturday, February 5th, as the ABC Movie of the Weekend, When Michael Calls had the normal competition from CBS’ New Dick Van Dyke Show/Mary Tyler Moore Show and NBC’s Saturday Night at the Movies. But ABC’s Movies of the Week (on Tuesday’s, and here) almost always won out with viewers, providing exciting, original fare. This one is no exception.

Let’s crack open our fair weathered faux TV
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Michael Douglas Sit-Down Interview Among New Additions to TCM Film Fest Program

Michael Douglas Sit-Down Interview Among New Additions to TCM Film Fest Program
As a part of the 2017 TCM Classic Film Festival, Michael Douglas will sit down for an in-depth interview about his career.

The Hollywood-based fest has also announced a slew of special events, including Best in Show castmembers Fred Willard, John Michael Higgins, Jim Piddock and Bob Balaban discussing the 2000 mockumentary and a 40th anniversary screening of The Kentucky Fried Movie, with John Landis, Jim Abrahams, David Zucker and Jerry Zucker set to participate in a post-screening discussion.

Douglas also will participate in a discussion following a screening of the 1979 thriller The China Syndrome, which he produced and starred in opposite...
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Endeavour series 4 episode 4 review: Harvest

Gem Wheeler Jan 30, 2017

It's farewell to series 4 of Endeavour, offering a fitting tribute too to John Thaw's Inspector Morse...

This review contains spoilers.

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4.4 Harvest

When a man’s skeleton is discovered at Bramford Mere, Thursday’s mind immediately turns to the unsolved disappearance of Matthew Laxman, an Oxford botanist who vanished in autumn 1962. Dr DeBryn soon reveals, however, that the bones belonged to a man who died in what appears to have been a ritual sacrifice two thousand years earlier; as Strange puts it, looking for next of kin won’t be too easy. Morse spots a pair of spectacles in the disturbed earth, which Laxman’s wife Alison (Natalie Burt) is able to identify as likely belonging to her husband. She points the detectives in the direction of Professor Donald Bagley (Michael Pennington), a physicist friend
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How Andy Griffith And Elia Kazan Predicted Donald Trump’s Rise (And Fall?) Way Back In 1957’s ‘A Face In The Crowd’

How Andy Griffith And Elia Kazan Predicted Donald Trump’s Rise (And Fall?) Way Back In 1957’s ‘A Face In The Crowd’
Every now and then there is a movie that has somehow been able to forecast future events. One of the most famous examples was the 1979 release of The China Syndrome which eerily paralleled events that happened just before the film’s release, when a nuclear meltdown threatened Three Mile Island. And I have long maintained that the 1957 classic A Face In The Crowd, criminally under-appreciated at the time of its release, basically presaged the Donald Trump presidential…
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Anti-Nuke Atomic Age Cinema Festival Wants To Be A “Wake-Up Call”

Anti-Nuke Atomic Age Cinema Festival Wants To Be A “Wake-Up Call”
Hollywood has been warning the world about the threat of nuclear war and the danger of nuclear power for decades, from On the Beach and Dr. Strangelove to Fail Safe and The China Syndrome. Those concerns will be explored again at the Atomic Age Cinema Festival, set for Wednesday at the Raleigh StudiosCharlie Chaplin Theater in Hollywood. Actor and activist Esai Morales, who will serve as a panelist, told Deadline that he hopes that the festival will be a "wake-up call"…
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Michael Douglas Just Getting Started with Career Achievement Honor

Michael Douglas Just Getting Started with Career Achievement Honor
Following in the footsteps of such previous career achievement honorees as Robert De Niro, Robert Redford, Kevin Costner, Susan Sarandon and Sharon Stone, Michael Douglas is being recognized “for the longevity of his career, the quality of his achievements, and his overall striving for excellence,” says Aarp’s Robert Love. “He’s also a great activist and well-known as an all-around good guy.”

Ironically, in a career spanning more than 50 years, the actor-producer and Oscar winner has enjoyed his biggest successes embodying bad guys, anti-heroes and jerks. And even a short list of his greatest hits — “Wall Street,” for which he won the lead actor Oscar, “Fatal Attraction,” “Basic Instinct,” “The War of the Roses” and “Disclosure” — reveals just how good he’s been at it.

The actor, who’s always had a gift for playing ethically challenged and morally ambiguous characters, fully inhabited the reptilian Gordon Gekko — his most iconic role,
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50 More of the Greatest Matte Paintings of All Time

A few years ago the editors of Shadowlocked asked me to compile a list of what was initially to be, the ten greatest movie matte paintings of all time. A mere ten selections was too slim by a long shot, so my list stretched considerably to twenty, then thirty and finally a nice round fifty entries. Even with that number I found it wasn’t easy to narrow down a suitably wide ranging showcase of motion picture matte art that best represented the artform. So with that in mind, and due to the surprising popularity of that 2012 Shadowlocked list (which is well worth a visit, here Ed), I’ve assembled a further fifty wonderful examples of this vast, vital and more extensively utilised than you’d imagine – though now sadly ‘dead and buried’ – movie magic.

