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Mad Scientists Use Alien Kids
bkoganbing3 June 2006
This is a fine sequel to one of Walt Disney's better family projects Escape from Witch Mountain. The adult stars are Bette Davis and Christopher Lee as an old dowager financing a mad scientist in some nefarious experiments.

These two happen on the alien kids from Witch Mountain, Kim Richards and Ike Eisenman, when the kids are on holiday to Earth once again. They kidnap Ike after seeing an example of his powers of levitation and seek to use him and fit him with a mind control device that Lee's been perfecting.

Lee's dreaming some big dreams and Davis has some more mundane schemes like a trip to some gambling house or racetrack. Both of them looking like they are having one grand old time hamming it up for the cameras.

Of course the film wouldn't work at all if it were not for the winning personalities of Richards and Eisenman. Both come across as real kids, not sure of the extent of their own powers rather than Hollywood juvenile actors.

The whole of the film is Richards pursuing and trying to rescue her brother and in the process she recruits a gang of juveniles escaping from a truant officer played by the ever deadpan funny Jack Soo. Eventually Soo joins forces with the kids and proves of some help.

Both Escape to Witch Mountain and this sequel are fine family entertainment, some of the best that Disney studio produced.
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The fine performances from Davis and Lee help save this film from being bland, instead it is one worth watching
TheLittleSongbird1 April 2010
When I heard that there was a sequel to the charming 1975 film, I was a little worried. But after seeing it, I enjoyed the film. The effects are outdated, the plot is nothing particularly special and the script has some weak spots. But it is definitely worth watching, as the film skips along nicely, is well directed and there are some humorous scenes with the juvenile group. Not to mention the lively car chase. But the acting is the best asset of this film. Jack Soo is hilarious in his supporting role and Kim Richards and Ike Eisenmann reprise their roles and very well might I add. Christopher Lee is a finely sinister lead villain, but it is the legendary Bette Davis's picture all the way, as the actress brings a touch of colour into a film that could have easily been bland, and with that colour it made the film worth watching. 7/10 Bethany Cox
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Well done follow up to the original
jaybabb9 October 2003
This is a very well done sequel to "Escape to which mountain" Tony and Tia(Ike Eisenmann & Kim Richards)are back! This time, they come back to LA(they come via space ship and land on the 50 yard line at the rose bowl!)for a vacation.

On their way to the motel, the cab they are riding in runs out of gas. When the cab driver leaves to go get gas, Tony and Tia have visions of a man falling from a tall building. Tony goes to help him. Enter Letha and Victor(Bette Davis & Christopher Lee)who are testing a mind control device that Sickle(Anthony James)is wearing. The test goes wrong when Letha grabs the remote control from victor and drops it on the ground.

When Victor and Letha see Tony's powers, they repay Tony for saving Sickle's life by kidnapping him. Meanwhile, when Tony hasn't returned to the cab-she goes looking for him. He is nowhere to be found. After a short while, a pre-teen group of kids(Whom they call themselves "The earthquake gang)are running away from another gang-Tia helps them escape from this gang. They then help Tia look for Tony.

I like the earthquake gang. These kids, despite how they dress are not really a violent gang-I think they have a tender side of them-they want to help people. Now I realize that this is not based in any real reality, it's only a movie-they are not to be taken seriously. I get a laugh out of them. Although, they try to act tough they don't scare anyone.

Victor and Letha are in their Lab testing this mind control device on Tony. After seeing the success of their tests, they both use Tony for their own evil ends. Letha wants money, she takes Tony to the museum in an attempt to steal 3 million dollars worth of gold which is on display. Things of course go wrong when they underestimate the weight of the gold bars. Victor on the other hand wants to rule the world and he uses Tony to take over a plutonium processing plant.

Tia then shows up-and a show down between Tia and Tony ensues-you will need to watch the film to see how it ends.

