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So, THIS is my favourite Bud Spencer movie
dolphlundgren27 December 2003
I used to watched about 100 times this film, and I'll never forget the Firpo brothers, Nynfus and his band (especially Bugsy), the blonde girl and Parapolis with his broken nose. Great characters, memorable quotes, good music, and the funniest Bud Spencer & Terence Hill film of all time. If you like these Italian movies, don't miss it. This film was my favourite film when I was young. If you had already seen this movie, come on, watch it again nostalgically.
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A classic to me!
Hvalross30 October 2006
"Odds & Evens" stands out as one of my favorite Spencer/Hill movies. Even though the storyline might be a bit weak and the movie is notably low-budget, it's still entertaining to the maximal. Excellent acting from Spencer and Hill, performing in their usual unique style that they always do in their movies, and of course; the classic fight scenes (never get's old!). