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Season 3

2 Nov. 1981
Lust Weekend
Charley asks Ann to marry him. At first she says yes.
9 Nov. 1981
The Kensington Connection
Fed up with trying to obtain it legally, Amos starts to grow his own marijuana for his patients.
16 Nov. 1981
Uncle Digby
The entire hospital is fascinated by the stories from Ann's Uncle Digby.
23 Nov. 1981
The Sex Police
Keeping secret the information about a pregnant teenager causes problems for Charley.
30 Nov. 1981
Bradley's Brat
Ann is helping Nurse Bradley with her teenager.
7 Dec. 1981
The Yes Man
Amos is staying with Ann while his house is painted.
14 Dec. 1981
Doctor Soloman and Mister Hide
Norman considers a change in life and goes for a walk on the wild side.
21 Dec. 1981
Son of Emergency
The overworked doctors have to deal with the weirdos they meet on the night-shift in the emergency room.
28 Dec. 1981
Losers Weepers
A patient runs away from a life saving operation and Ann may be running back to England.
4 Jan. 1982
Fun with Doc & Jane
The woman replacing Ann is one of Charley's old girlfriends.
11 Jan. 1982
Gays of Our Lives
Peckler tries to fire a doctor who admits to being gay.
18 Jan. 1982
Man for All Surgeons
Charlie is unsure of himself when he is fired by his own patient.
25 Jan. 1982
A woman is tricked by a conman and Norman comes to her rescue.
1 Feb. 1982
Alien Food
After Norman puts the hospital chef on a diet, he suffers a heart attack.
8 Feb. 1982
It Ain't Necessary to Sew
Charlie wants to stop a surgeon from performing unnecessary operations.
15 Feb. 1982
Conventional Warfare
In Las Vegas Charley and Jane get connecting rooms, but don't want Norman to know.
22 Feb. 1982
Hook, Line & Sinker
Charley thinks that Amos' new young girlfriend is a classic gold-digger.
1 Mar. 1982
Campaign in the Neck
To help a Senator who has mood swings, Charley wants him to have an operation.
8 Mar. 1982
Rising Cost of Poverty
Charlie tries to help a family who's son needs an operation and they don't qualify for aid.
22 Mar. 1982
Could a patient be a genuine werewolf?
24 May 1982
The Weatherbys Ride Again
The Weatherby family shows up honoring his 40th anniversary in medicine.
31 May 1982
Ducks of Hazzard
Jane and Charley have to deal with a case of food poisoning.
30 Aug. 1982
In Norman We Trust
Charlie suffers from insomnia, Norman suffers from over confidence.
13 Sep. 1982
Bone of My Bone
While Norman deals with his mother, a patient adopts Charley as his father.

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