Although not the best sequel, it's better than most(Esp. by Disney). I recently got my DVD copies of both films. It's been remastered in THX, Dolby 5.1 surround sound. It sounds better than ever.
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Good cast and interesting teenage characters sacrificed for yahoo thrills...
moonspinner5517 August 2007
Disney's sequel to their not-bad 1975 hit "Escape To Witch Mountain" brings back Ike Eisenmann and Kim Richards as the teen-tykes from outer space, here battling wits and powers with villainous Bette Davis and Christopher Lee (and their chauffeur, Anthony James, who also played a chauffeur alongside Davis in "Burnt Offerings"!). Well-enough made, but the movie loses sight of what was so special about the first film (a kid's flick with the emphasis on character, not overtly outlandish special effects). Davis is alert and anxious, but she's practically smothered under the gaudy make-up and is left to chew the scenery without benefit of a strong script. Poor Christopher Lee has it even worse, blending into the foreground action while the kids steal all his scenes. The plotting gets too heavy in the final third, what with Los Angeles about to be decimated and delinquent children running amok, but the worst decision was to separate siblings Tony and Tia for much of the movie. Some good sequences, Jack Soo does nice work in a warm supporting bit, and a goat nearly saves the day (and gets a big "thank you" to boot!). ** from ****
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Nice for a sequel
gypsycaine13 June 2003
It's not perfect, and the wardrobe makes me shudder (Tia's poor clothing she never changes the entire movie!), but it's a nice Disney movie with some rather humorous parts. Eddie is particularly funny talking to the goat Alfred. Being a Tony and Tia fan, I thought this movie wonderful as a kid. As an adult, I see it as good "fodder" in the world of Spiderman, Hulk and the rest of the movies that have words that I have to remind my son not to repeat. Movie-makers seem to have forgotten the word "family".

The two siblings are deposited on the 50 yard line of the Rose Bowl 3 mos. before the next game, and escorted to the hotel by Eddie the Cabbie who drives more like a New York Cabbie. After Tony "visions" a man falling off a building (Davis' Letha's nephew, Sickle), he takes advantage of the cab's running out of gas to go help. As things do in the movies, the rescue wasn't as easy as he thought, and the good Doctor saw a golden opportunity to take control of molecular manipulation by enslaving Tony with his mind control device. Tia after feeling the prick of the hypodermic, goes to find him, and the chase is on with Tony vs. Tia the rest of the movie. The minivan is my favorite portion of the whole movie. *** out of 5 stars.
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EFWM commentary......
YouKnowMyName6818 September 2005
When this movie came out I really, really, enjoyed it and it was so much fun to see because I was about near the age of the actors (younger by 3 or 4 years) and to see them wielding powers that I found fascinating because I had read about telekinesis and telepathy and it was so wonderful to see this in a movie with kids and these powers on top of that at an age where what ifs was something I would engage in or daydream about. "What if I had these powers.....?" Really fun movie. I somewhat recognize the great American actress Betty Davis and I somewhat recognized the great British or English actor Christopher Lee and thought nothing whatsoever about whether this was beneath them or not. Why should I? I enjoyed their participation in the showing of this story. Now here comes "Die beste freudin" and his miserable seeming know it all comments ( I know this is an open forum). What I don't understand is why do you suggest having to view another work of said actor's repertoire when this was the work said actor or actress was involved in? I am critical of what I watch. But, the two movies, and this coming from a Disney in the mid-70s and post-star wars, were/are two films that somehow brought in those necessary elements: one it has to have participation of the viewer and 2 it has to be fun. I'm talking about Escape from witch mountain and the unexpected sequel, Returm from witch mountain. I enjoy these two very much and the young actors portrayal or performance or work: Ike Eisenmann and Kim Richards and the supporting actors and actresses. Why do yo find it unbecoming or beneath you, I don't know. But you are entitled to your comments and opinion and therefore I share mine to differ from yours or from others.....
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Two children extraterrestrial are chased by evil persons who want use their magic powers for his own aims
ma-cortes21 January 2012
Disney fantasy full of adventure , tension , intrigue and spectacular images . Engaging Walt Disney Sci-Fi/fantasy in which we meet Tony (Ike Eisenmann , in 2009 recent version played by Alexander Ludwig ) and Tia ( Kim Richards , subsequently performed by Anna Rob ) as they are arriving along with their uncle (Denver Pyle) in a flying saucer at a stadium called Rose Bowl . They have special telekinetic powers which make getting along with the rest of the kids difficult . After that , the clairvoyant kids with special powers meet a Cabman getting into a car across the streets . Some baddies discover their supernatural powers and effect they can have on humans while the children being pursued . As Tony is abducted by the evil Dr. Gannon (Christopher Lee), his spinster pal Letha (Bette Davis) and hoodlum (Anthony James) who want to use his powers for his own objectives . Gannon puts him an artifact into the neck that allows him to control Tony's brain . As Tony will brainwashed into helping them commit several crimes , hoping to put his special faculties to evil .

