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The One that Started Them All?
squeezebox26 April 2004
JUNGLE HOLOCAUST is a brutal, no-holds-barred early entry in the bizarre cannibal subgenre of the seventies and early eighties. It's shocking, violent, immoral, sleazy and exploitive. In other words, it delivers.

I can't defend this movie from an ethical standpoint. Even the observation that the live animal slaughter (which is fairly minimal here) is committed by people who apparently were members of a real tribe of primitives, as part of their daily routine doesn't change the fact that it was shot for purely sensational purposes. But it is undeniably intense, suspenseful and creepy.

A plane lands in the Amazon wilds while searching for a couple of lost explorers. The people in the plane wander off a little too far and become separated. The movie then follows one of them, who is captured by a tribe of cannibals and kept prisoner for months. He finally manages to escape and kidnaps a young, beautiful female member of the tribe to use as a guide.

The movie has a gritty realism to it that makes it play almost like a documentary. It captures the gradual transformation of the character from a "civilized" man to a grunting "savage" extremely well, although a scene in which he wins over his female companion by raping her is a little over-the-top, to say the least.

The midsection of the movie is almost entirely devoid of dialog, so the atrocious dubbing is confined mostly to the first and last sequences. Overall, it's a very well-made and unsettling thriller, although it would have been far more suspenseful had there not been a disclaimer at the beginning saying the main character survived to tell his story.
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Thank God it wasn't in 3-D!!
zmaturin13 November 2000
A plane full of annoying oil hunters crash their plane deep in a jungle and almost immediately the non-Caucasian members of the expedition are caught and devoured by a band of revolting cannibal natives, leaving the smart, sensible survivalist Ralph stranded with the weenie, whiny, panicky dolt Robert, who gets them completely lost within minutes. They manage to construct a remarkably sturdy raft that is almost instantly crashed into some rocks. The duo is separated and Robert eats some mushrooms that make him vomit, and then he is captured by the always-naked, mostly male cannibal tribe. They tie him up, rip off his clothes, and tug at his genitals. There is more male frontal nudity in this than at a pool party at James Whale's house.

There is, of course, one beautiful female native with no body hair and breast implants who falls for Robert- although not until after he ties her up, leads her around on a leash like a dog, and beats the snot out of her. This is a pretty detestable movie.

The print I watched was called "Last Cannibal World" and it seemed to have all the good bits (the gore and sex, that is) cut out. The tons of cruelty-to-animals (not as much fun as cruelty-to-humans) and the offensive male-female relationship result in a non-extraordinary cannibal movie devoid of any likability. I was never bored, though, and there are lots of scenes of that pathetic blockhead Robert getting humiliated. He's peed on, gets rotten vegetables thrown on him, and it tied up and swung around on a rope because they think he's a bird. And, according to some text at the beginning of the flick, it's all true!
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An adventure in the jungle.
CannibalThing30 March 2006
Jungle Holocaust opens with some beautiful shots of a small aircraft flying over a seemingly endless jungle. The four people on the plane are going to the middle of said jungle to check up on a mining crew one of them sent out there. When they get there the camp is of course empty, and all that they find of the inhabitants is a heavily decomposed head. They end up having to stay the night in the plane because the pilot, understandably, will not fly over the jungle in the dark. At this point their situation goes from bad to worse as they have to deal with getting separated, a tribe of natives who just happen to be cannibals, being lost, and being far out of their element.

The movie centers around Robert Harper (Mossimo Foschi) and his ordeals with the cannibals and the jungle in his struggle to get home. The character development is a highlight as the events take their toll on Robert's psyche. He becomes more savage, animal like, and at times it seems, insane. Actor Mossimo Foschi does a very good job portraying all of this, by the way. Actress Me Me Lai is never clothed, a plus in my book, and performs well, though her obviously fake breasts do detract from the believability as she is supposed to be playing a native.

There isn't much gore but some of what there is can get a bit strong. Some will find a scene with a crocodile particularly hard to watch.

Overall Jungle Holocaust is one of the best of the Italian Cannibal genre and is oddly uplifting for this kind of film. Highly recommended.
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If you don't take it too seriously, and don't object too much to the gratuitous animal slaughter, it's sleazy, trashy entertainment.
Infofreak16 May 2004
Ruggero Deodato's name is forever linked with the cannibal movie genre mostly because of his infamous 'Cannibal Holocaust', a movie which I've yet to see uncut. 'The Last Cannibal World' (aka 'Jungle Holocaust') was his first cannibal movie, and isn't as well known or talked about. If you don't take it too seriously, and don't object too much to the gratuitous animal slaughter, it's sleazy, trashy entertainment. Deodato by the way didn't start this movie cycle, Umberto Lenzi did, but Lenzi later recycled some Deodato footage, and cast Ivan Rassimov and Me Me Lai in his 'Eaten Alive'. Anyway, Massimo Foschi plays an American, Robert Walker. The plane he and his colleague Rolf (Rassimov) are traveling on crashes and they get separated in the jungle. I forget where the setting was supposed to be. It doesn't really matter as these cannibal movies are fantasies with no basis in reality. They usually film them in the Philippines and get the locals to wear dirty wigs and ham it up, which is alright by me if it's alright with them. It's a living, right? Walker gets caught by a primitive cannibal tribe, who tie him up, rip his clothes off and play with his penis. Maybe they are impressed, I don't know, but instead of eating him they imprison him. He witness all kinds freaky stuff while caged, but eventually escapes and takes Pulan, a beautiful local girl, as a hostage (Me Me Lai, also in Lenzi's 'Man From Deep River', made before this, and his 'Eaten Alive', made after). Their relationship is difficult to fathom and depends a lot on which cut of this movie you see. Walker is eventually reunited with his old pal Rolf and then decides to kick some cannibal butt. Really the plot is slim, and who cares? This is just an excuse to see lots of gross stuff and Me Me Lai's breasts. If I was forced to defend this type of movie I really couldn't, but hey, I enjoyed it while it lasted. My favourite cannibal movie is still Sergio Martino's unfairly dismissed 'Mountain Of The Cannibal God', starring Ursula Andress and Stacy Keach, which was released the year after this. It isn't as hardcore as the Lenzi and Deodato movies but it's lots of fun.
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Brilliant Italian cannibal film that offers so much more than guts and grue
Casey-526 November 2000
Director Ruggero Deodato carried on the tradition of the Italian cannibal subgenre by contributing arguably the best entries in the genre, JUNGLE HOLOCAUST and CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST. While CANNIBAL dealt with a very human threat in a cannibal tribe, JUNGLE is almost a more grueling film in that the villain of the film is the setting itself, the jungle surrounding the adventure.

