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Ricky Schroder: T.J.



  • Doctor : [Champ has just died]  I'm sorry.

    T.J. : [Georgie and Jackie start to cry, TJ is shocked]  No! Champ! No! Champ. Is he out? Is he out? What's the matter, Champ? Champ, wake up! Wake up! Wake - wake up!

    [kisses his head] 

    T.J. : Champ, wake up, Champ! Hey, don't sleep now. We got to go home. Got to go home, Champ.

    [Georgie collapses into sobs] 

    T.J. : Georgie. Don't cry. Georgie.

    [TJ goes to the doctor] 

    T.J. : Mister, help me. Wake him up! Wake him!

    Doctor : We're all real sorry.

    T.J. : Please, wake him up!

    Doctor : Let's go outside.

    T.J. : No, no! I don't want to! I don't want to!

    [runs to Jackie] 

    T.J. : Jackie! Wake him up! Wake him!

    Jackie : TJ, please.

    T.J. : I want Champ!

    Jackie : TJ...

    T.J. : I want Champ!

    Jackie : TJ. Please, TJ, listen to me. He's gone. He's gone, son. He's gone.

    T.J. : [shakes his head and backs away from Jackie]  No. No! He's not gone! He's not! He's not!

    Jackie : [Annie comes in, a smile on her face until she sees Champ and Jackie trying to calm TJ]  Please.

    T.J. : He is not dead! He is not dead! I want Champ!

    Jackie : Please, listen to me, son.

    T.J. : I want Champ!

    Jackie : TJ, please, listen to me!

    T.J. : I want Champ! Champ! He is not gone!

    Jackie : [he and the doctor try to drag TJ away from Champ]  Come on, son. Come on. TJ.

    Annie : TJ.

    [TJ walks towards her and hugs her, holding on tightly as he sobs] 

  • [Annie just revealed to T.J. she is his mother] 

    Annie : I'm your mother.

    T.J. : No, my mother's dead. She's a beautiful angel.

    Annie : No she's not, I'm here and I love you.

    T.J. : You don't live with us, you're not married to Champ.

    Annie : Listen to me T.J., you don't have to live with someone to love them, I love you.

    T.J. : Do you love the Champ? Do you? Do you love him? No you're not my mother.

    Annie : No, no please listen to me. It's not that simple. T.J. listen to me.

    T.J. : Go away. Please don't touch me. I don't want you, I don't want you.

    Annie : Timmy.

    T.J. : Go away I told you, go away. Go away, I want the Champ. I want Champ. Champ. I want Champ. I don't want you, I want to go back to the Champ. I want Champ, get out of here.

    [Annie leaves the room frightened] 

  • [Billy and T.J. are playing in the ocean] 

    T.J. : Champ, did you love her?

    Billy : Who?

    T.J. : Annie.

    Billy : Of course I loved her, that's why we had you.

  • Billy : [the Champ is dying after winning the big fight]  T.J. - T.J., where are you?

    T.J. : Here I am.

    Billy : Yeah. T.J. - Annie was here tonight, T.J. Wasn't that a nice thing?

    T.J. : Yeah.

    Billy : You invited her, didn't you? Huh?

    T.J. : I wrote to her. You said to.

    Billy : Yeah. It was nice of her to come. You know, TJ, you know, you're... Annie and me. We did some silly things. Who knows why people do what they do? Nobody knows that, but she's... she's a good person. You know that. You happy, kid? I won the fight. You happy?

    T.J. : Yeah.

    Billy : Yeah.

    T.J. : The Champ...

    Billy : Yeah.

    T.J. : Always comes through.

    Billy : That's right. That's right. Right.

    [he dies] 

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