This mystery-fantasy is packed with amusing action , thrills, suspense and spectacular scenes with abundant but primitive effects. The two children with mysterious powers played by Kim Richards and Ike Eisenmann are enjoyable and phenomenal , as always , Christopher Lee as mean villain and likable Bette Davis as old nasty . The picture results to be the sequel to ¨Escape to Witch mountain (1978)¨ also by John Hough that holds a recent take on titled ¨ Race to witch mountain (2009)¨ with The Rock , Carla Gugino and Ciaran Hinds as government agent and as homage to former adaptation appears Kim Richards as Sara and Ike Isenmann as sheriff in a brief roles .

This funny picture is well directed by John Hough . He has an eclectic and long filmmaker career , beginning in television series ( Avengers, Protectors , The champions ) , making Hammer film (Twins of evil) , classic terror ( Legend of hell house ) , average horror movies ( Howling IV, American Gothic, Incubus ) , adventures ( Island of treasure, Black arrow ) until wholesome Disney family fare ( The watcher in the woods , Return and escape to witch mountain) . The flick will appeal to Disney film buffs and wholesome entertainment enthusiasts . A good children's film with acceptable special effects by that time though nowadays corny . The motion picture is professionally made though with no originality because being a simple remake , being an agreeable fun from Walt Disney productions .
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Silly Harmless Disney Fun!
Syl9 August 2009
Sir Christopher Lee as the mad scientist and Bette Davis as Cletha play the mad scientist and his business partner in a plot to take over the world and make money. Anthony James plays Sickle, Cletha's nephew and only living relative. One day, they go searching for a perfect location and end up with gold. Sickle has the mad doctor's commands in his ear and he hurts him if he doesn't do exactly what he wants like climbing to the roof of a building in a deserted Los Angeles area. He's about to fall but is saved by Tony, a boy with special abilities. Tony and his sister, Tia, were headed to return home but their cab ran out of gas. The cab driver goes to get gas. Tony sensing trouble tries to stop and saves Sickle's life. Unfortunately, Tony is tagged and taken away. They have other plans for him. It's not a bad film and the special effects are way outdated but the acting isn't bad and the cast does make it worth watching.
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Two children with special powers.
dk014f22452 October 2005
I saw this film when I was about 10 years old and loved it. Now 30 years on, it is still one of my favourite films. I have just bought both 'Escape to witch mountain & Return from witch mountain for my kids as they love it as well. They sure don't make good old movies like this now.These films are a must when they are shown on TV. There are no swear words or violence which makes them suitable for all the family whatever the ages. Good family fun. My mum took me to the pictures to see this film and I always wanted to have 'powers' like Tony & Tia. Mind you the child in me still does. Perhaps thats why I have a passion for anything supernatural now.
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sequel to"Escape to Witch Mountain" and a bit better movie
disdressed1217 February 2007
Warning: Spoilers
in this follow up to "Escape to Witch Mountain",Toni and Tia Malone(Ike Eisenmann,Kim Richards),leave the safe confines of their home on Witch Mountain,to visit New York.They are a few years older and their psychic abilities have grown.once again an evil madman finds out about their powers and will stop at nothing to gain control of them.there is bit of a twist in this movie,which i liked.there is more humour in this than the first movie and there is more action.there are also a few scenes of mild peril,compared to the 1st one.the stakes are a lot higher in this one,not just for Toni and Tia,but the world.Toni and Tia are less naive this time around,so they provide better resistance against the bad guy.i really enjoyed this film,a bit more so than the 1st.if you liked "Escape to Witch Mountain"you should not be disappointed with this film.a strong 8/10
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Worth Watching for Davis and Lee
Michael_Elliott19 January 2011
Return from Witch Mountain (1978)