A professor crash-lands in the jungles of the Phillippines and is captured by a tribe of stone age men, who torture him and hold him captive to use as bait for food. He manages to entice a young tribal girl to help him escape. Deodato creates a tense, grimy look at mankind. His cinematography is constantly fluid, never stopping for a second, in endless trucks, dollies, zooms, arcs, and cranes. Amazing visuals! The musical score is excellent, as well, but I still liked CANNIBAL's better. Lead actor Massimo Foschi is unbelievably good as the professor who undergoes mental and physical torture while kept in a cave. He witnesses the horrific punishments of the tribal people, including ants eating a man's arm clean off.

Deodato makes the jungle the real villain in the story. The jungle is filled with harsh conditions and jungle noise that adds to the atmosphere and injects suspense and tension into otherwise normal scenes. The jungle becomes a character and what a character it is. It requires the professor to revert to his primal instincts and abandon all civilized thought, making a harsh comment on human nature in the process. Me Me Lai is excellent as the native girl who helps Foschi escape and Ivan Rassimov appears too briefly, but is good anyway. This film is no picnic in the park, it's a bitch. By the end of the film, the viewer feels like they have been to Hell and back along with the protagonist. But that's what makes this film work so well. To many viewers' chagrin, Deodato, as he would later demonstrate in CANNIBAL, shows too much real-life animal mutilation.An alligator is torn apart while still alive, a snake eats a mouse, and other horrific scenes. It adds to the realism factor, but then again, that is broken anyway by Me Me Lai's breast implants!

JUNGLE HOLOCAUST is obviously not for everyone, but I can't recommend it enough. It is long out of print, but Grindhouse Releasing should consider re-releasing it. After taking on CANNIBAL FEROX and CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST, why not close the infamous "Cannibal Trilogy" with a remastered letterboxed DVD of JUNGLE HOLOCAUST?
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Bunch of SAVAGES !!!
Coventry22 June 2004
A four-headed team clumsily ends up stuck in a jungle. Pretty soon, two of them die (rather clumsy again) while savage aborigines are chasing the other two males. The duo depletes one last time when one of them disappears during a wild-river flow …does it have to be said…clumsy! The supposedly last cannibal tribe on earth imprisons the one man left, named Robert. They don't start cooking him just yet, but fool around with him a little, first. He escapes and takes a local girl with him, who serves the role of beautiful hostage. However, the journey through the undiscovered jungle is hard, long and full of surprises.

Ruggero Deodato's general rehearsal before unleashing the notorious `Cannibal Holocaust' upon the world is an explicit horror film, but not as shocking or repulsive as its successor. This film merely serves as an old-fashioned adventure-movie, there were Cannibal Holocaust is a severely shocking ethical portrait. If you ignore all the illogicalness of this film, you'll have yourself a good time. That's a fact. It's a rough and straight-to-the-point horror production with more than enough footage to keep you entertained…although a lot depends on your definition of entertainment, of course. Italian horror standards stand throughout the whole film: gore, sleaze and cruelty! Since so many things are happening during the first 20 minutes of `Jungle Holocaust', the film tends to get tedious after a while…or so you would think! Surprisingly enough, there still are more than enough adrenalin-filled sequences that keep you alert and – and this really is positive in my book – Deodato gives an excellent portrayal of how someone is unintentionally driven into complete madness and a total loss of realism. Jungle Holocaust contains quite a lot of animal cruelty, which can be regarded as offensive by Italian horror-haters. The crocodile-dissection easily equals the vicious tortoise slaughtering in `Cannibal Holocaust'. The cannibals themselves are some of the wickedest I ever saw and they seem to follow some bizarre rituals, too. They show an unusual interest for male nudity and they don't seem to worry too much about controversial handlings such as murdering an infant (pretty disturbing sequence that was). They do bring forward beautiful women, as Me Me Lai is the sexiest native girl I ever saw. Jungle Holocaust is essential viewing for Italian horror/sleaze fans. Not as memorable as `Holocaust' or `Ferox'…but certainly worth your time.
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Savage, wild, and fascinating
bensonmum227 March 2006
Warning: Spoilers
As a primer for the better known Cannibal Holocaust, Jungle Holocaust is definitely not a movie for all tastes. It's rough and raw presentation of savagery would put-off many a viewer. And because director Ruggero Deodato chose to use real aboriginals as his cannibals and real jungle locations, the movie has an authentic feel to it that serves to increase the unsettling feeling Jungle Holocaust produces. I've never run into a real cannibal, but this is what I would expect them to look like. They're dirty, vicious, and wild and (other than one exception) completely believable. The situations our hero Robert Harper (Massimo Foschi) faces seem real making the horror in Jungle Holocaust very effective.

Beyond the gruesome on-screen action, the acting is a real highlight of Jungle Holocaust. Foschi has the most screen time and does the most with it. His slow disintegration into madness and to the savageness of the cannibals around him is fascinating to watch unfold. It's a terrific piece of acting. Me Me Lai has the second most screen time and while she's good in her non-speaking role, she's also the one exception to the believability factor in the movie I mentioned previously. I sincerely doubt that any stone-age, cannibal tribe in the history of the Earth contained a woman that looks as good as Me Me does in Jungle Holocaust. She looks too good to be believable and stands out like a soar thumb when compared with the other tribe members.

Finally, a word of warning: Those who do not want to see real animals die on-screen had best be advised to stay away. If you are easily offended by this kind of stuff, don't' watch the movie. While I personally find these scenes unconscionable and disgusting, I was able to get past them and appreciate and even enjoy the brutal nature of this fascinating film.
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Jungle Holocaust is a great cannibal film
rbjr33020 January 2005
Jungle Holocaust is a great cannibal film. But not only is it a cannibal film, it is also a jungle adventure, one mans story of survival. This is Ruggero Deodato's first cannibal film, therefore paving the way for the classic Cannibal Holocaust. Like CH, this film is also shunned by many for it's real animal killing and it's realistic human killings. But, it is not only the gore that make this a good film. It also has great direction and stunning visuals in the jungle, plus a good score and pretty good acting. It is a very realistic movie, filmed on location with real natives. Don't get me wrong, the gore is great, too, so if your looking for a movie with realistic gore, i highly recommend this, along with Deodato's next film, Cannibal Holocaust. Check it out if you like Italian cannibal films or if your a Deodato fan. Not for the squeamish. I give it a 8/10.
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One of Ruggero Deodatos very best gems
r-kanne23 November 2003
I saw this one again after not seeing it for 6-7 years and I must say it`s still my number one outdoors\jungle movie. It plays out like a mix of Indiana Jones type adveture, the intrapment of "deliverance", the real violence of "Faces of death 1-4" and the make-up effects of Lucio Fulci`s films.

ITALY AND REALITY The Italians are experts in making movies without rules. I mean in Hollywood for instance thy obey different rules because they are afraid movies will not sell, or they need an R- rating. All this ruins the art in movies. If you are setting out like Deodato is in this movie to make a movie about cannibals, you need scenes of people getting eaten or killed in different ways, and of course an explenation to why. This movie contains both.

ANIMAL CRUELTY I did not enjoy the animal cruelty, but who did. Ruggero Deodato disliked these parts too. They were filmed after the movie was made by the producer and a little crew. They threw small animals like bats on to python`s and filmed the fight and then finished it of by placing terrible sound effect`s over the "action" to give it an even stranger feel.

EMOTIONAL Apart from the animal crulety though, I love the film. It is very well made. The film manages to be cruel and savage in scenes and then suddenly go over to scenes that almost made me cry. It packs lot`s of emotion and depth. And as mentioned before, is very bold in portraying the violence as harsh as in real-life. Im talking about the special-effects not the animal cruelty off course.

TRUE EVENTS The movie is based upon true event`s and this notion really add to the terror and emotional termoil I felt watching it again after so many years. I have had it on video uncut for several years, and finally I found it on DVD from Shreak-show uncut with interviews and trailers.

WHO IS IT FOR? Well it is definitly not for anyone. I see from reviews on IMDB that many people watch this movie and want it to be a Hollywood-movie or something. Almost all the complaints by critics and users are about silly things we are used to from Hollywood. This is a low-budget movie shot in the jungle of Malaysia in harsch conditions. This is what made it authentic. Some people have seen so many fake-to-reality Hollywood-films they would not know reality if it bit their behinds. I am not a fan of cannibal-movies made in Hollywood, as they tend not to be about cannibal\native-life and more about the characters who are mostly american and pretty dull. So then. If you are a big Hollywood fan and don`t like realistic and real violence right up in your face don`t see it. But if you are bored\annoyed about Hollywood always showing you some kind of romantic escapade instead of telling the story(titanic-syndrome)and can stumack the violence -see it.

Score: 10 out of 10
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Filmed in Coatbridge, Scotland
Bezenby17 October 2018
I guess when you've run out of Westerns, Gialli and Eurocrime films to make you've got to start looking elsewhere for inspiration. Last Cannibal World isn't the first even Italian cannibal film (that being Deep River Savages) and it's not Ruggero Deodato's first jungle film either - that's Gungala, a film with a far less sinister atmosphere than this vileness. What this film did was kick off another genre exploiting free-for-all of cannibal movie clones which isn't what you'd call the best period of Italian cinema.

Some guy actor called Massimo Foschi, who will be spending the majority of this film naked, plays an oil prospector called Robert Foster. Robert in a private plane with jungle expert Ivan Rassimov and two people who will shortly become cannibal fodder because they are not white. Robert's concerned that they can't get in radio contact with the makeshift airfield an advance party of engineers has set up, and things get worse when they tried land and a wheel is knocked off the plane by the long disused radio. That's no good.

The pilot reckons he can get the plane up and running in short order, but then Robert ruins everything by running into the jungle looking for his missing engineers and gets lost. Eventually Ivan Rassimov finds him and they head back to the plane, finding the murdered corpses of the engineers on the way back. Now Robert is in a hurry to leave the place, but the pilot tells him it's too late and they'll have to fly out first thing in the morning. We the audience are then clued in that someone is out there in the dark (via a nice jump scare), but when the female companion of Robert has to go outside to pee, she's captured by the natives waiting outside and things go tits up right away.

