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Sex & Nudity

  • There is tribal nudity on a few scenes in the movie, mostly male, never focused on and non sexual
  • A man takes off all his clothes and goes into a lake. His butt is shown the whole time.
  • Tribal Nudity is most present during the end of the film
  • A couple talk about having sex, later they are shown after the act covered by blankets, sex is never shown
  • A man's penis is briefly shown for a split second while running
  • A rape scene is implied, nothing shown however
  • A man's penis is shown for a few seconds, it gets cut off offscreen, however the bloody appendix is briefly shown after
  • This section was edited and some details were removed (possibly by people who saw a heavily cut version of the film) There is graphic nudity and sex with nudity including multiple rape scenes. All of this is not offscreen!

Violence & Gore

  • A nude woman is dragged off a boat and onto a muddy shore. A rock is seen being thrusted multiple times in between her thighs, followed by a larger object that appears to have points or be sharp. She is seen covered in mud and blood and is then struck in the head multiple times and appears to be dead. Then is dragged back to the boat.
  • 3 men are seen taking turns raping a tribe member while a seprate character is yelling and worried about something else instead of someone getting raped. The tribe member is then shown to be impaled on a large wooden stake. This is extremly shocking and is uncomfortable to watch.
  • A violent scene depicts a brief shot where a mans penis is cut off. This is graphic and shocking . Afterwards he is killed by being brutally hit many times with a bunch of stick like weapons
  • A couple acts of cannibalism (obviously) depict a group of tribal people are seen eating meat off of human bones. Also in another scene a man is obligated to take a bite out of a human heart. Other acts of cannibalism is implied throughout. These arent too graphic but are not for anyone squeamish.
  • A disturbing scene of an abortion depicts a newborn fetus is pulled out of the woman by a group of people and is buried. They then hit her with sticks for a couple seconds, her face is seen with blood on it as well as her genital area.
  • A mans leg is cut off with a machete after a venemous snake bite.
  • Some natives are chased through the woods by soilders and are shot dead. One is taken captive.
  • A dead woman is implied to have been killed by being impaled vertically with a pole through her body and out her mouth after the characters find this. She is completely nude and covered in blood.
  • After the characters exit the woods into a clearing, a corpse is seen being mutilated and disemboweled by natives.
  • A woman is briefly seen being held on the ground and raped anally by a native. Both are nude and we see some very explicit shots of this.
  • Blood is frequently seen before, during, and after depictions of violence.
  • After the killing and disembowelment of a character the natives cut off his head and are seen holding it up in the air.
  • A soldier is shot in the neck with a dart and sits on the ground in pain, some blood is seen coming out of his neck. Natives approach him and are seen cutting open his arm before the camera cuts.
  • People are chasing natives through the woods and shoots one in the leg, some blood is seen. This is disturbing as they shot the native so they could go slower, they continue to follow the limping native.
  • We see 2 groups of natives fight eachother and are seen killing eachother with stick like weapons
  • This movie contains footage of real acts of animal cruelty, in the form of torture and murder in graphic detail. If you are at all squeemish about animal cruelty, don't watch this movie (at least not the standard cut)
  • Seven real animals were killed onscreen in graphic detail and closeup. They're listed as a monkey having its head cut open; (in fact two monkeys as the scene was shot twice, resulting in two deaths) a turtle being decapitated and disemboweled (extremely close shot of the head and then legs being cut off and it's shell being pulled open; this spills out the animal's guts which are torn out by some men and eaten); a pig being kicked and then shot; and a tarantula spider and a snake being cut in two with a machete. (These scenes are ONLY cut out in the animal cruelty cut version of this movie).
  • A man is killed offscreen. Blood is briefly shown all over his face.
  • A skeleton is found with numerous bugs and worms squirming inside the eye sockets and jaw. These are picked out with a machete.
  • A tribe is herded into a wooden hut which is burned down; many escape but some are inside crying out. This scene is very intense.
  • In some cuts of the film, what is purported to be fake documentary footage of firing squad executions can be seen.


  • The profanity and language is more mild when compared to other content of the movie.
  • Some mild language hell, damn, a*s, s**t
  • 7 f*cks and 1 piece of a** (not used too crudely). The middle finger is flipped towards the camera twice.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • At the start, one of the main characters seems 'high' for a short period of time.
  • A man often smokes a tobacco pipe.
  • A soldier is seen drinking beer.
  • A man snorts cocaine off his machete and coerces a captured native to do the same.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Most viewers may find content not as much frightening or intense as they may find it more disturbing or even vile.
  • A group of people wade accross a river, an alligator is seen swimming nearby and it is a bit intense and peril as they move accross the river.
  • During most of the violent parts, Riz Ortolani's heartbreaking violin music is heard, making the toughest scenes almost unbearable.
  • Suggest MPAA Rating: NC-17 for Graphic Violence, Adult Language, Strong Sexual Content, Adult Content, Nudity, Rape
  • Real animals were killed on camera.
  • The 2014 Blu-ray release features both the original theatrical cut (96 minutes) and an edited version (90 minutes), which features all scenes involving animal cruelty omitted from the film.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • We learn the documentary crew is commiting acts of violence and disturbing things to later make their doccumentary more intense. Some of these include betraying people by killing them, and being violent and cruel towards the natives, as well as killing and disemboweling a turtle and killing a couple other animals. These acts are disturbing.
  • The final minuites of the in movie documentary are very violent and shocking and also depict a gang rape of a female character.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • We discover that the missing film crew is dead when a character discovers a throne made out of what is implied to be their bones remains and their camera.

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