** 1/2 (out of 4)

Aliens Tia (Kim Richards) and Tony (Ike Eisenmann) return to Earth for a vacation but soon Tony finds himself kidnapped by an evil scientist (Christopher Lee) and the woman (Bette Davis) who funds his experiments. The evil duo plan on using Tony's powers to take over the world so it's up to Tia to try and stop them. This sequel to Disney's ESCAPE FROM WITCH MOUNTAIN isn't nearly as good but fans will at least get some entertainment out of the supporting players. I think, for the most part, this is just a rehash of the original movie and the imagination level isn't nearly as high nor is the adventure as good. What we basically get are a lot of mildly amusing scenes where the kids are forced to use their power against one another and this does lead to a few good scenes. One of the highlights of the film happens when Tony is forced into a museum where Davis tries to get him to steal three-million in gold. This includes bringing the museum to life and this long sequence turns out to be the most memorable. The ending is also quite fun as Lee plans on blowing up the world and Tia must try to fight off Tony's powers. Unlike the first film, this one here actually contains some rather dark moments as the kids are constantly in danger and this gives the film a tone that isn't nearly as enjoyable. The special effects are just as impressive as the first one and they really get to shine during a car chase where certain objects magically move to try and ruin the chase. Both Richards and Eisenmann are very good in their parts and add a lot of charm even though their characters aren't written as well as previously. The main reason to check this out will be for fans of Lee and Davis who appear to be having a great time together. You can tell that both actors are enjoying these lesser roles that certainly didn't require them to do anything other than have fun. I found the two of them worked very well together and made for a great duo. Lee gets to be a good villain while Davis gets to show off some of her comic timing. In the end the film isn't nearly as good as the original but the cast and special effects make it worth while.
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"You can't be tough and educated, too."
utgard1429 December 2015
Sequel to Escape from Witch Mountain has the two kids from that film returning for a visit. It doesn't take long before they're once again in trouble with people interested in them for their powers (which are called 'energizing' in this one). Decent follow-up to a great film that unfortunately doesn't match up to the original. Returning from the first movie are stars Kim Richards and Ike Eisenmann, as well as Denver Pyle. Pyle's full-on Uncle Jesse at this point with his look. The movie sadly does not feature the return of Eddie Albert, Ray Milland, and Donald Pleasence. Albert is especially missed. His character was the emotional connection between the kids and this world so it would have made sense if they returned for a visit, it would be to see him. So it's disappointing he isn't in this or even mentioned. What we do get are screen legends Bette Davis and Christopher Lee, as well as a group of street yutes called the Earthquake Gang.

Richards and Eisenmann are fine but they're outshone by the vets in this one. Lee and Davis are both good, with Davis turning in a particularly fun performance. The movie's never dull when she's on screen. Director John Hough helmed both the first film and this one. He would later direct the Disney horror movie The Watcher in the Woods, which also starred Bette Davis and Kim Richards' younger sister Kyle. The special effects aren't terribly impressive but most of them aren't embarrassing, either. A lot of wire work and rear projection stuff. It's a kids movie, so go in expecting a certain degree of corniness. The first one was, too, but it had a little more maturity about it than this. All the kid gang stuff is a little silly but harmless and amusing. Like I said before, it's a decent sequel but not as good as Escape to Witch Mountain. There's more goofy comedy this time which might turn off some grown-ups. But it's worth a look if you're a fan of the first movie or a fan of Bette Davis and Christopher Lee. Also worth a look to see "Barney Miller" actor Jack Soo having fun in his last movie role before his death.
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Silly and surprisingly uninteresting
stills-61 October 1999
"Escape" was better for the way it dealt with serious issues like prejudice and family tragedy. Tia is taken in by a fun-loving street gang and Tony is taken in by a typical Disney-type group of villains including Bette Davis and Christopher Lee. As an adolescent, I fell in love with Kim Richards after watching this movie, but that may be its only redeeming quality.
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Lacks the mystery of Escape but still a fun ride
shearblack20 February 2004
As a kid I LOVED this movie. Tony v.s. Tia! Watched again as an adult , its still ok, but I noticed the kids acting is pretty bad. As young children in Escape To Witch Mountain they were very convincing, as pree-teens not so much.....alot of the first movies appealfor me was the mystery, where do these kids come from? How did they get these powers? I loved Tias flashbacks and the fact that both kids had similar but different powers (Tia could talk to animals, open locks, move objects without help, Tony could see future places and needed his harmonica to move objects) in this movie they are both basically telepaths and telekeneics, although more powerful. I did like the fact Tia was the hero of the picture and I loved the musuem chase scene............
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darkmale11 September 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Often spin off movies don't fallow up with the original or exceed it. But, this one does. The kids who made it home in the prior movie "Escape to Witch Mountain" travel to a city to stay in a hotel for recreation find themselves being found out by a mad scientist who has realized the ability to control the mind kidnap the older male sibling Tony. This time its up to Tia played by Kim Richards too find away to free him with a bit of help. The movie pits the abilities which are REVERSE of another against one another. The movie is shear popcorn, but its the point. The danger turns serous when the ability to upset the control of a Nuclear Power Plant comes into play.
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A Slight Improvement on the Original
richardchatten8 May 2018
This follow-up to 'Escape from Witch Mountain' cuts to the chase far sooner than the original, boasts some excellent location photography of Los Angeles, a groovy score by Lalo Schifrin - and it has Bette Davis and Christopher Lee! They play siblings who occupy a castle that looks as if it belongs in Transylvania rather than the centre of L.A. and while Davis makes no bones about just being into villainy for the money, Lee - dressed in the usual Disney Villain homburg and three-piece suit - has the usual desire to harness Tony & Tia's alien powers to become "The Most Powerful Man in the World".
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Very different from the first, but good in it's own way
jre-511 December 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Those who like "Escape to Witch Mountain" will be glad to know that "Return From Witch Mountain" is a direct sequel with the same two main characters, Tia and Tony. And thankfully they are played by the same people, Kim Richards and Ike Eisenmann. But don't expect to see Jason O'Day, or any of the other characters from the first movie, because unfortunately Tia and Tony are the only characters who return, with the exception of their Uncle Bene who is again seen just briefly, this time mostly at the beginning. All the other characters are new.

