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Season 1

13 Jun. 1979
The Undiscovered Country
Journalist Tom Crane is fascinated with the occult. He challenges the dangerous Drexil to prove how good he is, with tragic results. Tom then joins the mysterious Government Department 7.
20 Jun. 1979
Tom gets involved in one of Department 7's investigations. Curious goings on at a house result in a murder and some strange paranormal goings on.
27 Jun. 1979
Night Games
The Army are experimenting with sound up in the Scottish Highlands. The results cause Tom to investigate and challenge The Army.
4 Jul. 1979
Drexil is using his powers to experiment on people, using sensory deprivation. Among his list of targets is Anne.
11 Jul. 1979
Powers of Darkness
Three youngsters hold a Seance and get more then they bargained for when they unleash a Witch known as Effie.
18 Jul. 1979
Child's Play
Anne takes Tom to stay with her friend Karen. The pair investigate Karen's son Colin who's troubled by a poltergeist.
25 Jul. 1979
St. Anthony's Fire
Anne accepts an invitation to visit an experimental unit on a remote Scottish Isle where she receives a welcome that is a bit too hot for her to handle.
1 Aug. 1979
Out of Body, Out of Mind
Michael's newly discovered ability to dream of conversations and incidents which occurred at places he has never been to puts Department 7 onto a plot to kill a visiting African president.
8 Aug. 1979
Double Vision
Anne believes Tom to be hallucinating when he tells her that he saw his dead wife walking down the street in Edinburgh.
15 Aug. 1979
Department 7 is put in charge of an East German defector who is expert in mind control.

 Season 1 

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