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26 Jan. 1979
One Armed Bandits
In the series' pilot episode, cousins Bo and Luke Duke intercept Hazzard County Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane's illegal shipment of slot machines, then plan to use the proceeds to donate to the Hazzard County Orphanage in Rosco's name, to ensure his win in an upcoming election against a corrupt opponent.
2 Feb. 1979
Daisy's Song
Daisy learns that Jessi Colter has recorded a song she wrote. One problem: Where's the royalties she's due? That's what Bo and Luke try to find out as they infiltrate Hazzard County Commissioner "Boss" J.D. Hogg's record piracy operation.
9 Feb. 1979
Mary Kaye's Baby
Bo and Luke help family friend Mary Kaye Porter elude a crime boss, who's after the $100,000 trust fund for Mary Kaye's unborn child.
16 Feb. 1979
Repo Men
Bo and Luke are hired by a corrupt used car dealer to repossess a Rolls Royce so that he can sell the car to Boss (who plans to give the car to his wife, Lulu, as a present). The job is easier said than done, since the luxury car is owned by a gang of counterfeiters.
23 Feb. 1979
High Octane
Boss gets Uncle Jesse to enter a contest for a new type of fossil fuel, saying that moonshine is the perfect way to cut down on pollution. However, Boss has more up his sleeve: He plans to tip off the authorities and, once Jesse is arrested, take credit for the idea himself.
9 Mar. 1979
Swamp Molly
Family friend Swamp Molly asks Bo and Luke to deliver a load of moonshine, but the shipment is really illegal firearms.
16 Mar. 1979
Luke's Love Story
Luke enters the General Lee in the Hazzard County Obstacle Race, competing against his gorgeous girlfriend Amy Creevy. But Amy's life is in danger, thanks to her jealous ex-boyfriend.
30 Mar. 1979
The Big Heist
Embittered farmer Neil Bishop gets revenge on Boss (for apparently defrauding him earlier) by stealing his illegal liquor money. When Bishop's car is towed away, he jumps into the General Lee, thus implicating Bo and Luke. When Uncle Jesse learns what's going on, he assists Bishop with a scheme to convince Boss to return the money.
6 Apr. 1979
Limo One Is Missing
When mechanic Cooter Davenport takes the official presidential limousine out for a joy ride, he doesn't count on the car developing mechanical failure, especially at the Duke farm. Knowing they could be charged with a federal offense if the limousine is spotted on their farm, the Dukes scramble to return the car before anyone notices.
13 Apr. 1979
Deputy Dukes
With their probations on the line, Boss has Bo and Luke deputized to help transport Rocky Marlowe (Public Enemy No. 1) to Hazzard County to stand trial.
20 Apr. 1979
Money to Burn
Boss concocts a "double your money" scheme by reporting $1 million in retired currency stolen, framing Bo and Luke for the robbery, burying the money in a pine box, then - after receiving an insurance check to cover the losses - unearthing the loot.
4 May 1979
Route 7-11
Bo and Luke are hired to haul what they think is a shipment of shock absorbers. Actually, they've been duped into driving a rolling casino.
11 May 1979
Double Sting
Bo and Luke are jailed along with another motorist named Tom Colt following a confrontation after a near accident. While in jail, Colt suddenly becomes ill, forcing the local physician to quarantine the jail with the Duke boys, Colt, Boss and Rosco inside. However, there's more to the illness than meets the eye, particularly after an armed robbery at Hazzard Bank.

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