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"We are both in a dark forest, that's why I have to know if I can let you walk behind me."
morrison-dylan-fan4 February 2021
Warning: Spoilers
In the final days of a poll being held on the best films of 1980,I remembered having a unwatched movie from that year which I picked up years ago,in a DVD case without a sleeve. Digging into a pile of titles to pull it out,I finally got the confidence for a viewing.

View on the film:

Going down the cobbled streets to the hideouts of the Resistance fighters, co-writer/(with Erika Szanto) directing auteur Istvan Szabo reunites with his regular cinematographer Lajos Koltai and grinds washed out, naturalistic colours painting the crumbling safety Janos and Kata are surrounded by.

Following the couple walking down the war-torn streets attempting to blend in, Szabo releases long, New Wave stylised tracking shots that wonderfully capture the high anxiety of Kata and Janos, which Szabo seals with a elegant panning shot to their entwined hands.

Revealed in documents later that from 1957 to 1961 he had worked for the secret police of the Communist party in Hungary,the screenplay by the Szabo's make moral compromises be a major issue that the put together couple have to wrestle with, (moral compromise being a major theme in Istvan Szabo's works.)

The writers have the loyalty Kata and Janos hold to their partners they hope are alive, become mixed in their initial push-pull love/hate relationship getting increasingly charged by the passions running wild fear gripping them both.

Having his back up against the horrors of war, Peter Andorai gives a excellent turn as the rugged Janos,with Andorai capturing the warring emotions of mistrust and love fighting within, whilst Ildiko Bansagi gives a exquisite, subtle performance as Kata, who starts to develop a bond with Janos which brings to the surface a confidence.
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A great haunting and erotic drama
PimpinAinttEasy1 April 2019
Haunting, disturbing and somewhat thrilling and erotic drama set in hungary during world war 2. a man and a woman pretend to be husband and wife to escape authorities during world war 2. they have connections to the hungarian resistance. they fall madly in love with each other. i really liked the way the film looked with those grayish ugly rotting city landscapes. the lead pair had some great chemistry. i realized that i had watched another SZABO film called LOVEFILM atleast 20 years ago after i checked his filmography. great background score too.

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love story in an impossible circumstances
yanivli8 April 2004
I saw this film, accidentally, in t.v., and I feel astonished how dramatic stories can be expressed by so simple and poor instruments and, still, be so strong and unforgetable. A love story in an impossible circumstances of war and slandering (in Hungary of World War 2) - could exist? may be love cannot exist without freedom? Or, in opposite: real love is possible only in a crazy times? it's very realistic and sad movie which tell us about a short love but real one (because this love stand against all difficulties of those days). I recommend you to see "confidence" and you will not forget this masterpiece drama.
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A film by masters
htravis19 February 2008
This was shown as part of a festival of films by Szabo Istvan at the National Gallery of Art Feb-March 08. nga dot gov.Suspense and tension is superbly developed. The ensemble work among actors, director, and cinematographer remind you of the best of Carroll Reed's films. Except they are all better. The male lead must have been the George Clooney of his day in Hungary. What does it mean to trust, surrender, take and give sexual intimacy, and love when you are explicitly denying your identity and suspect what even your love for your spouse? The print was excellent. The English subtitles were projected below the screen. I hope this means a transfer to DVD can be and will be released. I would rent or buy this for at least one more viewing. This is a more personal and affecting film than Szabo's "Sunshine." See it if you have a chance, even before Szabo's other, bigger films. (Colonel Redl, Mephisto, Hanussen.)
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Capturing shades of grey
saltaylor20 May 2002
Who can you really trust? Your husband of many years, or a stranger you have only just met, but upon whom your life depends?

Janos and Kata are thrown together during the war forced to pose as husband and wife to hide from the Nazis. As they grow closer, the intensity and suffocating intimacy of their new relationship and the circumstances in which they find themselves, forces them to confront past prejudices and assumptions and challenge what they truly believe.

The nature of our trust and faith in others is delicately, yet powerfully explored in this profoundly moving film by István Szabó.
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Subtle, haunting film
mmikkle27 January 2004
It's been more than 20 years since I saw this film, and yet still it stays with me. Haunting - probably describes it best. Subtle plot development, beautiful and expert acting, complex characters, and wonderful settings and cinematography made this one of my most memorable film-going experiences. The final scene's emotional impact left me breathless and sobbing. I have been waiting many years to see it again. Will someone PLEASE release it for home viewing!?
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Hungarian film known as "Confidence" in English
eyoder1 July 2004
Like another reviewer, I saw this haunting, moving film decades ago and have been wanting to see it again ever since. It deals with complex, yet very human questions of love, trust, loyalty, and betrayal under unexpected, trying circumstances. I remember it as being superbly acted and the relationship between the two main characters intimately explored and developed. The ending was heart-wrenching. I am about to go to Transylvania and Budapest, but doubt I could find it there in VHS format, subtitled in English. Does anyone know if it has been subtitled in either Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, or French (which I also read)?
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Among Szabo's greatest
rifestephen4 September 2017
I agree with the general consensus of the few reviews posted here. A great and subtle film, which also manages to be suspenseful, erotic, and spiritual. It's among my favorites (which I realized after remembering and thinking about it for years, watching it again, and finding that it holds up to re-viewing). Although it's been years since his review, to "eyoder," who asked about any other version with alternate subtitles (i.e., other than English), the only video release I've seen is the Second DVD. Not sure this has Spanish or French, but it might. Checking the site, however, an outfit by the name of Clavis Film released a version which is surely French-subtitled.
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