Robert shows that he's probably inherited his oil company because he seems to operate without any foresight or intuition. The pilot gets a spike ball to the guts, Robert loses Ivan on some river rapids after they get lost again, then Robert thinks it's a good idea to eat some strange mushrooms before tripping out, getting caught by natives, getting stripped to the nuts and getting his tummy banana tugged on by some backwards cannibals.

They also think he's a bird and dangle him off the ceiling of the cave their in before trying to eat his watch and throwing him in a cave with some birds while periodically throwing slops at him or peeing on him. Robert also gets to meet Me Me Lai, who mistakes the universal hand signal for 'I need food' for 'give me a handy'. Me Me stands out a mile not only because she's the only cannibal with all her teeth, she also seems to have a very good plastic surgeon judging by those fake boobs!

We spend rather a long time watching the natives being primitive and eating snakes/crocodiles, stock footage of animals eating other animals, and the natives being savage by having a rival native's arm eaten by ants before eventually escapes with Me Me and the romance/lengthy chase sequence begins! Turns out the most romantic thing you can do with a native is punch her directly in the face.

If you remove the animal cruelty from this one (and luckily my copy is missing the croc eating scene, but keeps the gore intact), you have a decent jungle adventure which thinks it's being clever in showing one civilised man's descent into savagery as the only way he can survive his ordeal in the jungle, although it's all just an excuse for gore and violence. The animal stuff is kept to a minimum thankfully, but that would be remedied in Deodato's Cannibal Holocaust, a truly nauseating exercise without any redeeming features.

The goriest part of this film is reserved for Me Me, who is rewarded for leaving the tribe by being served up with a bat confit, grub ganache, native drool foam, bamboo tuille and a crocodile jus. This won the tribe Masterchef: Cannibals in 1977.
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A sign of the savage times.
RatedVforVinny13 November 2018
One of the first (if the not the very first) of the grubby Italian 'Cannibal' genre. This one aka 'Last Cannibal World' was cut in the UK (-4 mins), because of the severe aninmal cruelty and a rape scene. Very much of its day and over the decades we have learned to pay more respect to the nature. Without going into that debate much further, all Italian 'Exploitation' is way more realistic and gritty, than anything poroduced by Hollywood (then or now). All said and done there are some really powereful scenes and a rather wonderful, leading cannibal lady to.
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Excellent Cannibal Movie.
Shaza12323 May 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Cannibal Holocaust has always been one of my favourite extreme movies to date. I recently saw Cannibal Ferox and started to develop a new found respect for this exploitative sub genre. Naturally, I couldn't wait to check out another one of these Cannibal gems and decided to watch Last Cannibal World (aka Jungle Holocaust). I gotta say, I was very happy with my choice. I knew I was gonna like this one the second I saw Ruggero Deodatos name at the beginning.

We have a group of people in a helicopter flying over a rain forest. They are oil prospectors and this movie is apparently based on a true story of what happened to one of them, Robert. The plane crashes and Robert and his friend Rolf soon get lost in the rain forest where it soon becomes obvious that there are primitive natives inhabiting it, and they are cannibals too! Robert ends up getting separated and captured by the cannibals. To find out what happens to him, you'll have to give it a watch.

I found myself giggling quite a few times during this movie. At the beginning after a plane crash, the Pilate (who has the best accent ever) is bleeding quite gruesomely down the side of his face. The female passenger starts to wipe his cut with a tissue and immediately gets a hostile "WHAT ARE YOU DOING????!" response. The blunt and shocked reaction had me in stitches. His facial reactions were just epic!

As funny as this movie was, it was also pretty nasty and quite cruel in parts. I would say it's in the same vain as Cannibal Holocaust, it gets pretty gritty. During the scene where the natives torture Robert, I found the whole scene so creepy and unsettling. You have to imagine if you were in that situation, how scary it would be, yikes! There were quite a few "Damn!" moments in this movie, it was a lot more intense than I expected it to be.

I felt really bad for Robert, his character goes through a lot, but man did he look fine running around all naked. And MAN did one of the natives look fine. She was a real stunner!

But of course, this being a cannibal movie, if you really love animals… yeah don't watch this one.

But, I did love it. If you're a fan of this sub genre, I highly recommend checking it out. Thankyou.
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Very good cannibal horror film...
MovieGuy0110 October 2009
I found Last Cannibal World to be a great film. It was heavily cut and banned in Britain for quite some years. It starts off with a plane which crashes into the jungle. One of the survivors Robert gets lost and while trying to find a way out of the jungle he gets captured by cannibals. He is humiliated, stripped naked, and he has to face certain tortures and humiliations until he escapes with a cannibal woman. He is thrown into a hole he then tries to find his plane which could be stuck anywhere in the jungle so he can go home. The two then set out to try to find Rolf and the plane, with the cannibal tribe who happen to be following right behind them. I thought that this was a very good cannibal film which was directed by Ruggero Deodato.
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Good clean cannibal fun!
Anonymous_Maxine10 May 2008
Last Cannibal World claims to be a true story about a stone-age cannibal tribe living on the Malaysian island of Mindanao who captures a 'modern' man named Robert Haper, who crash lands on the island. It seems that there is an oil mining crew camping out in the jungle while they search for drilling sites, and when a team flies in to check on them, the plane is damaged during landing and the drill team turns up missing. The pilot is sure he can fix the plane ("If I can find the wheel it shouldn't be too hard to put it back again!"), but won't fly until the following day, since it was getting dark.

