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Season 6

4 Oct. 1984
Buying Time
The police lose Abby, who was kidnapped by Mark St. Claire. Karen is told that she will need surgery to remove the bullet.
18 Oct. 1984
Calculated Risks
Karen is told that a piece of the shattered bullet is lodged in her spine and must have risky surgery to remove it but she refuses because of what happened to Sid. Lilimae's nephew Joshua Rush arrives to stay with her and wishes to know about his mother. Greg finds Abby and shoots St. Claire.
25 Oct. 1984
Hanging Fire
Greg tells the police he shot St. Claire in self defense and Abby backs him up. Gary tells Abby he is taking back the company and has made several changes. Gary ends his affair with Cathy and Val guesses that Lilimae is Josh's real mother.
1 Nov. 1984
A Little Help
Greg tells Abby they will never work together again. Josh discovers that Lilimae is his real mother.
8 Nov. 1984
Ipso Facto
Abby finds out that Gary is the real father of Val's unborn babies.
15 Nov. 1984
Truth and Consequences
Val and Gary try to reunite Mack and Karen. Abby worries that Val will tell Gary of the babies true paternity. Abby complains to Scott Easton about the babies. Cathy and Josh have a romantic dinner. Greg wins the election and becomes senator.
22 Nov. 1984
Love to Take You Home
Karen serves Mack with divorce papers. Josh and Cathy sleep together. Scott Easton has lunch with Mitch Ackerman. Val goes to see her obstetrician, but she has been called away to a conference, and there is a new doctor - Mitch Ackerman.
29 Nov. 1984
Tomorrow Never Knows
Val goes into labour and is put under sedation. However, she remains conscious and hears the babies cry and the nurse saying that they are healthy. When Val comes round, Dr. Ackerman tells her that the babies were stillborn.
6 Dec. 1984
We Gather Together
No one believes Val when she says that her babies are alive. No one, that is, except Abby, who is concerned that her lawyer Scott Easton may have arranged for them to be kidnapped immediately after they were born.
13 Dec. 1984
Message in a Bottle
Valene's increasingly erratic behaviour is a major source of concern to Ben, Lilimae and Joshua. After learning that Scott Easton is dead, Abby asks Dr. Ackerman where the babies are but he tells her that she is sick.
20 Dec. 1984
Distant Locations
After a brief sojourn in Nevada, an increasingly unstable Val travels to Tennessee under the name Verna Ellers and gets a waitressing job in a diner. Meanwhile, everyone tries to locate her.
27 Dec. 1984
Uncharted Territory
Galveston asks Gary to get involved with Empire Valley. Val hears a report about her disappearance but doesn't respond to it. Karen has trouble with her hands functioning properly and she tells Mack.
3 Jan. 1985
Weighing of Evils
Karen agrees to have the surgery. Abby knows where Val is but keeps it to herself. Josh's TV appearances prove popular. Abby wants to be part of Empire Valley but Galveston refuses as she is a woman.
10 Jan. 1985
#14 with a Bullet
Karen's spinal surgery goes well. Galveston realises Abby that she knows where Val is. Greg tells Mack to investigate Galveston Industries for the Tidal Basin murders.
17 Jan. 1985
Inside Information
Greg tells Laura about Galveston being his father. Abby confronts Val but she doesn't recognize her and Parker asks Val to marry him after discovering that she is Valene Ewing. Gary flies to Tennessee.
24 Jan. 1985
Out of the Past
Gary tries to help Val regain her memory but she thinks he is crazy and tells her new boyfriend, Parker, that she will marry him. Karen unknowingly tells Galveston about Mack's investigation.
31 Jan. 1985
Lead Me to the Altar
Before her wedding to Parker, Gary shows Val her picture on the back of her book "Nashville Junction". Abby worries that Mack will discover her connection to Val's missing babies. Joshua berates Cathy about her life.
7 Feb. 1985
Fly Away Home
Val finally regains some memories and agrees to return home with Gary. Mack believes that Empire Valley is a cover for something bigger. Galveston tells Abby that he will tell Gary about being the twins' father but he suffers a stroke.
14 Feb. 1985
Rough Edges
Val begins therapy and remembers her troubled past with her mother. Abby tries to find evidence on Scott Easton regarding Val's babies.
21 Feb. 1985
The Emperor's Clothes
Gary wants to shut down construction on Empire Valley until he speaks to Galveston, who is "away." Ben discovers Galveston Industries caused an epidemic when chemicals contaminated the water and Galveston covered it up. Val tells Karen that she knows that her babies are alive. Karen asks Mack to consider the possibility that the babies could be alive.
28 Feb. 1985
The Deluge
Karen starts to question people about the day that Val gave birth. Galveston dies and his wife Ruth arrives, telling her son, Greg, that she wants him to take over Galveston Industries. Greg learns that Empire Valley is a communications center, which will be used to interfere with the governments own communications.
7 Mar. 1985
A Piece of the Pie
Karen talks with Val's original obstetrician Dr. Kellin, who reveals that she was called away to a conference when Val gave birth. Cathy sings on Joshua's show and he announces that the two of them are going to be married, without having previously discussed the matter with Cathy. Mack finds an address in Galveston's papers, which leads him to a couple called named Harry and Sheila Fisher. Greg resigns from the Senate and takes over Galveston Industries. Abby tells him that she wants to be a part of the real Empire Valley.
21 Mar. 1985
The Forest for the Trees
Joshua proposes to Cathy and she accepts. Abby manipulates Coblentz into telling her everything he knows. Karen meets Val's nurse but doesn't get any answers.
28 Mar. 1985
A Man of Good Will
Ben tells Karen to stop going on about the twins being alive. Greg offers to buy Gary out of Empire Valley. Joshua bullies Cathy into wedding plans. Gary learns that Galveston has left Empire Valley to him in his will.
4 Apr. 1985
For Better, for Worse
Greg tries to make Gary aware of the importance of Empire Valley without telling him any details but says that he has to agree to let things continue in the direction they have been going or sell the land. Gary refuses. John Coblenz finally fills Gary in and gets him to agree to the associates demands. Joshua and Cathy get married. Karen finally catches up with Dr. Ackerman.
11 Apr. 1985
Four, No Trump
Karen tries to talk to Dr. Ackerman without much success. Ackerman calls Abby telling her to sort it out. Gary tells Greg he wants to be part of Empire Valley and later lies to Mack and Ben about what's going on there. Abby tells Greg about Scott Easton and her link to Val's missing babies in order to get Galveston's papers which Greg gives her, but he has kept the relevant ones for himself. Greg is then seen observing the babies from his car.
2 May 1985
A Price to Pay
Ben proposes to Val but she declines and he believes she can hear her babies cry. Karen tells Ben of her and Mack's investigation. Greg asks Abby to get Gary out of Empire Valley and suggests that if Gary knows he is the father of Val's twins his interest in Empire Valley will disappear. Mack is offered the chance to become a senator.
9 May 1985
One Day in a Row
Ben discovers that Ackerman has a motive for stealing Val's babies. Ruth helps Abby get Scott Easton's notebook pages.
16 May 1985
Val's nurse confirms that Ackerman stole the babies. When Karen and Mack confront him, Ackerman shoots himself in the head.
23 May 1985
The Long and Winding Road
Greg asks Laura to marry him. Mack tracks the babies down to Harry and Sheila Fisher. Abby tells Val that the babies are alive and she takes her to the Fisher's home, where Harry drives away with one of the twins.

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