It would of course be so easy to simply concentrate on the well known, iconic,
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Hollywood Film Awards: Jane Fonda to receive the Hollywood Suppporting Actress Award for “Youth”

Among the many famous actors and actresses being honored at the 19th annual Hollywood Film Awards, few are as legendary as Jane Fonda. She’s hoping to be in contention for another Oscar this year with Youth, and the Hollywood Supporting Actress Award she’s receiving certainly won’t hurt those chances. She’s now almost guaranteed to be in the running for at least an Academy Award nomination, though as much as anything this honor just shows how viable she still is decades into her career. Fonda is one of the best in the business at her craft, plain and simple. As such, this 2015 moment in the sun for her is unlikely to be even close to her last… Here’s part of the press release once again announcing this honor: Academy Award® winning actress Jane Fonda will receive the “Hollywood Supporting Actress Award” for her role Paolo Sorrentino’s Youth.
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Vintage 1979: Kramer vs. Kramer, Sweeney Todd, Chris Pratt, Rosamund Pike, and More...

1979 is our "Year of the Month" and this post was way way too much fun to research. Before the main course of the Supporting Actress Smackdown (pushed to June 7th), let's marinate a little in the year that was. 

original print ad for Kramer vs. Kramer (available on eBay)

Jackie Earle Haley, Dennis Quaid, Dennis Christopher, and Daniel Stern broke out via "Breaking Away"

Best Movies According To...

Oscar: Kramer vs Kramer*, All That Jazz, Apocalypse Now, Breaking Away, and Norma Rae were the best pictures nominees but they also loved La Cage Aux Folles, The China Syndrome, Manhattan, Being There and The Black Stallion

Golden Globe: (drama) Kramer vs Kramer*, Apocalypse Now, The China Syndrome, Manhattan and Norma Rae (comedy)  Breaking Away*, Being There, Hair, The Rose, and 10

Cannes: Apocalypse Now And All That Jazz (Glenn discussed this odd consecutive Oscar-adjacent business)

Box Office: 1) Kramer vs. Kramer 2) The Amityville Horror
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Newsmakers and Media Shakers: Top Ten Reporters in the Movies

For the sake of this particular movie column let’s just consider the media types of news personalities, journalists and reporters as interchangeable. With that in mind Newsmakers and Media Shakers: Top Ten Reporters in the Movies will look at some of cinema’s top inquirers in the name of getting down to the nitty-gritty in bringing the truth to the forefront.

The movies have intensely, if not sometimes comically, showcased those characters that felt justified in reporting their newsworthy findings in the name of riveting entertainment. Whether spotlighting real-life newsmaker and shakers such as legendary luminaries in Edward R. Murrow to Watergate busters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein or profiling parodies of probing journalists as Natural Born Killer’s Wayne Gale it has been a trippy ride in witnessing cinematic reporters and their excitable exploits.

Perhaps Newmakers and Media Shakers: Top Ten Reporters in the Movies will be irresponsibly
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Penn Is Latest Hollywood Celeb to Take Home French Academy's Honor

Sean Penn: Honorary César goes Hollywood – again (photo: Sean Penn in '21 Grams') Sean Penn, 54, will receive the 2015 Honorary César (César d'Honneur), the French Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Crafts has announced. That means the French Academy's powers-that-be are once again trying to make the Prix César ceremony relevant to the American media. Their tactic is to hand out the career award to a widely known and relatively young – i.e., media friendly – Hollywood celebrity. (Scroll down for more such examples.) In the words of the French Academy, Honorary César 2015 recipient Sean Penn is a "living legend" and "a stand-alone icon in American cinema." It has also hailed the two-time Best Actor Oscar winner as a "mythical actor, a politically active personality and an exceptional director." Penn will be honored at the César Awards ceremony on Feb. 20, 2015. Sean Penn movies Sean Penn movies range from the teen comedy
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Michael Mann’s Upcoming Cyber Thriller ‘Blackhat’ is Frighteningly Timely

Michael Mann’s Upcoming Cyber Thriller ‘Blackhat’ is Frighteningly Timely
Michael Mann’s upcoming movie “Blackhat” has been largely overshadowed by intense media attention focused on the Christmas release of the assassination comedy “The Interview,” linnked to the disastrous computer hack perpetrated on Sony Pictures.

But awareness of Mann’s film, bowing Jan.16, is beginning to mount amid an uncanny life-imitates-art timing that recalls the release of the 1979 nuclear drama “The China Syndrome” 12 days before the Three Mile Island meltdown in Pennsylvania.

The globe-trotting cyber thriller (financed by Legendary and released by Universal Pictures) stars Chris Hemsworth as a gifted hacker who gets furloughed from his Los Angeles prison sentence to help authorities hunt for an elusive cyber criminal responsible for crippling attacks on a Chinese nuclear reactor and the Chicago Board of Trade.

Mann suggested the premise it is an eminently plausible one, given the number of high-profile former hackers who now work as government or private-sector consultants like Kevin Poulsen,
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Nightcrawler – The Review

His name may be Lou Bloom but a more accurate name for Jake Gyllenhaal’s character would be the title of Dan Gilroy’s debut feature film. Lou is a creature of the night – like a wolf scrounging for scraps in order to survive another day. When Lou discovers the seedy world of late-night accident and crime-reporting he finally feels his skills are being better utilized. By imitating fellow reporter Joe (Bill Paxton) and following the guidance of his new boss Nina (Rene Russo), Lou’s “business” begins to take-off. Soon he is hiring an assistant (Riz Ahmed) for his late night reporting and rising to the top above his competition. It isn’t until a deadly murder that he catches on tape that places his life and everyone around him in jeopardy.

With a shit-eating grin, greasy hair, and bulging eyes that showcase the character’s eagerness for fame and fortune,
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