Before long, of course, the group ends up separated and being pursued by cannibals through the jungle, and then the movie becomes a strange mix of gruesome horror and a twisted look at the animal side of humans. Of course, cannibalism is not politically correct, so the cannibal tribe is presented as more like animals than humans, with the grunting and the throwing food at each other and the spontaneous copulation. These are evolutionary drop-outs if ever there were any, but the movie doesn't know where to stop in presenting their backwardness.

Even the simplest animals have some instincts, particularly about things like eating and self-preservation, but not these people. One of the women tries to eat Harper's wristwatch, I suppose not possessing the basic abilities to distinguish between food items and non-food items, and for a tribe that has been living presumably for centuries or more in an alligator infested jungle, they sure spend a lot of time swimming and getting eaten or almost eaten by alligators. A woman gives birth by the riverside and, after detaching the umbilical cord with her teeth (and after an extreme close-up to make sure we know the baby is a girl – I didn't need that…), she goes for a nice little swim and gets immediately eaten along with her new baby. Smart.

Gore fans should be happy, there is sufficient disturbing gore in the movie, although most of the effects (such as the decomposed head in the beginning) are pretty weak, as is the editing. But there is lots of grotesque feeding scenes which include lots of filthy savages stuffing flesh in their mouths with lots of nasty sucking sounds and twitching meat. Nice!

Some of the movie doesn't make much sense, like the way they tie up one of the natives and put carnivorous ants on his arms, which slowly eat him while he screams his head off. It's one of the more disturbing scenes in the movie with all that screaming, but why would they do that? I thought it must be a sacrifice, but what kind of tribe sacrifices their own people rather than animals? And who is he being sacrificed to? The Ant God? Even if he was being punished, for a cannibal tribe to feed a man to ants seems like a waste of food, doesn't it?

Harper spends a good part of the movie trapped in a cage, although I missed the reason for that too. They couldn't have been fattening him up to eat him because that would also be a huge waste of food. Maybe they were saving him for a special occasion. At any rate, they put in this bizarre looking bird with him, and it's strange that when Harper kills it, its squawking instantly stops and gives the scene a genuine finality of death that is more realistic than anything else in the movie. At least until it starts squawking again.

There are two directions that the movie could go once a "sympathetic" jungle woman begins helping Harper – it could have Harper try to lift the woman out of the barbaric world in which she lives, or he could descend into barbarism himself. The most interesting thing that the movie does is that it goes in both directions, and actually does it pretty well. It's a pretty sharp indictment of Harper (especially if this really is a true story), given that, even after saving her from being sexually assaulted by another native, he rapes her himself. And he didn't just force himself on her, her beat her and then raped her. Are we still supposed to accept him as a protagonist?

After this, it may be a little strange to see that she basically becomes his loving cave-wife, bringing him food and cleaning and caring for him, until you remember that these are savages and I guess this is just how women expect to be treated. And Harper is happy, of course, given that he has found himself a beautiful island wife, and with obviously man-made breasts, no less.

There is a weak attempt at symbolism during Harper's brief descent to his most primal instincts, and then soon he meets up with another man from the plane, who laments that no matter how much mud he smears into a badly infected wound on his knee, it never gets better. He must not have been paying much attention in his Wilderness Survival class. All in all I guess the movie is as satisfying as a cannibal movie can be. At least you know what to expect, though. I think any movie with the word "cannibal" in the title is going to be pretty much like this. It's bad but it's a fun and disgusting kind of bad, the thing you can watch with your buddies over a few beers and have a few good laughs!
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The Cannibal Rests In All of Us
Ruggero Deodato contributed the undeniably most brilliant film to the Cannibal sub-genre with his unequaled masterpiece "Cannibal Holocaust" of 1980. While "L'Ultimo Mondo Cannibale" aka. "Jungle Holocaust" of 1977 does not reach the brilliance of Deodato's masterpiece of three years later, this is still a highly atmospheric and at times stunning film that lovers of Italian cult cinema and sleaze should not miss. The aka. Title "The Last Cannibal World" is the correct translation of the original title and yet the title "Jungle Holocaust" fits the film very well. Like hardly another film, "Jungle Holocaust" accomplishes to show the jungle itself as hostile, unmerciful and menacing, and the film creates an atmosphere that is uniquely claustrophobic for a film entirely playing in nature. It is not only the cannibals here that are blood thirsty and primitive - the most grim thing in "Jungle Holocaust" is the pitiless jungle itself. While the film is of course ultra-violent and often disturbing, it is a bit tamer compared to other genre entries such as "Cannibal Holocaust" or "Cannibal Ferox", and often resembles a traditional adventure film - with the difference that this is filled with constant enormous sleaze and nauseating gore.

A group of four people have to land their plane somewhere in the middle of the Amazon jungle, one of them, a man called Robert (Massimo Foschi) is captured by a tribe of cannibals who still live like people in the stone age. His only hope to escape the savages, who eat human flesh, is a beautiful tribeswoman (Me Me Lai)...

The film makes a pretty good point about how a civilized man can be driven absolutely savage by being thrown into a world ruled by savagery. Even though the nauseating gore is not quite as omnipresent as it is the case with "Cannibal Holocaust" or Umberto Lenzi's "Cannibal Ferox" and "Mangiati Vivi", "Jungle Holocaust" is certainly not for the squeamish. The acts of violence are cruel and whenever gore is shown it is extremely nauseating. Bloodlust, mutilations, and, well... Cannibalism - it is all there and all shown in explicit detail. Animal protectors should also avoid the film, which arguably features more real animal killings than any other Cannibal movie. The sleaze level is also extremely high, Me Me Lai is the sexiest savage girl ever to appear on screen and she is naked throughout the movie (sometimes she's wearing a loincloth). Massimo Foschi delivers a very good leading performance, and the cast furthermore includes Italian Exploitation cult-actor Ivan Rassimov. As far as I am considered, this film is not nearly as memorable as "Cannibal Holocaust", which stands out as the unmatched masterpiece of the Italian Cannibal sub-genre, but "L'Ultimo Mondo Cannibale" is still an immensely atmospheric with some ingenious aspects that I highly recommend to all my fellow lovers of Italian Horror and exploitation cinema!
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macabro3579 July 2003

Unlike Deodato's later atrocity CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST, I can at least stomach this one since only one crocodile is killed and skinned by the natives, and then they eat it afterwards. This is something they've been doing for thousands of years, so who are we (as so-called 'civilized' human beings) to say they can't?

