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10 Oct. 1979
Osukaru! Bara no sadame
General Jarjayes, deprived of the son he desperately wanted, names his newborn daughter Oscar and raises her as a boy. Now an adult she vies for the position of Commander of the Royal Guards for Princess Marie Antoinette.
17 Oct. 1979
Mae! Ôsutoria no chou
Marie is set to marry Louis XVI and Oscar must ensure her safe passage across the Rhine River. But is Oscar prepared for the dark conspiracy that threatens to ruin the wedding?
24 Oct. 1979
Berusaiyu ni hibana chiru
New to the French court, Marie is still learning proper etiquette regarding nobility. But things become bad when Marie unwittingly snubs the King's mistress, Madame du Barry, and makes a dangerous enemy.
7 Nov. 1979
Koukisa wo namida ni komete...
Marie reluctantly accedes to Madame du Barry's presence at the court. Meanwhile, du Barry and Duke Orleans plan to ensure that Marie and Louis-Auguste never come to power.
14 Nov. 1979
Kinu no doresu to borofuku
Marie and Louis visit Paris which presents an opportunity for Duke Orleans to dispose of them. Meanwhile, two sisters, Jeanne and Rosalie, dream of one day escaping poverty.
21 Nov. 1979
Ai no tegami wa dare no te de
Louis's self-indulgence drives Marie to go to a masquerade ball where she meets Count Hans Axel von Fersen. Unfortunately, her interest in him inspires Duke Orleans to spread rumors about Marie's morality.
28 Nov. 1979
Waga kokoro no Osukaru
Marie has a severe accident while horseback riding and Andre is consequently issued the King's harshest punishment. Luckily Oscar persuades the King to spare Andre, but will his pleas make a difference?
5 Dec. 1979
Hi wa suzumi hi wa noboru
King Louis the XV has fallen gravely ill. While Louis the XVI and Marie prepare to succeed him, Madame du Barry fears for her fate in the French court after his passing.
12 Dec. 1979
Utsukushii akuma Jannu
Louis-Auguste and Marie are crowned King and Queen of France. Jeanne has managed to find a way out of poverty, but when her sister approaches her amongst the nobility, Jeanne reacts harshly.

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