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  • Return from Witch Mountain is a sequel to Escape to Witch Mountain (1975) (1975), which was based on Escape from Witch Mountain (1968), a young adult novel written by American science fiction writer Alexander Key. The screenplay for Return from Witch Mountain was written by British screenwriter Malcolm Marmorstein and was followed by a made-for-TV sequel, Beyond Witch Mountain (1982), in 1982. Another installment in the saga, Race to Witch Mountain (2009), is planned for release in 2009. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • While it is informative to know how Tia (Kim Richards) and Tony (Ike Eisenmann) came to earth from a dying planet, got separated from their people when their ship capsized, and only found them again after six years when they made it to Witch Mountain (where their people have established a colony), it is not imperative to have knowledge of the events in Escape to Witch Mountain in order to understand the events in Return from Witch Mountain. The opening scenes, where Tia, Tony, and Uncle Bené (Denver Pyle) arrive at the Rose Bowl in their flying saucer, make it obvious that they are aliens and that they have certain paranormal abilities. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • No specific time is given. However, Uncle Bené does say that Tia and Tony have been working hard at building their community on Witch Mountain and that it's time for them to take a little vacation to see museums and learn about how the human world works. It's easy to see by looking at Tia and Tony that they have grown up from the ages of nine and eleven as presented in the first movie. Since the two movies were filmed three years apart, it's fairly safe to assume that Tia and Tony have aged equivalently and are now about 12 and 14 years old respectively. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • That was a Citroën DS. Made in France. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Tia and the hookey-playing Earthquake boys break into the plutonium plant in an attempt to free Tony from being mind-controlled by the power-hungry professor Victor (Christopher Lee) and his money-hungry patron Letha (Bette Davis) and to stop them from blowing up the plant. As the boys search for the controls to the cooling system, Tia meets up with Tony, and the two of them become locked in a battle against each other, Tony using his powers to stop Tia, and Tia using her powers to counter his attempts to kill her and to sabotage the cooling system. Tia finally gets the idea of destroying the little mind-control box by which Victor sends messages to the radio receiver implanted behind Tony's ear. With the box destroyed, Tony regains his senses and joins Tia in lifting Victor, Letha, and Letha's nephew Sickle (Anthony James) to a platform suspended from the ceiling of the plant where they can do no more harm. In the final scenes, the Earthquake boys say goodbye to Tia and Tony when Uncle Bené comes to pick them up in the flying saucer. The boys join Mr "Yoyo" Yokomoto (Jack Soo) in his Board of Education van, which has been repaired by Tia and Tony, and promise that they will return to school. Edit (Coming Soon)


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