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  • George (James Brolin) and Kathy (Margot Kidder) Lutz and their family—sons Matthew (Meeno Peluce) and Gregory (K.C. Martel) and daughter Amy (Natasha Ryan)—move into an old lakefront Dutch Colonial house in Amityville on Long Island, New York that they were able to purchase for the "deal of a lifetime". The only disadvantage is that the house has a gruesome history. The son of the previous owner shot and killed his parents and four siblings. Shortly after moving in, strange things begin to happen to the Lutzes. George becomes obsessed with keeping a fire going in the fireplace and hears noises at night. Amy acquires an imaginary friend named Jodie. When George becomes more and more withdrawn and his behavior starts changing dramatically, Kathy comes to realize that something evil is happening in the house. But what? Edit (Coming Soon)

  • The Amityville Horror is a 1977 novel by American author Jay Anson. The book was adapted for the film by Canadian screenwriter Sandor Stern. The popularity of the film has led to numerous sequels including: Amityville II: The Possession (1982) (1982), Amityville 3-D (1983) (1983), Amityville: The Evil Escapes (1989) (1989), The Amityville Curse (1990) (1990), Amityville: It's About Time (1992) (1992), Amityville: A New Generation (1993) (1993), and Amityville: Dollhouse (1996) (1996). A remake, also titled The Amityville Horror (2005) was released in 2005. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • When the book first came out in 1977, it was marketed as a true story. Since then, there has been much controversy, many inconsistencies, questionable evidence, and numerous lawsuits by the many people involved. The Lutzes maintain that the events really happened, while other witnesses claim otherwise. Other than the DeFeo murders, the house has no history of violence or paranormal activity prior to the Lutzes moving in, and the families who have lived in the house after the Lutzes moved out have reported no paranormal activity. Father Ray has gone on record saying his experiences in the house were real. Kathy and George also successfully passed a polygraph test, and George stood by his accounts until the day he died, maintaining that comments to the contrary are rumour only. Since the truthfulness of the story is still being hotly debated, it cannot be decided on an IMDb faq page whether or not the story is true or a hoax. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Amityville is a village along the south shore of Long Island in the state of New York. The Lutzes' Amityville house was located at 112 Ocean Avenue. It has since been renovated, and it's said that the address has been changed to keep away the curious. The house that was used for the exterior shots is located in Toms River, New Jersey. It, too, has since been renovated. The barn-shaped roof and those "evil-eyed" windows were simply fitted to the house for the movie to make it look more like the house described in the book. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Twenty-eight (28) days. They moved in on 18 December, 1975 and left on 14 January, 1976. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • According to the book, it is Ron "Butch" DeFeo Jr's face that appears on the wall of the red room. DeFeo and George Lutz were supposed to have looked very much alike. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • The red room was a hidden room in the basement, discovered by the psychic. When George breaks down the wall and looks inside, he can see that the room is painted red. The psychic then screams, "Find the well! It's the passage to HELL! Cover it!" She explains that the red room was once used for devil worship and sacrifices and that the site where the house sits was where the Shinnecock Indians used to bury their dead and abandon their mentally ill. In the book, Kathy discovers the red room while putting canned goods against a closet wall. She found a paneling behind some shelving and pushed against it and found the red room. You can find a diagram of where the red room was in the book, and there are some photos of it in a book by Dr. Stephan Kaplan called The Amityville Horror Conspiracy. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Because a scene in the book says that George saw Kathy transform into an old woman of ninety, "the hair wild, a shocking white, the face a mass of wrinkles and ugly lines, and saliva dripping from the toothless mouth." Edit (Coming Soon)

  • On the last night in the house, there is a violent storm. Kathy returns home after researching newspaper reports about the murders committed by the previous resident and noticing that he strongly resembles George. Meanwhile, George has been out in the boathouse sharpening his axe. When Kathy walks in the door, she finds George running through the house with his axe, calling for Amy. Amy and her brothers are hiding in their room. George hacks through the door just as Kathy grabs him from behind. George knocks her to the ground and almost hits her with the axe before he realizes what he is doing. At that moment, the floor in the red room erupts and the windows in the attic explode. Kathy and George grab the kids, and they run out to the truck. George has to go back in the house to get the keys and Harry (the dog). As he goes down to the basement where Harry is barking, the steps break, and George falls into the well. At first, Harry starts to attack him until he realizes it is George, then Harry helps pull George from the well. As George heads for the front door, it suddenly slams shut, so he breaks a window instead. George and Harry make it to truck, and the Lutz family drives away. In the final scene, a note appears stating: George and Kathleen Lutz and their family never reclaimed their house or their personal belongings. Today they live in another state. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • There is a rumour that the Lutzes returned to the house to hold a garage sale not long after they fled the house. The Lutzes fled the house on January 14, 1976. Long Island's Channel 5 filmed a seance in the house on March 6, 1976. There are several photographs taken during this investigation that show the house contained all of the Lutzes' possessions. Mr. and Mrs. Lutz hired an auctioneer to sell off their remaining possessions. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • The reported events in the Amityville house took place, according to the Lutzes' story, in December 1975 and January 1976, nearly 40 years ago. George and Kathy Lutz divorced in the late 1980s. George died of heart disease on 8 May 2006, in Clark County, Nevada, and Kathy died of emphysema on 17 August 2004, in Scottsdale, Arizona. The three children—Daniel, Christopher, and Missy—are adults and remain out of the public eye. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • While it has been hotly contested that the entire haunting was made up because they could not afford the house that they had bought, official records show that they continued paying the mortgage until they gave the house back to the bank seven months after they fled—during which time they stayed in motels and rented other property—and so the claims about failing finances doesn't hold water. Edit (Coming Soon)


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