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7 Jan. 1988
Only 'Til Friday
Greg phones Mack from home whilst pretending to be in New York. Mack and Karen suffer sleepless nights with Meg crying. A devious Irishman named Johnny Rourke heads to Knots Landing to see his former girlfriend Paige. Paige delivers Greg's painting and questions why he isn't in New York like he told Mack and Karen. He replies "I am in New York." Val tells Gary they should just be ex-husband and wife. Jill tells Gary that she told Val that he's a free man and that Val must not want him any more if she doesn't want to see him. Charles' wife phones and he decides he has ...
14 Jan. 1988
Ties That Bind
Johnny asks Paige for $20,000 to keep her secrets but she tells him she no longer has any secrets from her family and tells him to clear off. Johnny introduces himself to Mack as Paige's old boyfriend, and Mack invites him to stay. Charles introduces his wife Judith to Abby when she unexpectedly arrives. Meg starts having convulsions but Patricia quickly diagnoses the problem and helps get them to hospital in time. Mack wonders how she knew what to do, but she says the same thing happened to her own daughter. Paige gets hold of Greg when Mack can't and Greg joins Mack...
21 Jan. 1988
Another Modest Proposal
Meg returns home with Greg. Abby tells Charles that it isn't legal to have two wives at once and tells him to come back when he's told Judith he's divorcing her. Val and Gary argue about the twins. Johnny notices someone, whom he recognises from the bar, acting strangely and breaks into his cabin at Lotus Point and finds a fridge full of money. He takes some and escapes out the back door. He later returns the money and asks the man for a job. Jill tells Gary that he doesn't have to see the twins on Val's terms as she is a lawyer and can help him. Charles tells Judith ...
28 Jan. 1988
If Not Now, When?
Karen invites the Williamses (now including Pat's husband Frank) to dinner. Judith suggests Charles postpone their divorce until after their joint business successfully concludes. Abby conspires with Greg disrupt their venture. Val refuses Gary's request to legally acknowledge him as the twins' father. Frank is alarmed to learn Mack is an investigator, and Mack assumes Frank is a cop. Judith secretly records Abby and Greg discussing their scheme and threatens to report them to FCC for insider trading, but Charles ends up giving the tape to Abby. A paranoid Frank ...
4 Feb. 1988
In Too Deep
Olivia is upset when she learns Charles is married and accuses Abby of breaking up his marriage. Frank and Pat scold Julie for allowing herself to be photographed for school pictures. Frank later breaks into the school, steals Julie's pictures, and burns them. Jill and Gary summon Karen for a deposition. Val asks Karen to lie and say she has no knowledge of the twins' biological father. Johnny is attacked after he carries out a mission for his employer. The man Johnny's working for later kills a young woman who mistakenly entered Johnny's room and saw the man with a ...
11 Feb. 1988
The Blushing Bride
Karen becomes suspicious of the Williamses when Pat is at first reluctant to be interviewed by the local newspaper and then later learns that although Pat and Frank consented to the interview, they refused to have their picture taken. Val stubbornly refuses to recant her deposition testimony and acknowledge Gary is the twins' father. She later changes her mind. Charles suggests to Abby that Lotus Point expand the marina and even offers to provide the investment capital for the project. Abby is shocked to learn later that Charles drafted plans for the marina expansion ...
18 Feb. 1988
Lawfully Wedded
When Mack casually asks Frank about Pat's whereabouts, Frank berates him for spying. Abby's PI can't find a reason for Charles' interest in Lotus Point. Manny wants the marina completed sooner than Charles has intended. Frank continues to be jumpy and suspicious. Charles offers to give Abby the $2 million needed to complete the marina rather than loan it. Greg has no comment when Paige questions his lack of interest in Meg. Abby and Charles are married in Vegas. Pat returns home and discusses her discomfort at testifying. It is revealed that the family is in the ...
25 Feb. 1988
Bouncing Babies
Olivia berates Abby for breaking up with Charles. Abby moves forward with the marina expansion, offering to loan Lotus Point the $2 million needed. Barbara, Meg's nanny, tells Greg that she is resigning because with Meg at the MacKenzies, she has nothing to do. Greg goes to the MacKenzies and takes Meg back, prompting Mack to criticize his lack of concern for his daughter. Val's lawyer assures her Gary's case will be dismissed. Karen tells Gary she thinks he should be able to see his children. Val accuses Jill of putting Gary up to his custody case in a desperate ...
3 Mar. 1988
A Fair Race
Gary becomes a silent partner in Lotus Point. Harold meets Olivia and takes her out for pizza, to Manny's delight. Harold is surprised to learn Olivia is Abby's daughter. Abby refuses to allow Olivia to continue seeing Harold until she has met him. Manny accompanies Harold to meet with Abby and Olivia and tells Abby he rents yachts. Abby later introduces him to Karen, saying that she believes he can do business with Lotus Point. Mack is surprised that Karen went to Greg and asked him to let them keep Meg. Val apologizes to Karen for her behavior during the conflict ...
10 Mar. 1988
Full Disclosure
In front of the neighbors and kids, Frank pistol whips a construction worker who accidentally breaks their window. Mack reports Frank to the police, but the police decline to act once a "friend" of the family (the WSP contact) shows up. Abby expresses concern that Harold is too old for Olivia and that she does not know enough about him. Harold takes a bracelet from one of Manny's debtors and later gives the bracelet to Olivia. Olivia admits to Harold that she had a drug problem. Frank overhears Julie blaming him for Val changing her mind about letting her babysit. ...
24 Mar. 1988
Her Letter
Val is elated at the prospect pf Ben coming home. Mack fears something may have happened between the time of the letter's mailing in Guatemala and its delivery. Pat thinks Val is not very realistic. Pat and Karen suggest Karen buy a mini skirt, and she shows up for a meeting with Abby and Manny wearing it. Olivia says she will not go to college and will be a traditional stay-at-home woman, the kind Harold wants. Abby expresses concern that Harold and Olivia's relationship is moving too fast. Karen advises Abby to be so overly kind to Harold, Olivia will tire of him. ...
31 Mar. 1988
Mother Knows Best
Abby and Manny try to locate Harold and Olivia. Gary thinks Jill is becoming dependent on alcohol. Harold insists to Johnnythat he will marry Olivia no matter the consequence to him. Manny sends a henchmen to stop Harold and Olivia from marrying. Harold reluctantly tells Olivia he doesn't want to marry her. After a breakfast meeting where Karen shares her life story with Manny, he kisses her. Jill pays a stranger flying to Honduras to mail a letter there that is addressed to Val. Harold tells Olivia that Manny is behind his decision not to marry her. Olivia implores ...
7 Apr. 1988
With a Heavy Heart
Harold leaves town and leaves Olivia depressed. Manny assures Abby that Olivia is unaware that they are responsible for Harold's departure, but Karen later tells her that Olivia does know. Gary sees late night activity at the Lotus Point marina and alerts Mack. Mack questions whether Manny's business is legit, but Karen thinks he's just jealous. Frank and Pat argue about his reluctance to apply for another job. Mack offers him a job tailing Manny. Abby agrees to help Greg engineer a hostile takeover of a company. Val receives a second fake letter from Ben. Jill ...
14 Apr. 1988
Just Desserts
Manny alerts Harold to Olivia's suicide note and questions whether she is with him. Karen learns Mack hired Frank to spy on Manny. Frank suspects Manny is dealing cocaine. Val puts the answering machine tape aside and labels it "Ben's Tape." Paige realizes her attempt to slow down the highway construction in Santa Tecla has been thwarted. Manny instructs Johnny to return to Santa Tecla and ensure that the highway construction moves forward full speed. Paige accompanies Johnny, secretly taking with her a pre-Columbian artifact she has acquired for Greg. She hatches a ...
28 Apr. 1988
Paige tries to pay for Chava's silence, but he says he supports her attempt to stop the highway construction and won't expose what she did. Manny tells Johnny to "get rid of" Paige once the artifact's discovery threatens to delay the highway, but questions Johnny's connection to her. Mack tells Karen that Manny is using Lotus Point to run drugs. Gary worries about Val's mental state when "Ben's Tape" is blank. Meanwhile, Jill destroys the actual tape. Gary offers to keep the twins for a few days. Jill calls Val and plays another "Ben" message for her. Abby realizes ...
5 May 1988
The Perfect Alibi
Karen, Abby, Gary, and Mack are warned that Manny will make it look as if they are behind the drug ring at Lotus Point. In Santa Tecla, Manny's goons attempt several methods to scare off the archaeological dig, ultimately succeeding. Mack asks Greg to use his federal contacts to learn why Manny is useful to the government. Greg learns that Manny is not running drugs but weapons. Jill departs for a conference in San Francisco - with a gun. In a wig and using a fake name, she buys a used car and hides the gun under the car's back seat, parking the car at the airport. On...
