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Season 6

12 Jul. 1984
Snow Way to Treat a Lady
Bob tries to convince Ted and Craig to provide an alibi for him as he goes up to the snow for the weekend with his latest girlfriend. When Merle finds out, Bob has to hurriedly change his plans.
19 Jul. 1984
Red Faced Brigade
Ted goes to the Kingswood Owners Club fancy dress ball as King Felix of Krasnai. However, some revolutionaries think he is the real king and kidnap him. They hold Ted and Bruno for $1.5 million ransom.
26 Jul. 1984
Double Trouble
Ted receives a letter telling him his auntie Nola has died and she has asked him to look after her twin boys. Ted is not interested until he finds out that they have plenty of money.
2 Aug. 1984
Old Soldiers Never Die, They Keep Turning Up
Bob wants Ted to invest in radar absorbing paint, designed so that speeding cars will not be detected by the police. The Japanese inventor comes round to the Bullpitt house for a BBQ.
9 Aug. 1984
Stamp Out Poverty
After a futile game of Monopoly, Ted sells Bruno what he thinks is a worthless stamp album. When Craig examines the album he finds that there is a rare stamp worth $45 000. Ted wants the album back.
16 Aug. 1984
The Mild Bunch
When Ted, Rosa and Greta go to the ballet, the Bullpitt television is stolen. To combat the crime wave, Ted decides to form a neighbourhood vigilante group, Bullpitts Raiders.
23 Aug. 1984
Snow White and the Seven Jockeys
Bob persuades Ted to go into the video hire business, with Ted being Captain Video and delivering the videos on a motor cycle. What Bob doesn't tell Ted is that they are blue movies, which causes problems with the police and Sister Maria.
30 Aug. 1984
There's No Business Like Snow Business
Ted is going through a mid-life crisis so he decides to chuck in his job with putty and head to the Antarctica. But first he has to be selected.
6 Sep. 1984
Sail of the Century
Ted enters a lone round-the-world yacht race. To raise the money Ted first has to sell the house.
13 Sep. 1984
The Butler Dunnit!
Bob has decided to sell his car yard so he can go into oyster farming. To impress the potential buyer, Ted and Greta fill in as the butler and maid for the dinner Bob and Merle are having.

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