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Sex & Nudity

  • A man walks in to see his wife in a gown and panties stretching. When she turns towards him the gown is open and you briefly see her bare breast and nipple.
  • A very mild sex scene that involves groping and passionately kissing. Nothing is shown other than bare backs, and there is very little movement or sounds.
  • Some innuendo.
  • A man is seen in his underwear.

Violence & Gore

  • Gun violence in the start of the film with some blood (a man shoots his entire family while they're sleeping). Mild moments of violence throughout the film including a dream sequence where Kathy sees George holding an ax over a bloody Amy (implying that he killed her with it), then he tries to kill Kathy but she wakes up before he does.
  • A boy's hand is crushed in a window, little blood.
  • A priest's hand is scraped.
  • Gallons of blood seep from the walls.
  • Black goop oozes from a toilet.
  • A man falls into a pit filled with either blood or the black stuff from the toilet (with the lighting it is hard to tell).
  • A dog bites a man.
  • A man slaps his wife in the face during an argument. Blood is seen coming out of her nose, but it is a very brief scene.


  • -Shit is whispered but it is pretty inaudible -1 bullshit -3 goddamns -Several uses of hell -A few uses of damn 2 uses of ass
  • One use of "bitching" by a small child.
  • One use of "bastard".

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Smoking and minor alcohol usage can be found in the film.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The opening and closing scenes of the film may scare smaller viewers. There are several "jump" scenes throughout, though they are light by today's standards.
  • We see the close-ups of flies. We see their faces extremely close to the camera; as if under a microscopic view. People who don't like insects may be disturbed by the images. In contrary to what was written here that I've edited, (for those like myself who fear spiders) there are NO close-ups or images of spiders or of their faces, only close-ups of flies and their faces. {This is important because due to the prior entry of spider close-ups I read, I almost didn't watch this movie at all. Do not wish viewers to be strayed from watching this due to misinformation.}
  • Red eyes (implied of perhaps a demon known as Jody) are seen outside a window, glowing in the dark. No actual explanation given as to what was seen. Its in the form of a Purple Pig
  • Very eerie and creepy music and sound effects are heard throughout.
  • Several eerie dark lighting, and scenes of shock and suspense. In addition to the above, a woman wakes up jolted from sleep with a loud scream that may frighten some viewers.
  • A screeching cat is seen outside briefly from a window in a very dark room.
  • Sounds of drumming wake up a man in the middle of the night with no one there. The darkness of many of these scenes give the film an eerie feeling throughout much of the movie.
  • Rated R for scenes of shock and suspense. (In addition to the violence previously mentioned in that section.)

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