12 May 1988
The Perfect Crime
Jill threatens Valene with a gun, forcing her to swallow sleeping pills.
27 Oct. 1988
Mack goes to Mexico to search for Michael and Paige. Frank finds an unconscious Val on her bedroom floor. Gary rushes to the hospital and pays for Val's medical care. He calls Jill and notifies her of Val's suicide attempt. When Jill arrives and learns that Val will live, she excuses herself to vomit. Jill later muses to herself that Val is in a psych ward and no one will believe her when she regains consciousness. Fearing Manny may hurt her or Mack, Karen leaves Meg with an unhappy Greg. Harold, Manny, and his goon imprison Mack. They call Karen and force Mack to ...
3 Nov. 1988
Johnny engineers Paige and Michael's escape. Mack and Harold team up to find them, too. Val regains consciousness and screams that Jill tried to kill her. Karen refuses to call the police until she has heard news about her family. Mack later calls and tells her Manny is dead. Gary thinks Val's story is a hallucination. Pat doesn't think the pills Val took would make her hallucinate. Frank calls the police. Val tells her story to a police officer, who then goes to Jill and tells her off the record that she believes Jill is disturbed. Greg hires Ted Melcher to work on ...
10 Nov. 1988
Val leaves the hospital and goes to Karen's because she is afraid to go home alone. Paige, Johnny, and Michael remain trapped in the deserted truck with the other Mexican nationals, one of whom dies. Johnny reveals that he is not Irish and his accent is fake. Mack continues to search for them and eventually frees them. Mack returns with Paige, Johnny, Michael, and Harold to Knots Landing. Harold apologizes to Olivia for leaving her, to Abby's chagrin. Val avoids everyone but eventually pronounces that she did not try to kill herself. She goes home and terrified, stays...
24 Nov. 1988
The Pick-Up Game
The man in the car observes Frank and Val talking. Val refuses to leave her house. Frank tells Pat he believes Val and asks her to check Jill's account for the past three months. Julie participates in a spelling bee. Frank expresses concern about her being photographed, unaware that the man who has been observing him in the cul-de-sac is now video recording him and Pat. The man (using the name Ned Donnelly) later visits Pat at the bank to open a new account. Pat and Frank ask Julie to lose the spelling bee to avoid the public recognition. Business at Lotus Point drops...
1 Dec. 1988
Sex and Violence
Paige and Greg make love -- repeatedly. Jill calls Val, asking for Gary. Ned blackmails Frank and Pat with his knowledge of their real identities. He tells Pat to transfer $100,000 from one account into hers and make out the amount in a cashier's check to him. Pat is able to contact Mack without Ned's knowledge. Mack follows him and learns he is an actor. He and Frank devise a ruse to uncover how he knows about the Williamses' real identities. He later reveals he was an orderly at the hospital where Pat was a doctor. While Mack and Frank are working to get to the ...
8 Dec. 1988
A Weekend Getaway
Paige assures Greg she has not told Mack that they are sleeping together. Later, Ted tells Greg that being with Paige will not be good for his public image. Harold asks Mack for advice about handling Olivia. Mack suggests he talk to Abby, who tells him to give her time to think about allowing him and Olivia to date again. Gary, Karen, and Val go to San Francisco to check on Jill's alibi. Val finds it suspicious that everyone they ask remembers Jill. One man remembers that Jill was not seen after 8 p.m. Val points out that this fact opens the possibility that what she ...
15 Dec. 1988
The Briar Patch
Karen, Gary, and Abby put Lotus Point up for sale and consider offers. Greg phones Abby expressing interest in buying Lotus Point. Karen learns Greg made the offer to Abby but she never told them about it. Secretly, Abby has plans to buy Lotus Point and drill for oil. She also scares off a potential buyer before her offer (through her dummy company, Murakame) is presented to Karen and Gary. Abby offers Harold a job and appears to have turned over a new leaf where he is concerned. Later, though, she plants drugs in his locker at work and he is arrested. Ted comes on to...
29 Dec. 1988
A Fine Romance
Paige wants to tell Mack and Karen about them, but he says it is a bad idea. Paige and Greg play strip croquet. Paige and Greg both say "the L word" to each other. Mack asks Greg if he knows who Paige is seeing. Greg takes down the painting he bought for Laura, replacing it with a painting Paige bought him. Greg buys a ring and contemplates marriage, but Ted says that he and Paige would be "political suicide." He later proposes to Abby. Ted thinks the L.A. mayor will resign and suggests Greg is the right candidate for a potential special election. Gary is distant with...

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