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Season 2

5 Oct. 1980
Room with a View
Retired music hall singer Lettie Ross witnesses a murder in the empty house opposite her flat, but when the police and her daughter are dismissive, she calls in Eddie. His investigations lead to Duke Winsor, a slum landlord who has just purchased the house and Alan Fuller, another potential buyer - who proves to be the victim. In the event the basement flat in Lettie's block, leased to concert performers, is the key to the affair.
12 Oct. 1980
The Teddy Bears' Nightmare
Out fishing Don sees a thief rob a young couple of the woman's handbag but the couple themselves flee and fail to report the theft. Don retrieves the bag and Eddie traces it to Christine Page, who eventually admits that she and her married lover, Ken Bailey, are being blackmailed. However the blackmailer is not after money. The couple are both police officers and are guarding a valuable witness in a drugs case. Eddie must help ensure that the blackmailer does not reach him.
19 Oct. 1980
Mocking Bird
Young women are being mugged around the city and the perpetrator, a caller with an Ulster accent, keeps ringing Eddie and taunting him for his inability to catch him. The police are called in but smug inspector Healey is little help. After Sonia is attacked, Tom, a security guard at the station, and former policeman, recognizes the caller's voice from his days as a hospital DJ and points Eddie towards him. Finally Eddie and his tormentor meet face to face in the empty studio for a showdown.
26 Oct. 1980
The Mayfly Dance
Don asks Eddie to locate Jody Brent, a once popular singer whose big hit 'Lazy Daisy' is enjoying a revival on Radio West's easy listening show. Though Miriam, Jody's manager, claims he is in America, Eddie hears that he is living in Wales in seclusion. Mike Frewin, Jody's former band member, asks the station for royalties as he part wrote the song but is refused, after which he visits Vera who has requested it under the name of a girl who died twenty years earlier. Soon after Vera is found murdered. Having contacted Jody, Eddie learns that Frewin and Miriam were ...
2 Nov. 1980
The Farmer Had a Wife
To encourage more human interest stories, Don persuades Eddie to help water cress farmer David Mortimer, whose wife Rosemary has disappeared for a second time, and is being accused by other villagers of murdering her, to try and locate her. The trail leads to Dr. Knightley, her ex-doctor, in whom she confided about her husband's jealous, controlling nature and with whom she had a child, now nine years old and adopted. Eddie eventually finds Rosemary - but will she return to her husband?
9 Nov. 1980
Utmost Good Faith
After her debt-ridden husband Tim has killed himself, Mary Reynolds asks Eddie's help in discovering why her credit facilities have been stopped when the debt concerned was twelve years earlier and apparently cancelled. Eddie discovers that Tim was working on a computer which diagnosed faults in cars and that the debt collection firm harassing Mary is linked to a large computer company anxious to bankrupt small firms like the Reynolds'. By leaning on a former colleague who has joined the debt collectors through fraudulent means Eddie is able to help Mary but not, ...
16 Nov. 1980
Looking for Mr Wright
Erica's secretary Lois meets the charming Clive Wright through a dating agency but he disappears whilst they are in a restaurant and the restaurant staff and dating agency workers are equally unhelpful as to whether he existed. Eddie is warned off by a woman called Maggie and her two sons but eventually manages to locate the elusive Mr. Wright and to discover what he has done to anger Maggie and her family.
7 Dec. 1980
Another Man's Castle
Whilst Philip and Diana Hoskens are moving house the van containing all their furniture is stolen by a shady landlord called Terry Bowen to furnish a property he is letting to a young couple. One of them, Cleo, sells the colour television, which brings her into contact with Eddie, who is investigating the stolen furniture. It turns out that not only is Bowen trying to illegally evict an elderly tenant but he is also hiding two bank robbers in another of his properties. Eddie joins forces with Cleo to give Bowen his just deserts.
14 Dec. 1980
Where Was I?
Family man Keith Amery goes camping on the moors alone and sees a helicopter land but falls and hits his head, bringing on amnesia. On the advice of Eddie's old psychiatrist, Keith's wife asks Eddie to help Keith recall events, but with little success. At the same time an Australian girl called Denise arrives at Radio West, claiming to be a presenter seeking tips from Eddie. Whilst Eddie is occupied with Denise, her associates track down and abduct Keith. It transpires that he saw the dummy run of an exercise by Denise and her accomplices to spring a serving prisoner,...
21 Dec. 1980
The Dangerous Game
Pete Johnson, a market trader who deals in stolen goods, gives his little son Mike an early Christmas present, an electric racing game, Lunar Race 2000, but it is faulty and blows up, hospitalizing young Mike. Pete initially lies to hospital staff over the cause of his son's injuries but eventually produces a second copy of the game, which indicates it is manufactured by the Wings' toy company. However Mr. Wing tells Eddie that it was withdrawn before it was ever marketed because of the fault and stored in the firm's warehouse. On examination it is found that ten of ...

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