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Season 1

29 Sep. 1979
Paris (Pilot)
Captain Woodrow Paris is brought in to solve the murder of a prominent councilman's wife.
6 Oct. 1979
Dear John
After his mother is crippled by muggers, a rookie cop tries to take the law into his own hands.
13 Oct. 1979
Paris finds that identifying a killer-rapist is a lot easier than coming up with the evidence to convict him.
20 Oct. 1979
Friends and Enemies
Paris investigated the slaying of an unarmed restaurant owner by a policeman.
27 Oct. 1979
Once More for Free
Differing police philosophies cause conflict between Paris and his old mentor in the case of an elusive drug dealer.
4 Dec. 1979
Dead Men Don't Kill
In a desperate effort to save a possibly innocent man on death row, Paris searches for evidence linking a suave robber to a six-year-old cop killing.
11 Dec. 1979
Paris finds himself contending with another cop when their cases intersect. He also suspects that something is up with the man and has to decide if he should take action against him.
18 Dec. 1979
Paris' conscience is deeply troubled when an innocent man is killed by hijackers in the course of an undercover investigation.
1 Jan. 1980
The Price Is Right
Paris's investigation of crooks who are driving elderly people from their beachfront homes risks him losing a juicy political appointment.
8 Jan. 1980
The Ghost Maker
Paris tries to prosecute a killer, who is star witness in a gangland trial and thus is being protected by the government. This brings him into conflict with several federal agents.
15 Jan. 1980
Fitz's Boys
Paris becomes an honorary Irishman when he and his squad investigate thefts from the docks and the suspicious death of an old stevedore.
Pay the Two Bucks
When a good friend is framed for murder due to an extortionist's plot, Paris works to exonerate the innocent man.
America the Beautiful
Paris finds himself in the middle of a violent confrontation between a neighborhood association and American Nazis.

 Season 1 

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