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5 Jan. 1989
A Many Splendored Thing
In New York, Paige trades barbs with her mother Anne. Anne tells Paige her grandfather left her nothing in his will. Paige insists she needs nothing -- she has Greg's love. Greg begins to avoid Paige's calls from New York. Abby tells Greg she needs time to consider his proposal. Greg spends quality time with Brian to gain Abby's affection. Mack decides to take a leave of absence from work. With both he and Karen home together all day, Mack begins to grate Karen's nerves, and she suggests he go on a vacation, alone. Harold buys a ring for Olivia. Abby tries to ...
12 Jan. 1989
Cabin Fever
Greg avoids Paige. Ted helps Abby and Greg plan their wedding. Greg is uncomfortable when Meg is mentioned as a possible wedding guest. Paige sees the engagement ring and tries it on. Michael indicates he will major in business in college. Mack meets park ranger Paula Vertosick on his camping vacation and contemplates having an affair with her. Karen is amused at Abby's wedding announcement. Karen breaks the news to Paige, unaware that Paige thinks Greg wants to marry her. Olivia is disgusted to hear Abby is marrying Greg. Greg tells Paige he should never have gotten ...
19 Jan. 1989
Merger Made in Heaven
Paige questions why Greg has not told Abby about their relationship. Greg tells her that his conversations with his fiancee are private. Harold proposes to Olivia. Olivia tells Abby she doesn't need her permission to live her life. Paige pleads with Greg that she will do anything to be with him. Mack is disillusioned that his office is assigned to defend the county against the homeless. Paige arranges to be with Ted at the same time and place Greg and Abby Harold has difficulty finding a job. Johnny and Harold rent an apartment together. Paige anonymously sends Greg ...
26 Jan. 1989
Mrs. Peacock in the Library with the Lead Pipe
Abby and Greg make love. Mack quits his job and begins looking for office space to go into private practice. He successfully negotiates a settlement for the homeless. His secretary Peggy later joins him in his private practice. David, the man Jill claims she slept with in San Francisco, tells her she gave him VD. Gary is amused when Jill tells him the news. He later finds out he does not have VD. A delusional Jill tells the doctor she and Gary are getting married, argues with a print shop about wedding invitations, and inquires about enrolling "her" twins in ...
2 Feb. 1989
Colonel Mustard in the Conservatory with the Wrench
Mack and Peggy use an old key to get the file on Mrs. Bailey, the forger Jill used to write the Ben letters. Mack hires Frank to locate Mrs. Bailey, who is found in a hospital, unable to speak. Jill learns that Mack and Peggy took a file from her office. Gary is arrested for breaking into Jill's apartment, but she refuses to press charges. Jill lashes out at Gary for believing Val's story. Michael has a crush on a classmate named Ellen, but she has eyes for Johnny. A wedding dress arrives for a delusional Jill. Pat, Frank, Mack, and Karen plot out scenarios that ...
9 Feb. 1989
Without a Clue
Karen tells Val that Mack is working to get a court order to search Mrs. Bailey's apartment. Meanwhille, Jill breaks into the apartment, locates incriminating evidence, and burns it. Jill takes a lie detector test, which she passes. Gary asks Jill to see a psychiatrist. Harold and Olivia babysit Meg. Karen has some separation anxiety when she takes Meg to day care. Greg tells Ted that Mack and Karen have not legally adopted Meg, but she is better off with them. Ted tells Greg that he will lose the election if he has no better explanation for his choice than that. ...
16 Feb. 1989
The Spin Doctor
Abby suggests Greg let the lawyers handle all future contact with the MacKenzies. Mack tells Karen about Greg's request. Paige eavesdrops on the conversation. Later, she asks Greg why he would want a woman like Abby to raise his daughter. Jill shops for a hospital bed. Julie is injured while riding Gary's horse. Karen slaps Abby for saying that a dead Laura has no say in who should raise Meg. Gary threatens Jill. An antsy Gary sleeps outside of Val's house fearing Jill will hurt her or the twins. Olivia tells Abby she will not let her do to Meg what she's done to her....
23 Feb. 1989
Poor Jill
Gary is disturbed to learn Jill has been riding horses and hiking on his ranch. He also suspects that Jill is turning his bed down, stealing photos of the twins, and leaving flowers in his bedroom (which she has). Gary threatens Jill to leave Knots Landing or he will destroy her. Jill notifies the police. Ted arranges a sit-down meeting between Mack, Karen, Greg, Abby, and their attorneys. Paige berates Ted for using Meg for political purposes. Jill has Gary served with a restraining order. Karen apologizes for hitting Abby; Mack says she didn't hit her hard enough. ...
2 Mar. 1989
Double Jeopardy
Pat admits to Karen that she has a crush on Gary. Frank tells Pat that Jill got what she deserved. Val goes for a jog after learning of Jill's death and collapses in a fit of tears and laughter. Police tell Mack a witness saw Gary put Jill's body in his trunk. Abby theorizes that Gary could have only killed Jill to protect Val or to cover up for her. Gary says Val is his alibi during the time Jill died. Greg's speech curries favor with the public. The coroner determines Jill died from asphyxiating on her own vomit. Material is found underneath Jill's fingernails; ...
9 Mar. 1989
A Grave Misunderstanding
Mack doesn't know how to craft a defense for Gary or if he wants to. Lawyers try to get Val and Gary to turn on each other. Gary and Val show up to Jill's funeral. Val throws dirt in Jill's grave. Mack learns the witness that saw Gary stuff Jill's body in his trunk is anonymous. Abby lobbies to keep Ted as Greg's PR guy. Mack learns Frank was at Jill's on the day she died. He admits to scaring her. Mack says he will notify the police if Frank doesn't. Frank later tells Pat he has no alibi for the afternoon Jill died and asks her to say he was with her. Ted asks Paige ...
16 Mar. 1989
Guilty Until Proven Innocent
The court finds probable cause that Gary killed Jill and denies him bail. Jill's landlord finds Gary's car key near the building. Frank and Mack determine Jill planned to get married to Gary. Frank lashes out at Pat for not believing in him. Geologist and co-conspirator Rick Hawkins tells Abby she will need an environmental impact report before she can drill for oil at Lotus Point. Karen sees the twins perform a magic trick with rope and theorizes that Jill killed her self. Once Jill's print is found inside a hole in Gary's trunk, Mack recounts for the DA Jill's ...
23 Mar. 1989
Birds Do It, Bees Do It
An Ann Landers column on sex after marriage has everyone talking. Karen later shows up at Mack's office wearing a teddy beneath her coat -- and is seen by Mack's clients. Michael, Ellen, and their college friends go on a spring break camping trip. Johnny shows up there, and Michael realizes he and Ellen are lovers. Olivia uses Michael's camping trip as a cover so she can spend a weekend with Harold, but he's insistent that they not be intimate. Pat and Frank make up, thanks to Julie. Paige and Greg have a talk about having sex. Abby and Karen are both nominated to serve on the ...
30 Mar. 1989
Giganticus II: The Revenge
Abby presents a report supporting Murakame's plan to drill for oil and offers the Sumner Group as both meeting space and corporate sponsor for the environmental rights board. Michael connects Paula and Karen in the hopes Paula can help Karen with a report opposing Murakame's plan to drill for oil. Ted recommends Greg as an appointee for U.S. trade representative to Japan. Paige suggests Greg develop a relationship with Murakame to help secure the appointment. Gary notices Val's new haircut. Abby arranges a meeting between Greg and a Murakame representative named "Mr. ...
6 Apr. 1989
Dial M for Modem
Abby shreds the contents of Paula's Lotus Point file. Ted accuses Abby of directing "Nagata" to give Paige his name. She then uses sex (in an elevator) to show him that she is still loyal to him. Greg is not interested when Paige tells him that "Nagata" is an actor. Ginny buys Val a computer to help her with her writing, and says a computer tech named Danny comes along with the purchase should any issues arise. Paige can no longer locate "Nagata" because Abby has paid him to leave the country. However, he shows up later and extorts Abby for even more money. Michael ...
13 Apr. 1989
That's What Friends Are For
Michael and Ellen's professor tell them their program is plagiarised from a program donated by Greg, and puts them on probation. Greg tells Michael that he bought it from Johnny. Michael tells Greg that he is going to sue him. Paula admits to Michael she's in love with a married man, but doesn't tell him it's Mac. Paula and Karen go back to Lotus Point, but there's no sign of the oil drillers. Abby gives Nogata money to go back to Japan, but he blackmails her for more. Paige follows Nagata, and sees Ted give him a briefcase of money. She still follows, but loses him ...
27 Apr. 1989
The Perfect Opportunity
Ted assures Abby that "Nagata's" death was accidental. Mack dreams and daydreams of kissing Paula. Paige threatens to tell the police she saw him with "Nagata" before his death, and he tells her she is in way over her head. Val and Danny go on a lunch date. Through an interpreter, Karen learns that Murakame is not a Japanese company. News reports indicate "Nagata's" death may not be accidental. Michael threatens to sue Sumner. He later tells Johnny he will only end up with about 2 percent of what the computer program is worth. Frank joins Mack's office as an ...
4 May 1989
Straight Down the Line
Fearing a lawsuit will expose them as the owners of the Morikami Group, Abby and Ted Melchar fix the books. Meanwhile, Mac and Paula resist temptation while she stays at the MacKenzie house. Sumner ignores Paige after she's fired.
11 May 1989
The Heat of Passion
Karen accuses Abby and of being involved in Murakame and using Ted as a front. Paige threatens Ted that she will tell Greg about him and Abby. Greg asks Abby to fire Ted once he learns of his "duplicity" in owning Murakame. Ted and Abby agree that he will resign instead. Abby tips off that Greg has been imprudent about Ted's involvement in Murakame. Mort, a Sumner Group employee, picks Rick Hawkins' letter out of the trash and plans to use it to get closer to her. Paige suspects something has happened to Rick and shares her concern with Mack. Ted tells Abby he's not ...
18 May 1989
Down Came the Rain and Washed the Spider Out: Part 1
Greg tells Abby their "business arrangement" (marriage) is over. Karen and Gary try to find evidence against Abby. The reporter tells Ted that she will need proof that Abby defrauded her partners before she can print the story. Greg allows Paige to keep her Sumner Group apartment but does not want Paige to know he's behind her staying. Rick's death is reported in the newspaper. Paige goes to the police with her suspicions that Ted is involved in Rick's death, but they find her story incredible. Harold and Olivia honeymoon in their apartment. Harold tells Paige she has...
18 May 1989
Down Came the Rain and Washed the Spider Out: Part 2
Ted stalks Paige incessantly, trying to convince her that she cannot trust Greg and should tell him what was in the letter Rick sent her. Both Paige and Ted try to get Mort to give them access to Rick Hawkins' files. Paige succeeds, but finds nothing in the files. Her apartment is ransacked when she returns home and the key is missing. Paige seeks refuge at Greg's ranch. Ted calls, claiming Greg was not out of town the night Rick died. Carlos confirms he was in California at the time. Greg says he was overseeing a takeover. Paige and Greg make love. Afterward, Paige ...
28 Sep. 1989
Up the Spout Again
Paige decides to leave the ranch with Ted, who insists that she tell him where Greg is storing the key at the ranch. When Greg calls and leaves a message proving that Paige took the key, Ted demands she give it to him. She throws him a key. Paige learns Rick Hawkins has a second home in Spring Lake and goes there, followed by both Greg and Ted. Greg hires muscle to get from Ted the key. Mack and Paula act awkwardly around Karen, who is discharged from the hospital. Karen notices Paula's odd behavior, but Mack pretends he doesn't notice. Val visits Danny at his place ...
5 Oct. 1989
Poetic Justice
Gary tries, to no avail, to trace "Sally's friend" through phone records. Karen plans a barbecue for Eric and Linda, who will be arriving soon. She is curious about Val's relationship with Danny and tells Val to invite him to the barbecue. Paige steals Greg's keys and wallet, and later uses the key she's retained to locate Rick Hawkins' mail box. Before she does, Greg arrives and demands she give him the key. The police officer who has been friendly to Paige escorts Greg outside. Ted, meanwhile, has managed to escape from captivity. He notices Paige leaving and ...
12 Oct. 1989
Prince Charming
Val tells Danny "no", but she cannot deny to Karen later that she is considering his offer. Paige pays to get the film negatives developed. Greg offers to re-hire her, but she rebuffs his offer and his attempt to romance her. Karen is surprised to learn that Mack and Paula shared a hotel room. She later invites Paula to a barbecue for Eric and Linda. Ted has a proposition for Greg: he won't release the Murakame papers, proving Abby defrauded her Lotus Point partners (and possibly incriminate Greg in her dealings) if Greg will get him the negatives Rick Hawkins had in ...
19 Oct. 1989
Close Call
Danny drops off Amanda at school, where Val is dropping off the twins. He pretends that he came there to see Val. Gary hires Frank to help him find "Sally's friend." The twins tells Gary that they want to live with him because Val doesn't love them anymore. Paige requests Abby's old office, a $120,000 salary, an expense account, a company car, her own parking space, secretary, with six months guaranteed severance pay. Greg questions Paige about what people will think if he honors her requests, and she says she doesn't care what people think. Michael accepts $100,000 ...
26 Oct. 1989
Best Interests
Gary learns "Sally's friend" is actually Amanda Michaels, but he has trouble getting her actual number. He goes to Val's the next morning hoping to get Danny's contact information, but Danny is there. Danny admits Amanda is his wife when Gary says he saw the two leaving the club together and kissing. Val rebuffs Danny. Gary hits Val's door trying to punch Danny. Ginny takes the twins to see a friend, Jeri Maddux, who steals cash from the office while Ginny and the twins are using the restroom. Danny tells Val that Amanda was unstable and unpredictable and that they ...
2 Nov. 1989
When Push Comes to Shove
Danny cries to Amanda that he loves her and doesn't want a divorce. Later he makes up with Val. Karen's friend asks her to sub for her on the TV show "Open Mike". Karen's surprised to find that Greg is the guest. Paula comes down to support Karen, and they make up. Paula and Greg argue and verbally spar, and decide to have lunch. Ginny was at Jeri's when she was killed. Mack and Frank don't think it was a suicide and find out Mark Baylor was in her building at the time. Mack thinks that Mark killed Jeri. The coroner says she died from a blow to her head before the ...
9 Nov. 1989
Mixed Messages
Amanda rebuffs Danny after their one-night stand. Both Gary and Danny are annoyed at each other's presences in their exes lives. Gary invites Amanda for a weekend getaway to free themselves of Danny's presence. Paula rebuffs Greg's attempts to use her to make Paige jealous. Greg puts Paige in charge of a prestigious Sumner Group account. Paige rebuffs Tom Ryan initially, but after he shows up at the Sumner office party, she takes him home and has sex with him. Mack accuses Mark Baylor of killing Jeri Maddox, yet agrees to defend him later. Michael has no date for the ...
16 Nov. 1989
The Good Guys
Mack invites Paige and Tom to dinner at the MacKenzies' house. Mack attempts to exonerate Mark Baylor with the discovery of Ginny's money, but Mark threatens to accuse Mack of manufacturing evidence. Mark fires Mack when he refuses to plead him out. Karen guest co-hosts Open Mike and loves it. Michael and Linda double date with Harold and Olivia, who are arguing over money problems. Frank convinces Mack to get other retirees who lost their pension to file a class-action lawsuit against Oakman Industries. Mack shares the info with Tom, who pays a visit to one of the ...
30 Nov. 1989
Perfect Couples
Danny feigns delight when Amanda signs the divorce papers, but privately he cries. Later, he makes love to Val. When Danny learns that Amanda is planning to go away with Gary, he becomes unreasonable with his divorce settlement. He breaks her grandmother's dishes when he learns that she wants them, later claiming he gave them to Goodwill. Tom and Paige pine for each other after he breaks up with her. Michael is testy when Mort wants to date "Theresa." Mark Baylor is sentenced to three years prison, and he cautions Karen to get Mack to back off of Oakman. Danny kidnaps...
7 Dec. 1989
Never Judge a Book by Its Cover
Danny tells Amanda that no one will believe that he raped her. Amanda avoids talking to Gary. Danny buys Val an engagement ring. Karen becomes a permanent host for Open Mike. When Danny learns Amanda quit her job, he attempts to apologize and returns her dog to her. Michael admits to having a crush on Linda. She kisses him, but he says that "this didn't happen." Later, Linda tells the MacKenzies that she and Eric are divorcing. Paige and Tom make up. When Amanda backs out of a date with Gary, he says he's had it "with crazy women." Paige is assaulted by one of ...
14 Dec. 1989
Twice Victim
Gary helps Amanda to report her rape to the police. Amanda admits that she last had consensual sex with Danny two weeks before the rape and that she willingly went to Danny's. Danny tells Val that Amanda is making outrageous claims just before Gary informs her that Danny raped Amanda. Val does not believe Gary and later assures Karen that she is confident Danny did not rape Amanda. The DA refuses to file any charges against Danny. When Danny leaves Amanda a voice mail threatening legal action for defamation, Gary lures Danny to the ranch and scares him.
21 Dec. 1989
What a Swell Party This Is
Paige plays hooky from work to spend time with Tom. She spots Greg playing hooky with Paula. Linda tells Michael she wants to get her own apartment now that she is divorcing Eric. Harold and Olivia argue about her spending money on Michael's birthday gift. Karen plans a birthday party for Michael's 21st. Eric returns and tells Linda he does not want a divorce. Linda tells Michael she loves him. Michael refuses to be with Linda. Paula tells Greg he will have to put in effort to have her. Linda tells Karen that she is in love with Michael.

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