The Black Hole (1979) Poster

Maximilian Schell: Dr. Hans Reinhardt



  • Dr. Hans Reinhardt : The word "impossible", Mr. Booth, is only found in the dictionary of fools.

  • Dr. Hans Reinhardt : [dying words]  More light...

  • Dr. Hans Reinhardt : [whispering]  Protect me from Maximillian!

  • Dr. Hans Reinhardt : [after watching the defeat of the sentry robots, Reinhardt turns to Maxililian]  Your crack unit, outwitted and outfought by some Earth robot, and that antique from Storage!

    [slaps himself three times on the forehead] 

  • Dr. Hans Reinhardt : [the overhead screen falls down on Reinhardt, pinning him to a table]  Ohhhhhh! Ah, ah! Maximilian!

    Maximilian : [turns his head as the elevator door closes] 

    Dr. Hans Reinhardt : Help me! Help me!

    [shouts to the sentrys around the command consoles] 

    Dr. Hans Reinhardt : Fools! Listen to me! Listen to me! Help! Help, help, help!

  • Dr. Hans Reinhardt : Increase power to maximum. We are going THROUGH!

  • Dr. Hans Reinhardt : Maximilian, the time has come to liquidate our guests.

  • Dr. Hans Reinhardt : Some cause must have created all this, but what caused that cause?

  • Dr. Hans Reinhardt : Wait till they get clear... then blown them out of the sky

    Dr. Hans Reinhardt : [Harry steals Palomino only to send it headlong towards the bridge]  They're going to collide into us... shoot it down... SHOOT IT DOWN

  • Dr. Hans Reinhardt : Now, what does that remind me of? Oh, yes! David and Goliath. A classic confrontation. Only this time, David is overmatched.

  • Harry Booth : You never obeyed the order to return to earth.

    Dr. Hans Reinhardt : That's right. I refused this order. There were larger considerations. Other worlds yet to be explored. Life dreams unrealized.

    Harry Booth : The authorities would still consider that an act of piracy, Doctor.

    Dr. Hans Reinhardt : What would you have said, Mr. Booth, if the authorities would have called back Columbus just before he discovered the new world? You wouldn't even exist. I'm about to prove to you - that the end justify the means.

  • Dr. Alex Durant : You will be remembered as one of the greatest space scientists of all time.

    Dr. Hans Reinhardt : I've never doubted that.

  • Dr. Hans Reinhardt : It's about time that people learned about their failures and my successes.

    Dr. Alex Durant : You should come back with us and enjoy the glory of that success.

    Dr. Hans Reinhardt : I don't want to go back and I don't enjoy successes any more.

  • Dr. Alex Durant : Fascinating.

    Kate McCrae : From a distance.

    Dr. Hans Reinhardt : Are you interested in black holes?

    Dr. Alex Durant : How can one not be overwhelmed by the deadliest force in the universe.

    Kate McCrae : That long dark tunnel to nowhere.

    Dr. Hans Reinhardt : Or somewhere! These are exactly answers yet to be explored.

  • Dr. Hans Reinhardt : Tonight, my friends, we stand on the brink of a feat unparalleled in space exploration. If the data on my returning probe matches my computerized calculations, I will travel where no man has dared to go.

    Dr. Alex Durant : Into the black hole?

    Dr. Hans Reinhardt : In - thorough - And beyond!

  • Kate McCrae : Alex, I'm beginning to feel you want to go with him.

    Dr. Alex Durant : On a glorious pilgrimage straight into what may be the mind of God. I do. I do.

    Dr. Hans Reinhardt : "And darkness was on the face of the deep. And the spirt of God moved upon the face of the waters."

  • Dr. Hans Reinhardt : I'm ready. Ready to embark on man's greatest journey.

    Kate McCrae : It's certainly his riskiest.

    Dr. Hans Reinhardt : The risk is incidental compared to the possibility to posses the great truth of the unknown. There - long cherished laws of nature - simply do not apply. They vanish!

    Dr. Alex Durant : And - life?

    Dr. Hans Reinhardt : Life? Life forever!

  • Dr. Hans Reinhardt : Prepare the probe ship!

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