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I loved this documentary!
tangyjane1123 August 2003
I have lost count of the number of times I have watched this documentary. I rarely buy movies and yet this one I feel I have to have at my disposal for some reason. It touches a spot so deep in my soul I want to be sure I can always access that spot. I fell in love with all involved, including the gruff father.....who eventually allows his sweetness to show when he is too weak to fight it. I would not be surprised to hear that this documentary was added to your list of favorites as well.
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For any parents or sibling of a mentally-challenged individual, "Best Boy" will prove not just an emotional triumph, but a necessity.
cshockc2 August 2002
"Best Boy" is one of the loveliest, most heartbreaking yet life-affirming documentaries ever filmed. When I saw it with a group of special education teachers in the early 1990s--teachers who knew students just like Philly and taught them day in and day out--there was not a dry eye in the house. "Best Boy" touches the heart and establishes that the greatest "need" for special people is their liberation from pampering and being spoon-fed, and ultimately being self-sufficient. It also asks the all important question of parents: Are you there for your child (even if the child is nearing 50), or is the "child" there for you? An exceptionally moving film-going experience. If you don't cry while watching this touching real-life story, then you might want to check your pulse.
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ahaldema25 October 2002
This is an excellent film about the heartbreaking as well as the inspirational decisions that can and need to be made in life. Pearl's emotions (her happiness and especially her heartbreak) and the way they are captured not only by Wohl but by McDonough make this film a true masterpiece. I would recomend this to anyone, and its sad to see it has such a low rating on the database.

"Best Man", however, was not such an incredible film, and only when it is shown in conjunction with "Best Boy" could it garner any merit. The first fifteen minutes in particular seem to present Wohl as incredibly egocentric given the topic and situation of the film, and I truly wish I had not seen them.
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Let's cheer Philly on.
mifunesamurai29 January 1999
Heartfelt doco on a 52 year old retarded man, Philly, whose parents have kept him to themselves. This doco explores Philly's new life as he makes contact with the outside world and the relationship he has with his parents who both pass away during the making of this doco.
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Here, Here!
the_paul7812 September 2004
"Good show old boy!" Enough of my lame English accent. Just wanted to support the movie commentary with a good old "three cheers" for this film. It is BRILLIANT.

If there is a rule to making an excellent film, it exists in his project.

If there were any guidelines on how to make a remarkable movie, it is found here, in Best Boy. Let's watch and learn here. OK, that's it. Thanks IMDb. Thank you for taking an interest in this fine film. Now I go back to commenting on Resident Evil 2, which is pure fly crap in comparison to Best Boy. Can I say that? Why am I talking to myself?
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Are You into Film? Or to educate your family?
contactseth-17 July 2005
After watching this documentary on Zero, a 45 year-old man, with a disability, who must learn how to take care of himself, before his parents, the ones who always took care of zero up until today, dies. A film maker, like myself, thrives, to watch documentaries, this documentaries gave good information on how to do a good documentary. If your looking for a way to educated your children, or change the Way your family thinks, renting this 104 minute movie, will blow them away. it teaches you how the "outcasts" or the "Special needed people," have feeling, even though they are different. It really makes you think about your life, and how you should take life for granted. Zero, works hard to change his way of life, and the most difficult challenges, he faces, and though they are tough, Zero, overcomes them, with a shocking and special story to go with it.
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