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Season 2

29 Sep. 1979
Snow White and the Seven Lady Truckers: Part 1
B.J. and the Bear help lady trucker Snow White and her friends fend off attacks by the Hi-Ballers, a gang of truckers who don't cotton to competition from women in Winslow County, turf they control with corrupt cops Wiley and the Fox.
6 Oct. 1979
Snow White and the Seven Lady Truckers: Part 2
The Hi-Ballers under new leader Riker are relentless in their pursuit of B.J. and the Piston Packin' Mamas, especially after word gets out that B.J., Snow White, and the lady truckers are hauling truckloads of money for the Treasury Dept.
13 Oct. 1979
Cain's Cruiser
A team has made a super computer police car that can tell everything wrong with vehicles, generating huge $$ for police dept's, FBI, etc. They target and harass BJ McKay and others to put them out of business. BJ and his friends decide to fight back against this car that seems to know their every step.
27 Oct. 1979
Cain's Son-in-Law
When B.J. rescues a young lady from an assailant it hits Captain Cain where he lives.
3 Nov. 1979
Run for the Money
All of B.J.'s greatest adversaries are assembled in Las Vegas for a Sheriff's Convention when a criminal gang stages an ambitious and inventive robbery of the Dunes Casino. Caught near incriminating evidence, B.J. is the prime suspect. (Part I of a three-part epic that continued on The Misadventures of Sheriff Lobo.)
17 Nov. 1979
Mary Ellen
What happens when B.J. and the Bear transport a circus veteran, his granddaughter and their trained elephant through the turf of Wiley and the Fox?
24 Nov. 1979
When High Ball Trucking corners the regional supply on diesel and tries to squeeze out the independent carriers, B.J. taps an alternative fuel source guaranteed to keep him ahead of Hammer and a pesky "revenuer."
1 Dec. 1979
BJ's Sweethearts
B.J. wrecks his truck and while Bobbie Sue nurses him back to health B.J reminisces about the many beautiful women in his past.
8 Dec. 1979
Fly a Wild Horse
B.J. goes from riding a rig to riding horseback when he helps a young Indian brave protect the region's wild horses from a corrupt rancher.
15 Dec. 1979
Silent Night, Unholy Night
BJ helps a pregnant lady who has some very incriminating evidence against the evil sheriff, Nathan McCandles, on Christmas Eve.
12 Jan. 1980
Fire in the Hole
B.J. brokers a reconciliation between Lil and her estranged father while also assisting Lil in fending off a crooked mining executive and his goons who are determined to lay claim to her gold mine.
19 Jan. 1980
Machine-gun-wielding mercenaries storm the Country Comfort truck stop and hold its occupants hostage, including the Panhandle Pussycats, cheerleaders for a popular football team. Will B.J. come through in time?
26 Jan. 1980
Through the Past, Darkly
Pamela Gerard escapes from a mental institution and hitches a ride with B.J. and the Bear.
2 Feb. 1980
Bear Bondage
When Bear becomes ill B.J. takes him to a vet and is subsequently told that he has died. However it turns out that the vet is secretly selling animals to a laboratory and Bear is still alive.
9 Feb. 1980
BJ and the Witch
B.J. befriends a woman who is suspected of being a witch by the people from the town in which she lives. They have to deal with a plot to get rid of her that is hatched by the supersticious locals.
16 Feb. 1980
The Good, the Bad and the Beautiful
B.J. comes to Bishop and quickly becomes entangled in a war between Heaven's Devils and the Road Runners, two rival motorcycle gangs led by the feuding Delano brothers. Will B.J. and Captain Cain realize that "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" and team up against a common foe?
22 Mar. 1980
The 18-Wheel Rip-Off
B.J. goes undercover to infiltrate the auto ring that stole his rig while Sheriff Cordell detained him in jail on trumped-up charges. Assisting B.J. in his work is the attractive Tracy McBain, a young, idealistic and accident-prone peace officer.
29 Mar. 1980
The Friendly Double Cross
B.J. travels to Florida to visit his war buddy Charlie Broler, but a helicopter crash cuts short the friendly reunion. B.J. and an eager marine patrolwoman set to work unraveling the mystery. Musical performances from Sister Sledge and Jim Stafford highlight the episode.

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