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Sex & Nudity

  • A man kisses and rolls on top of a girl implying sex is about to take place before cutting out the lights(They're in a dark carve).

Violence & Gore

  • A child who's face is implied to have exploded is found on the beach still alive.
  • A rock erupts with a creature jumping on a womans face (not much gore more like liquid squrting on a womans face).
  • A face buster erupts out of the above ladies face later on in the movie. Pushing out her eye balls and spilling a sizable amount of blood on its way out.
  • Shortly after a throat buster pops out of a guys "throat" and his head falls off.
  • Chunks of mutated flesh or seen pulsating on the floor presumably the throat buster seen earlier.
  • Giant worms or liver or something full of dripping blood is seen attacking a woman. (Arms protruding out of a wall most likekly). These creatures also proceed to attack an unsuspecting male that attempts to rush to the womans aid as she screams during her attack.
  • A cave explorrer falls and hurts his leg or something. No blood shown.
  • An infected cave explorer flat out explodes as tissue of an alien organism erupts out of him. Cheap looking but still disgusting.
  • The body buster listed above attacks a man who is diving to push the blond woman out of the creatures path.
  • a POV view from an opening and closing orifice of flesh is seen chasing a woman around a bowling alley.


Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

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