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My favorite Canadian TV show of all time
donmchoull21 December 2002
This show is fantastic. It has just the right combination of funny and spooky. The characters are great, the mysteries are really interesting, and it has this great 80's Toronto setting.

Louis is a great character, sort of like a Canadian reporter version of George from Seinfeld. And I love the vision sequences, with the zoom in on his eyes and the crazy music.

Some people say that the latter seasons weren't as good, but I wouldn't agree with that. Sure the show did get a bit crazy a times, but it still worked.

Everything about this show is good. I'd really have to say it's my favorite Canadian TV show of all time.

Someone should really broadcast this show again.
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I LOVE this
jasonmunn-128 March 2006
'Cos I'm seeing things, believe me! I've never seen before! 'Cos I'm seeing things, deceive me, Like when you're walkin' out the door, I couldn't believe my eyes !!!

Man I loved this show. I remember the theme song like it was yesterday even though I haven't seen it since i was about 8 years old back in the 1980's. That eerie music when he had the visions, used to scare the pants off me. Gave me nightmares the first time I saw it, but when I got a year older, I found it again and loved it. Too young to be allowed to watch it though. But I still sneaked in the lounge without Mum and Dad seeing me and watched it from behind their chairs. A really great show, probably my favourite show of all time. I hope I get to see it again someday on DVD, I'll buy it straight away. It just had such a charm to it. It's great to see that you guys have seen it too. I also have asked people if they remember it and they look at me as if I'm losing my mind.
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Currently showing in Canada on digital cable channels
homer19692 February 2006
I used to watch this show sporadically in the early 80's on the CBC. Now it is currently run on digital channels Mystery and Deja View here in Canada. I gotta say I love the show. Seeing Things is an interesting snapshot of Canada in the early 80's.

All in all most of the eps seem well written and acted, although not nearly as slick as current programs on network TV...but that could be the charm of this show.

Del Grande was pretty funny in this show. Just a normal guy type character.

I have to nominate the theme song for Seeing Things as the most bizarre and odd theme song for any television show.

Thanks to Mystery and Deja View for running this classic.
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Please bring back or remake this show!
roximunro23 March 2005
I loved this show when I was a kid and have rediscovered it just in the past few months. Compared to some of the shows on TV today this one is very good. Louie was a Canadian cross between Groucho Marx and George Costanza. DelGrande's ad-libs are hilarious. I wonder how much funnier the outtakes were.

Sadly, the CBC will probably never bring this out on DVD. Broadcast royalties were part of most contracts for the crews of CBC shows back then so if they were to bring a show out on DVD they would have to pay massive royalties to anyone who was linked to the show, from the stars all the way down to the clapboard clapper.
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Murder mystery/comedy with a Toronto newspaper reporter who has visions.
6of119 July 1999
This series ran for about six years. Excellent off-beat humor, with witty commentary on Canada, the U.S., family relations, media industries (film, TV, newspapers, music, etc) and life and society in general. The unlikely hero is Louis (as in Looie), who starts having visions after separating from his wife. When he touches a corpse or an item that was on the corpse or was used in the murder, that triggers an increasingly explicit series of visions. Of course, getting the crown attorney to believe him is the first major hurdle. If you like Due South, you will like this one. In fact, Louis did a guest spot on Due South. Perhaps Turner will pick this one up as well. I sure would enjoy Seeing Things again.
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I have been vindicated!
locolynn27 July 2003
For years I've been asking people if they remember a show called "seeing things" where a guy would solve crimes using his psychic visions, and everytime he had a vision there would be this crazy music. Everyone said I was crazy. HA! I'm not. Thank you IMDB.
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I am Minnesota's Louis Ciccone!
aandjmac27 June 2003
I have always loved this show! I have been identified as Minnesota's own Louis Ciccone! Why isn't this very good CBC show on DVD? I have been waiting for this and Remember WENN to appear for us on DVD. At least someone had the sense to put Nero Wolfe on DVD! Please Canada give us a chance to purchase a DVD copy that can play again in the United States. Do you remember the episode where Marge Ciccone's favorite singer is murdered right before her eyes? And Louis solves his murder? Well guess what, I had a similar experience! I was able to prevent the murder of Country singer Tanya Tucker! There are three shows I would love to see on DVD and ironically none of them are on DVD. Ellery Queen with the late Jim Hutton and the late David Wayne. Remember WENN and Seeing Things. I was recently mentioned in Vancouver, BC for helping to solve the murders caused by Robert William "Willie" Pickton. Does anyone know if Stevie Cameron has finished her book yet? Is Seeing Things still being shown on the Mystery Channel?
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Needs to be released on DVD
heathergarrett22 May 2012
It was funny, mysterious and had great T.O. In jokes. It provided some story lines which challenged the status quo.

The main characters were not the "pretty people", they were the talented and flawed people.

It was refreshing, and a topic of conversation at dinner tables which bridged the rigid space between young values and old values.

When will it be available on DVD?

But also when will "Seeing Things 2000+" make it's way onto the world stage, or at least the CBC?

We're waiting;-)
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Yes, please.
chaunce_s17 January 2011
Dear Canada, please do something productive and get Seeing Things out for the world to enjoy.

I remember being a young lad just south of the border (Candain border) and enjoying this show as a ripping young red-blooded American lad. I think if Canada doesn't come through on this for me, I will stop leaving cookies on St. Blogasoat Eve for all the French-Canadian mimes so they won't stay "stuck in the box."

Beyond that, well, I feel strongly that Canada, a once well-meaning nation, has lost touch with the ticklebone. Why, I remember those cold winter nights in Minnesota thinking that Toronto was an enclave of ethnic diversity -- even back in the early 80s.

Canada - please obey.
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I Don't Get It
worthwood29 July 2018
I admit I am fully in the minority here. Canadians universally loved this show about a reporter who has visions. I admit I like the actor a lot and the comedy made me laugh often. The "vision" sequences especially were a lot of fun, with the camera zooming in on his eyes and oddball music playing.

I don't think the show was bad I just could never really get into it. I thought the stories were kind of predictable and the oddball humour wore off on me after a few episodes.

Would love to see it remade though and I wish the star of this show was in more stuff! He really was likable and a good actor.
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