Anyone who has seen the first one will know that it was about two kids who have special powers which some wicked men want to use. But realistically there was really no way that they ever would've been able to, because after all how could normal people ever force people with powers to do what they want them to do? But this time, that's exactly what happens. This time a mad scientist type person named Victor Ganan has invented a device that controls peoples minds, making them so that they can't think, or do anything besides what he tells them. And it works on Tony too, who he manages to capture near the beginning. So for most of the movie, he and two others are using Tony's powers, while Tia and a group of street kids are trying to find and stop them. This makes it very different from the first movie, and gives it a totally different feeling.

It takes place a few years after the first one. Tia and Tony are now teenagers and more powerful than before.

Note that this section contains a few spoilers, but anyone who is sensitive to frightening scenes may want to beware of a few parts. Though the movie is rated G, but in my opinion some scenes are almost a little too intense for that, and even slightly graphic.

Near the beginning when Ganon captures Tony, the way that he does it is that he actually injects him with a needle from behind. It doesn't actually show him do it, but while Tony is speaking, suddenly he faints and falls to the ground. It's then that the needle is visible that Ganon just used on him. Tony is then carried away unconscious.

Later they set up a trap for Tia in which they have Tony call her telepathically and lead her to their laboratory. When she see's him and starts walking towards him, suddenly a guy grabs her from behind and covers her mouth with a cloth. She faints before she can stop him. She is then left nearly unconscious in a small gas box. She's OK though.

Another thing that is rather disturbing is the fact that Tony is seemingly against Tia for most of the movie. Though he doesn't do any of it on purposely, but it's still disturbing to have him doing bad things. Sometimes he even tries to kill her. Perhaps the most disturbing part of all is near the end when Ganon has Tony pretend to remember her, and then try to crush her. To me this was quite troubling the first few times I saw it.

I'm not saying that the movie is violent or inappropriate. I just find it to be a bit more intense than most movies like this.
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Pale sequel; stick to the original
sjbradford18 February 2008
"Escape to Witch Mountain" is not a perfect movie, but has a good plot, well-developed characters, and beautiful scenery. "Return from Witch Mountain", unfortunately, has none of those. In this contrived sequel, Tony and Tia are left to fend for themselves while on vacation in Los Angeles (all the better to save on the budget!), where they become mixed up with a mad scientist (Christopher Lee), his partner (Bette Davis), and various other Disney stock characters. What charms the original had are completely absent from this sequel, which seems to borrow every cliché from the scores of middling-to-bad Disney movies which littered the movie landscape in the 1970s.

Much of the dialog is cringe-worthy; you'll actually be embarrassed watching it. You're better off re-watching the original.
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Escape from Sequel Mountain
inspectors7128 February 2006
What was mildly entertaining in Escape to Witch Mountain turns into patently stupid and mind-numbingly ridiculous in its sequel, Return from Witch Mountain. The principle characters, two kids with an earnest lack of skill, named Ike Eisenmann and Kim Richards return to dazzle us with their ability to read lines and stand where directed, but the real excitement is how many wheezy Disney-fied clichés--cute critters, stereotypical cab drivers, harried cops, and megalomaniacal mad scientists--can feed into this dull, under-plotted kiddie flick.

Christopher Lee, the mad scientist and his compatriot, Bette Davis, are involved in some sort of mind-controlling, plutonium-stealing plot to make Lee famous and Davis rich. They kidnap one of the kids and the other kid uses telepathy to find the first kid and . . . why am I writing this? I don't care. Christopher Lee is still making movies and being cool. Davis is as dead as the careers of the two kids who are now, respectively, 44 and 42.

By the end of the movie, the good guys have won (ohmigosh, now there's a headline!), the baddies are suspended in on a scaffold (highly comical, eh?), and a truant officer, played by Jack Soo, gets to transport the heroic mini-gang of kiddies--who helped Eisenmann and Richards--back to school in his bright and shiny Ford Econoline van.

If none of this makes sense, don't worry your head about it.

Neither does the movie.
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A great film for the family
lottielamb622 August 2005
an excellent family movie i thought. brilliant for children up to the age of ten or even older like me i am 17 and i must say i still love this film as much as i ever did x 2 teenagers with special powers who are somehow turned against each other is a good story line and i love the way a 'mean' gang help get them back together and Alfred the goat is a great character. This film portrays 2 incredible children who are endangered when 1 of them goes to save someone's life who helps to capture him for their own purposes. It is up to the captured boy's sister and her new friends to save him. The sister receives help from Alfred the goat too.
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ZackRearick10 March 2002
WHOOOOO!!!!!!This is my favorite movie of all time.Honestly,I don't know why,but it is.So there.I would like to add that this movie is better than any other movie.Ever.Even "Pocahontas 2".It's that good.No really.It is.Seriously.This movie is the cinematic equivalent of eating a bucket of chocolate,doing heroin,winning an Olympic gold medal,and having sex with say...Molly Holly.
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Stupid but palatable.
gridoon30 September 2003
This corny sequel to "Escape To Witch Mountain" is full of stupid and convenient plot devices (smart goat!), the performances by the kids are awkward, Bette Davis and an obviously slumming Christopher Lee are here only to lure some adults into thinking the movie might have some interest for them too (it doesn't) and the special effects run hot and cold (some good, some embarrassments). Despite all that, the film does have a few good ideas, such as pitting the two "magical" kids against each other for much of the duration. Of course, they are both so obnoxious that I was secretly hoping they would go ahead and kill each other off, but no such luck; this is Disney, after all. (**1/2)
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not quite the material for a screen legend
Die beste Freundin17 August 2000
SF-kidsmovie with cartoonish quality, lots of action and some painfully dated special effects. Pretty entertaining, but not quite the material for a screen legend. To see Bette Davis in other post-Baby Jane roles, more worthy of her talent, watch ´Death on the Nile´ (1978) and ´Whales of August´ (1988).
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An enjoyable sequel to the excellent original
Woodyanders6 April 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Psychic alien siblings Tia (a charming performance by the adorable Kim Richards) and Tony (a solid turn by Ike Eisenmann) go to Los Angeles to check out human life in the big city. Trouble occurs when Tony gets abducted by evil, arrogant scientist Victor (the always fine Christopher Lee in smoothly sinister form) and his greedy accomplice Letha (a perfectly wicked portrayal by Bette Davis). It's up to Tia and an amiable gang of scruffy delinquent kids to rescue Tony from this dastardly duo. Director John Hough, working from an eventful script by Malcolm Marmorstein, relates the absorbing plot at a constant brisk pace, maintains a pleasingly lighthearted tone throughout, makes nice use of the gritty LA locations, and stages the thrilling action scenes with considerable flair (a lively and lengthy car chase rates as the definite exciting highlight). Richards and Eisenmann are both excellent in their roles; they receive sound support from Lee, Davis, Jack Soo as jolly truant officer Mr. Yokomoto, the ever-creepy Anthony James as cowardly flunky Sickle, Denver Dyle as the gregarious Uncle Bene, and Richard Bakalyan as gabby, irritable cab driver Eddie. AIP biker flick regular Adam Roarke has an uncredited bit part as a museum security guard. The street gang members are a genuinely likable bunch of harmless minor league miscreants. The special effects are pretty nifty. Lalo Schifrin's funky 70's TV cop show-style score totally hits the groovy spot. Frank V. Phillips' polished cinematography is likewise up to par. A fun family feature.
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AppleAsylum22 November 2002
The two magical kids Tony & Tia return for another adventure in Disneyland! Tony finds himself powerless & abducted... so sis(Tia) comes to the rescue! Fun, cute, family movie. Bringing it only like Disney can. Don't see one without seeing the other... personally, I liked the 2nd one better... due to Tia (played by Richards) being the star and the hero! (8) If you like these: Watch Bedknobs and Broomsticks
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