Shot in Malaysia and the Philippines, this one is about an airplane (carrying Massimo Fosci and Ivan Rassimov) that lands in a survey camp in order to follow up on their research, firsthand. The plane is damaged on landing and the camp is found deserted. Of course, it doesn't take rocket science to figure out what happened to them.

As Fosci and Rassimov trek into the jungle, they get separated from the plane and then Rassimov disappears down some rapids, leaving Foschi alone to get captured by the natives. They take him to an underground cavern and rip his clothes of, and then start probing his genitals with a stick. Then they tie him onto a rope and haul him up to the ceiling. Native girl, Me Me Lai gets to watch all this and is fascinated by Foschi. It's love at first sight.

Next, we see a native guy tied up and his arm is cut in order to let the ants eat it all the way to the bone. Cool shot. Then the native boys urinate on Foschi on a ledge high up above his enclosure. He get's all wet. Ha! They keep him there because they are going to use him as bait for the crocodiles, so he escapes and forcibly takes Me Me Lai with him. Along the way, he rapes her in the elephant grass, but it looks more consensual than a rape.

He hooks up with Rassimov who has survived the rapids and they trek back to the plane. Rassimov is badly hurt while My My Lai get's captured by the cannibals and is eaten alive in some scenes that later appeared in Umberto Lenzi's EATEN ALIVE (1980).

In a memorable scene, Foschi cuts open the native guy he has killed and starts to eat his innards, just to let the other cannibals watching know he means business. Himself and Rassimov make it to the plane although Rassimov dies while the plane takes off.

The Shriek DVD includes revealing interviews with Foschi, Rassimov and Deodato, plus film posters and trailers. Rassimov comments that it was far easier to work for Deodato than it was for Lenzi while Foschi and Deodato both say that it was the producers who inserted the 'crocodile getting killed' scene and not Deodato. I think that's a load of bullsh#t, myself and I don't believe one word of it.

Still, it get's a 6 out of 10 for holding my interest and for not being as sh*tty as CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST.
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You are who you eat
Sandcooler31 December 2007
Is there anything easier to make than cannibal movies? You go recruit some guys to play angry natives at the local grocery store and a random woman who wants to be famous in a locally and not really kind of way. So you plastic surge the hell out of her, then find a guy who can't have sex at home because his mother always walks in looking for the lingerie brochure and ask him if he wants to have intercourse with this native silicone-enhanced woman. If there's a plot it's purely coincidental. Take this one. A bunch of people are in a plane and suddenly they either crash or make an emergency landing,it's really something in between. Than they walk around in the jungle forever. A year later Ruggero Deodato would solve this by having everything happen twice and extending the eating scenes but he didn't come up with that yet here. So the vaguely professorish guy among them soon finds himself captured by these savages. They don't eat him, because then the movie would be over. Instead they keep him for a couple of days and then let him escape like there are not hundreds of them. And then it really sinks like a brick. This is just plain bad, not even the shock factor is handled professionally, sometimes less is more, and sometimes cutting up a real crocodile for this goddamn movie barely anyone will ever see is just mean. Disgusting, and not in a good way.
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Well-crafted, genuine horror based on Western fears
jay-bethke14 February 2005
Nobody who would bother taking the time to watch an Italian cannibal film will be offended by the butchery, nudity, or rape found in this piece. The Last Cannibal World, like others of the genre, really showcases the sort of "horror of nature" that exists in the western mind. There are as many shots of animals crawling around, devouring other animals, slithering and being filthy and savage, as there are of human beings doing the same. The cannibals mimic the animals, essentially, and the white men are unable to believe what they are seeing ...except for the one unlucky fellow who gets caught and, shall we say, does what he has to in order to fit in. Western peoples will be horrified by the disgusting behaviors of the cannibals (men as animals), the dizzying jungle that goes on and on, as well as the blood and guts: we seek order and reason, the opposite of the total chaos and irrationality as represented not only by the jungle, but by the culture-less cannibals (romanticized and caricature-like though they are). The film is a genuine dramatic and natural horror, and despite the cultural one-sidedness of the subject matter and its portrayal of the islanders, we must remember that it is a horror film, exploiting what Western peoples are afraid of: Deodato certainly gets credit for getting the formula down if not for anthropological accuracy. The killings of the animals in films like this can only be the reason why there are the "No animals were harmed in the making of this film" disclaimers following the credits of films today.
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Jungle - Unknown territory
kosmasp23 July 2019
Or at least that is what the movie is telling us. And even Deodata is telling us, that there are rituals in here that are based on reality. Now there are a lot of vile and really disturbing scenes in here, none more than the ones involving animal cruelty. Now Deodata says he would not shoot scenes like that anymore. But to be clear the scenes where realy animals are harmed, were not shot by him but by the producer.

