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Season 7

21 Sep. 1984
Happy Birthday, General Lee
The Dukes and Cooter recall the origins of the General Lee on the car's eighth birthday.
28 Sep. 1984
Welcome, Waylon Jennings
Waylon Jennings finally shows more than just his hands on TV in this cameo appearance. During a visit to Hazzard County, Ol' Waylon helps Bo and Luke foil Boss's plan to frame the Dukes for hijacking Waylon's traveling museum.
5 Oct. 1984
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Duke
Luke drinks water laced with a personality-altering drug and becomes an abusive thug. While Luke conspires with a pair of criminals to rob Hazzard Bank, Bo, Daisy and Uncle Jesse race against time to demand answers from the research firm that developed the drug.
12 Oct. 1984
Robot P. Coltrane
A computer salesman sells Boss a robot, which easily catches the Dukes. In the aftermath, Rosco loses his job for repeated mistakes. Later, the Dukes learn that the salesman is an embittered ex-computer programmer who had stolen the robot and plans to steal it back for ransom.
19 Oct. 1984
No More Mr. Nice Guy
Daisy wins a cache of prizes after becoming the 1 millionth customer at the Capitol City Department Store. But the contest is a phony and the prizes were stolen, all as a part of Boss' latest scheme to frame the Dukes. But when he bumps his head and develops amnesia, his associates kidnap him, fearing he will reveal their scam to the authorities.
2 Nov. 1984
The Dukes in Hollywood
During a movie shoot in Hazzard County, movie star Brock Curtis is involved in an accident, and Bo and Luke save his life. The grateful Brock hires the Dukes as stunt doubles for his latest movie, to be shot in Hollywood. There, Bo and Luke learn the accident was not, and that someone is out to kill Brock to collect an insurance payment. Meanwhile, Boss and Rosco, who have accompanied the Dukes to Hollywood, try to break into movies, but are foiled at every turn. However, the producers see promise in Flash.
9 Nov. 1984
Cool Hands, Luke & Bo
Bo and Luke are arrested in Osage County on false traffic charges and placed on the county's road gang. Outraged Hazzard residents pressure Boss and Rosco to negotiate with old enemy Cassius Claiborne for the Duke boys' freedom. Boss agrees to exchange moonshine contracts for the release of Bo and Luke, only to find himself and Rosco arrested and put on the road gang as well. It's all a part of Claiborne's plan to exploit Boss' voracious appetite to swindle him out of everything he owns.
16 Nov. 1984
Go West, Young Dukes
Boss learns that Uncle Jesse's grandfather, Jeremiah Duke, had signed over the farm to his great grandfather, Thaddeus Hogg, and demands the deed to the farm. While the Dukes pack their things, Jesse discovers an old diary and reveals the truth - told in a flashback to the year 1872.
23 Nov. 1984
Cale Yarborough Comes to Hazzard
While visiting the Dukes, Cale Yarborough comforts an orphan at the Tri-County Hospital ... and later finds himself (along with Bo and Luke) in a heist of Hazzard Bank.
30 Nov. 1984
Danger on the Hazzard Express
They use a remote control car filled with explosives to rob a train.
14 Dec. 1984
Sittin' Dukes
A pair of escaped convicts, including an ex-Marine that resented serving under Luke's command, force the Dukes to assist them in escaping the authorities. Their efforts involve holding Bo and Luke at gunpoint and making them drive through a forest fire.
21 Dec. 1984
Sky Bandits over Hazzard
Boss enlists the Dukes' help in catching a gang of criminals who hijack armored trucks via an elaborate method - hijacking from the air and then pulling the vehicle into the sky!
4 Jan. 1985
The Haunting of J.D. Hogg
Boss refuses to donate part of his inheritance from his late Uncle Silas to charity, as per the terms of his will. When the Dukes find out, they enlist the help of a ventriloquist to convince Boss that Silas has returned from the dead to reclaim the money.
11 Jan. 1985
When You Wish Upon a Hogg
Hughie Hogg and his beautiful girlfriend, Trixie, team up in his latest scheme to swindle Boss out of his holdings. The scheme involves an antique oil lamp and Trixie dressing as a genie, who promises eternal riches and a way to send Bo and Luke to prison. The Dukes know Hughie is up to no good and race against time before Boss and equally gullible Rosco are left with only a worthless old lamp.
25 Jan. 1985
Strange Visitor to Hazzard
Bo and Luke make friends with a space alien (nicknamed, "The Visitor") that stows away in the General Lee. It isn't long before Boss and Rosco find out about The Visitor and want to abduct him for fun and profit. Problem is, so do two crooks who plan to loot Hazzard's business.
1 Feb. 1985
Enos and Daisy's Wedding
Enos is forced by two hardened criminals to take part in the armed robbery of Hazzard Bank. Daisy witnesses the robbery and knows that Enos was an involuntary participant. Knowing that she won't have to testify if she were to marry Enos, she pops the question, and it isn't long before wedding bells are ringing ... that is, if Bo and Luke can capture the crooks and clear Enos' name.
8 Feb. 1985
Opening Night at the Boar's Nest
During a talent show at the Boar's Nest, Rosco makes his "little fat buddy" disappear. Boss uses the opportunity to get to a scheduled appointment, but disappears for real when recent parolees Floyd and Bubba Malone kidnap Boss and hold him for ransom. When a distraught Rosco becomes convinced Boss has disappeared into thin air, Bo and Luke are left to search for their old enemy.

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