Watership Down (1978) Poster

Simon Cadell: Blackberry



  • Blackberry : Men have always hated us.

    Holly : No. They just destroyed the warren because we were in their way.

    Fiver : They'll never rest until they've spoiled the earth.

  • Blackberry : [returning after the disasterous raid on Nuthanger Farm]  Fiver, there's been some trouble. Hazel's been shot.

    Fiver : No.

    Blackberry : The Black Rabbit serves Lord Frith, but he does no more than his appointed task.

    Fiver : Hazel's not dead.

  • Blackberry : You're beginning to sound like a chief, Hazel. 'Hazel-rah'.

    Bigwig : Hazel-rah? That'll be the day I call him chief, that will.

  • Pipkin : [while all are digging in the rain]  What's happening back home, I wonder? Think, when we lived in our own burrows? Dry, soft, warm bodies...

    Dandelion : [to Hazel]  Look, we can't go on like this.

    Silver : It keeps getting worse and worse wherever we go. Where ARE we going?

    Hazel : It won't be much longer, then we can all rest.

    Silver : How MUCH longer?

    Pipkin : We never should have left.

    Blackberry : Suppose Fiver's all wrong?

    Pipkin : We want to go back and find out.

    Hazel : Go back? After all we've been through?

    Bigwig : And probably get killed for wounding Captain Holly? An Owsla officer? Talk sense, for Frith's sake!

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