At least that's what he claims and let's believe him. The movie is about survival and there are quite a few moments that may not make much sense. Apart from the brutality, there is also a lot of nudity. Is that something that makes your skin crawl? No pun intended, but you should be aware what you might be about to watch! Still the overall story and the journey are compellingly told.
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To defeat the cannibals, you have to become a cannibal
EasternZZ27 May 2019
This movie has the coolest endings to a cannibal film ever. It is intense, action packed, bloody, great music, and has an awesome ending. Seriously, it is very cool and poetic.
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Ruggero Deodato's Cannibal Trilogy: Part 1.
morrison-dylan-fan12 May 2018
Warning: Spoilers
After catching Sergio Martino's stylish The Case of the Scorpion's Tails last night I decided to watch another Italian title that has been in my viewing pile for far too long. Finding his lone take on Italian Crime to be magnificent,and his late Gialli to be interesting takes,I decided it was time to at last enter Deodato's jungle.

View on the film:

Stating in the very interesting commentary on Shriek Show's DVD that the film was largely shot in natural light, directing auteur Ruggero Deodato takes the grit shown in 1976's Live Like A Cop,Die Like A Man to a more extreme level,with Deodato & cinematographer Marcello Masciocchi (with Lamberto Bava working as one of the assistant director)extensive use of hand-held cameras placing the viewer in the hot,sweaty heart of the jungle. Camping in the jungle with the cast,crew,and the real tribe of the land, Deodato dices the shots of animals being killed (which he claims were filmed by the producer as inserts) with gruelling psychological torture to Robert Harper, who observes his humanity from "The West" being raised in the (impressively filmed) caves of the tribe,and slammed down into a savage pulp.

Adding an unexpected depth to Harper,Deodato crosses the shocks with gentle moments of silence that close in on the bond Harper makes with tribeswoman Pulan. Swinging Harper deep into the jungle, the writers give the first half an Adventure edge,which allows for excitement from the exploration of the jungle,and also a glimpse at Harper's innocence. Caving Harper in with the tribe, the writers tear all of Harper's beliefs and ideas to the bone,until he is thumping his chest in a battle with the leader of the tribe. The poster girl for the genre,Me Me Lai gives a fittingly relaxed performance as Pulan which neatly contrasts with the macho aggression from the guys, whilst Massimo Foschi gives an incredibly raw,passionate performance,as Harper gets lost to the jungle.
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My personal favourite of the cannibal sub-genre
Leofwine_draca21 December 2015
Warning: Spoilers
An interesting and sometimes gripping precursor to the later horrors of CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST and CANNIBAL FEROX, this unassuming film contains a greater depth than other cannibal adventures in terms of characterisation. Saying that, it also contains a wealth of animal cruelty and graphic gore sequences, but it's an Italian cannibal film so what do you expect? The film succeeds in creating a very tense atmosphere, especially in the scenes where the survivors are escaping through the jungle. The atmosphere is excellent here and is helped by an understated music score, a quiet but thumping beat which seems to sum up the danger and hostility that the characters face. The locations are also really nice, if you totally immerse yourself in this film whilst watching (I mean not having any interruptions, lights dimmed, etc.) then you can really believe that you're there.

The film also succeeds due to unexpectedly strong acting on behalf of the man who plays Robert. At times you feel really sorry for him when the bad things happen and you can totally believe that he's bordering on madness at the end. The expression on his face when he eats the human heart is totally realistic, he shows pain, fear, like he doesn't know who he is anymore. It's sort of like a character study of this man, showing him as a normal person who gradually descends to the same level as the cannibals, after being stripped, humiliated and finally eating human flesh. Foschi is totally sympathetic in his role. He is also given good support by Ivan Rassimov (EATEN ALIVE), once again the "whipping boy" of the cannibal film and who is also a sympathetic character. The cannibals themselves are believable, as Foschi says, they don't see eating people as repulsive or strange, it's just the way they are. In terms of blood and guts there isn't the excess of other offerings, but there are a few nasty moments to either watch out for or avoid, depending on your preference.

On the down side, this film also contains some unsettling real-life animal cruelty. I don't know how the makers of these films got away with this, but as one poster said "life is cheap" when you're in these areas. A snake eats a lizard, and a crocodile is gutted and eaten and believe me, no special effects could make these events so realistic. So you'd better have a strong stomach if you're going to stick with this. All in all though, if you can get past these setbacks, then you'll find a neat little film with a lot of depth to its characters as well as action, adventure and intrigue. A disturbing but well thought out venture into the jungle; I give it the thumbs up.
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On the level of Cannibal Holocaust
Johan_Wondering_on_Waves22 August 2015
Warning: Spoilers
This one came out before the legendary Cannibal Holocaust. I must say I liked this one slightly better story and character wise. Of course the gory scenes where animals (and humans) do get cut open and skinned are not always easy to stomach. I'm glad they didn't shy away from the cruelties otherwise the powerful message would be lost. Whether it is based on true events or not doesn't matter to me. The movie did a good job in following the experiences of Robert Harper and made me want to root for him unlike the white reporters in Cannibal Holocaust. The cannibals here are anything but nice however it is understandable they wanted to defend their land against the gold diggers. But not only the cannibals are a threat the jungle is full of other dangers in wild animals and poisonous plants.
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You mean a title like this and a very worthwhile film? A gem?
thesiouxfallskid3 May 2011
(I avoid giving anything away unlike some other reviews. Best to see this gem unspoiled but do heed warnings.) I was expecting a film sort of like Cannibal Holocaust, an exploitation cannibal film probably with gratuitous gore, plenty of nudity, dumb story, dumber acting, explicit animal cruelty, unconvincing natives in loincloths, chintzy budget, and uh lessee really dumb story and dumber acting and oh I uh already mentioned that. I read some reviews, which I fortunately forgot before I finally saw it a year or two after I had gotten it. Since Cannibal Holocaust is the one we hear about so much, I figured a weak distant cousin to it and well since I didn't like Cannibal Holocaust that is why I waited so long to watch this one. Anyway I have some recommendations. If seeing human bodies ripped open (which I trust are not real ones) and eaten cooked or raw is repugnant, or if seeing full male and female nudity (adults and children) at some length turns you off, or if seeing live animals bashed and sliced open (which really does seem real) angers you, then pass on this one. You won't like it. But if those sorts of things stimulate and excite you, then read on. My personal take of course but the natives are what I would call refreshingly convincing, the story neither dumb nor predicable, and the acting not bad at all, at least not what one expects from such a title and it is a real cannibal film. Enough people get ripped open and eaten so you don't forget that point. No patty cake sissy film that does not deliver. By all means, absolutely get the Shriek Show label version or whatever version that has the entire film - many versions eviscerate it and ruin it, and that is perhaps why we don't hear so much about it. And don't read other write-ups and reviews, certainly not the synopsis in Wikipedia, which will spoil it for you. You may very well find this wonderful gem worthwhile, particularly if you are hardened against gore and snuffing animals like me, but if you do not heed my warnings and watch it anyway and hate it, don't blame me. You have been warned. I give it 10 stars, Note that only about 10% have done so. I should also mention the girl native, actress Me Me Lai. Nice, really nice.
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Excellent & Enjoyable Cannibal Adventure film. Warning: Spoilers
Well, I've seen a brave few cannibal movies, but unfortunately I only own about 3 cannibal movies in their full uncut versions. This includes, Cannibal Ferox, Cannibal Holocaust, and the title I'm reviewing right now, Last Cannibal World. The film has numerous titles from country to country, and probably the most other known title it goes by is Jungle Holocaust. For the purposes of my review, the uncut DVD version I have of it, is known as Last Cannibal World from 'Shock DVD' in Europe. Nope not Shriek Collection DVD in the US, or the UK version, it's from a label called Shock DVD.

Last Cannibal World starts of with an oil prospector (Robert Harper), and his two other friends (Ralf and the pilot Charlie) on board a light airplane who are flying deep into some unknown jungle to find their oil prospector crew who have set up a camp in the jungle. Upon a rough landing they soon discover there is no signs of their party anywhere, and as they adventure more into the jungle they realize that the crew they were looking for is probably dead. Robert and his friend Ralf soon find themselves lost and stranded - and evidence of a primitive stone-age cannibal tribe that have been living in the jungle for quite some time. As the two, after the pilot being caught in a trap and killed, try to make it back to the plane to get out again, become lost and eventually, get separated. This is where the adventure begins. They both find themselves lost, in a huge jungle, with no signs where to go to, or what to do. The main focus is put on Robert who goes about various parts of the jungle looking for a way out, and food, but soon ends up passing out & waking up after eating some poisoned mushrooms to a bunch of cannibals around him with sticks with large stones at the end of them looking very mystified at him. He is taken prisoner, and striped down and taunted by the cannibals. This is where Robert runs into Pulan (Me Me Lai) - a native girl that appears to taunt Robert sexually in various scenes, and also who is taken by Robert when he escapes from the cannibal tribe after many days of being trapped. Robert eventually gives in from the previous sexual taunting by the native girl and ambiguously rapes her (native style...) when he escapes with her. So without spoiling the movie for you too much (If you haven't watch it yet), I'm going to give insight into what I think of it now.

The movie is full of adventure and fun, and has a nice mix of gore to keep gore hounds happy, and a good mix of cannibal/adventure and nature scenes. The gore effects aren't over the top realistic, but certainly look reasonable for a movie of its time. There are scenes of animal cruelty, but thankfully unlike the most other notorious cannibal films, there isn't that many, in fact only one where the natives are involved in killing of a crocodile. The other scenes are nature scenes involving a snake and a bat, and a few other animals killing each other in it. It's really kept to a minimal though, and Last Cannibal World focuses more on the adventure side of the duo Robert and Ralf with the aid of Pulan trying to find their way out alive. There isn't too many scenes from the middle to the end of the film where you won't see Me Me Lai's (Pulan) breasts & butt, but hey, that can't be a bad thing right? Joking.. or am I. Nevermind. Anyway, Last Cannibal World was certainly a lot more fun to watch than most other cannibal movies I've laid my eyes on. At some points, I admit the movie can feel a little over stretched and long, but it pulls up for this in other parts. For the most part, the acting is very solid from all three of the main protagonists in the movie. Combined with the whole adventurous tone of the movie, the reasonable amount of gory cannibal violence, and lots of female nudity, cannibal fans shouldn't be disappointed by Last Cannibal World. If you don't already know, this movie was directed by Ruggero Deodato long before his masterpiece. Yes, director of Cannibal Holocaust. I believe this movie actually started the whole fad of cannibal movies in 1977 right through until the early 80's when they died down again. It's definitely one to check out.

I believe there is a few uncut DVD versions out there, and some cut versions. The two uncut versions are from Shriek show Collection in the USA titled Jungle Holocaust, and a DVD in Europe from Shock DVD. I think that release is a dutch release, and although the back of the cover is in dutch, it's a pretty nice release which I have. The cut release is from Hardgore in the UK, and basically has the scene of the crocodile being killed edited out, and Robert raping the native girl cut out. So I'd go for either the US or Dutch release.

Whilst Last Cannibal World doesn't live up to the director's Cannibal Holocaust, it most certainly is a must have for any fan of the genre. I've given it an 8, it's fun and lots of adventure - I hope you enjoy it!
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