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20 Sep. 1979
In 1987, a space phenomenon sends NASA astronaut William "Buck" Rogers and his space shuttle off course and freezes his life support systems for 500 years. In 2491, he awakens aboard the flagship Draconia, under the command of Princess Ardala and her henchman Kane, a former native of Earth. The Draconians repair Buck's shuttle, but secretly plant a homing beacon aboard to track a path through Earth's defense shield. Upon arriving on Earth, Buck learns that everyone he knew had perished in a nuclear holocaust and Earth has been rebuilt over the centuries. However, he ...
27 Sep. 1979
Planet of the Slave Girls
The Earth Defense Directorate faces a crisis when nearly everyone becomes sick after eating poisoned food. An attempt is made to create an antidote but the plan is thwarted when the laboratory is sabotaged and an assassin positions his weapon at Dr. Huer. Buck Rogers, Wilma Deering and Major Duke Danton travel to the planet Vistula where the poisoned food was exported from and they find a world engaged in slave labor. Then they discover that a fanatical religious leader and slave trader named Kaleel poisons Earth's food supply in order to weaken their defenses. ...
4 Oct. 1979
Vegas in Space
To ensure a notorious smuggler's cooperation, Buck and a fellow officer must infiltrate a crime lord's casino resort to rescue a young woman he kidnapped.
11 Oct. 1979
The Plot to Kill a City: Part 1
After capturing notorious assassin Raphael Argus, Buck Rogers learns that the killer-for-hire is to attend a meeting with a group of elite assassins known as the Legion of Death on Aldebaran II. Buck assumes his identity, meets the group's leader, Seton Kellogg, and learns that each member has a unique power - Sharese is an empath capable of reading the emotions of other people; Jolen Quince is a telekinetic who can move objects with the power of his mind; Marcos has superior strength, and Varek is a mutant who can walk through solid matter. After one of the group ...
18 Oct. 1979
The Plot to Kill a City: Part 2
Buck Rogers' true identity is briefly questioned by one of Raphael Argus' girlfriends, Joella Cameron, but she goes along with the deception to assist Buck. However, his cover has been eventually blown when an informant named Barney Smith, who knew the real Argus, confirms he is an impostor. The Legion of Death discover Buck's true identity, but he manages to avoid being killed by the nefarious group of deadly assassins. By then, Buck has already learned the group's plan to destroy New Chicago, by sabotaging the city's antimatter power plant, and he and Joella race ...
25 Oct. 1979
Return of the Fighting 69th
Buck Rogers and Wilma Deering pursue notorious gunrunners Commander Corliss and Roxanne Trent who are planning on dropping deadly nerve agents from the 20th century on Earth. A squadron of elderly space fighter pilots led by Major Noah Cooper who were forced to retire are brought back into active service so they can lead an attack on the criminals' asteroid base. Because of their age, Wilma has doubts about the squadron's reliability, but Noah's team departs to prove they still have what that takes to get the mission done. During the attack, Buck and Wilma are ...
1 Nov. 1979
Unchained Woman
Posing as a prisoner named Valzhan, Buck Rogers has been taken to a penal colony on Zeta Minor where he springs a female inmate named Jen Burton. The young woman had taken the blame for crimes committed by her boyfriend, Malary Pantera, and the Earth's Directorate wants her to testify against him. However, she still loves Pantera and refuses to cooperate, and Pantera happens to have a business associate back on Earth, a Zetan diplomat whose involvement could be exposed once she testifies. Furthermore, they have to cross a desert on foot to succeed to the nearest ...
8 Nov. 1979
Planet of the Amazon Women
Earth is negotiating with the planet Ruatha to maintain its right to mine Barberite on the Ruathan held planet Madrea. While Buck Rogers is flying to keep the space between the planets clear, he is lured to the planet Zantia by a phony distress call from two beautiful women. After bringing them home, a man named Cassius Thorne takes Buck into custody and has him sold and mated with the Prime Minister's daughter Ariela Dyne. Meanwhile, Wilma Deering arrives looking for Buck and learns that Buck is planning to meet with the Ruathan leader and expose the truth that ...
15 Nov. 1979
Cosmic Whiz Kid
The President of the planet Genesia is no ordinary President... he is 493-year-old child genius Hieronymous Fox. Originally from Earth's 20th century, he developed advanced cryogenics technology and had himself frozen before the nuclear holocaust. After being revived in the 25th century, Fox helped the struggling Genesia colony and they made him their leader. A political dissident named Roderick Zale has kidnapped him for ransom and held him captive on Aldebaran II. The President's bodyguard, Lieutenant Dia Cyrton, appeals to Earth's Directorate for help to rescue him...
29 Nov. 1979
Escape from Wedded Bliss
Princess Ardala returns with a powerful orbital weapon she threatens to bombard Earth with unless she has Buck Rogers for herself.
27 Dec. 1979
Cruise Ship to the Stars
After the galactic beauty queen Miss Cosmos is attacked by a mysterious woman, Buck Rogers and Wilma Deering are assigned to protect her while she travels aboard a luxury space liner. There, Buck encounters Alison Michaels who suffers from periodic blackouts which her boyfriend, Jalor Davin, dismisses as mental stress caused by hypertension. After another attack against Miss Cosmos, Buck confronts the assailant, Sabrina, a wild-haired woman with superhuman strength and deadly psychokinetic powers. He begins to suspect and Sabrina and Alison are the same and that Jalor...
3 Jan. 1980
Space Vampire
Buck Rogers and Wilma Deering arrive at Theta Station to have Twiki serviced, but soon a freighter crashes with the space station. The freighter crew are found in a state between life and death, and believing a virus may be responsible, Commander Royko orders the base under quarantine. Soon however, Wilma feels a cold, evil presence stalking her and several station crew begun turning up half-dead. Buck learns that the source of said deaths is the Vorvon, a space vampire that can drain the life energy from his victims and turn them into zombies. However, only Buck is ...
10 Jan. 1980
Happy Birthday, Buck
Nearing his 534th birthday, Buck Rogers feels homesick for the 20th century and Wilma Deering plans a surprise party to cheer him up. To lure Buck out of his apartment and allow Wilma to arrange the party, Dr. Huer assigns him to escort psychic courier Raylyn Derren to New Detroit. Meanwhile, the bitter and vindictive Cornell Traeger escapes from a remote planet that he has been imprisoned on for 15 years. He acquires a mutant power to change molecular structures and plans revenge on Dr. Huer for sending him on a disastrous mission. Traeger kidnaps the psychic courier...
17 Jan. 1980
A Blast for Buck
A satellite enters Earth orbit. This transmits a message intended for Buck, and a warning of a possible attack. Buck and his friends attempt to figure out who might have sent the satellite to prevent the attack.
24 Jan. 1980
Ardala Returns
Kane has designed the Hatchet Fighters of the Draconian Realm, resulting in the invariable deaths of the empire's best pilots who cannot control their ships. Determined to launch attacks on Earth, Princess Ardala orders the capture of Buck Rogers, the one pilot in the galaxy who can possibly control Kane's Hatchet Fighters. Using a dramatic ruse, Ardala succeeds in capturing Buck and Twiki, and prepares Buck for the debut of the Zygots, android clones of himself. Strapping Buck into a space suit, the Draconians record his combat experience and transfer the information...
31 Jan. 1980
Twiki Is Missing
After an uprising of miners on the asteroid Toros, the mining operator Kerk Belzak wishes to replace the human workers with robotic drones. He kidnaps Twiki so he can investigate the diminutive drone's unique circuitry and make cheap duplicates of Twiki to work in his mine. Buck Rogers goes after Belzak's enforcers, the Omniguard, three female paranormals with psychokinetic powers to save Twiki. Meanwhile, Wilma Deering has her hands full with a huge floating chunk of frozen oxygen that could destroy most of Earth's population once the iceberg veers off course.
7 Feb. 1980
Buck attends a new version of the Olympics. He meets Lara one of the athletes who tells him that she is involved with Jorex an athlete from a planet that's ruled by a dictator who has Jorex under his thumb. She's asking for Buck's help so that Jorex can defect to Earth. Buck calls Wilma and Huer who agree to help. They decide to consult another refugee from Jorex's planet. He tells them that the dictator will do whatever he has to keep him from escaping eve kill him. However Allerick, the man in charge of Jorex learns of the plan and abducts Lara.
14 Feb. 1980
A Dream of Jennifer
Buck sees a young woman who looks identical to his girlfriend, whom he left behind when he was sent on a space mission in the 20th century. The stranger, named Lela Markeson, catches a flight in the resort town of City-on-the-Sea (what was once New Orleans), and Buck follows her there. However, Lela reveals that she was purposely altered to appear as Buck's long-lost girlfriend and sent to lure Buck into a trap by aliens. With Buck captured, the aliens want him to attack a freighter transporting weapons to a colony planet which they planned to conquer. Buck gets Wilma...
21 Feb. 1980
Space Rockers
When an evil rock impresario devises a means to implant a hypnotic signal into a rock band's music to drive their young audience berserk, Buck must thwart his schemes of conquest.
20 Mar. 1980
Buck's Duel to the Death
Buck learns that the population of a planet oppressed by a powerful evil warlord believes that he is their prophesied deliverer and are begging for him to help.
27 Mar. 1980
Flight of the War Witch
After a mysterious probe lands on Earth, Buck and Twiki travel through a vortex to another universe where the peaceful inhabitants of the planet Pendar are under attack from the ruthless war witch Zarina. Buck has to form an uneasy alliance with Draconian Princess Ardala, who has followed him through the vortex, in order to defeat Zarina.

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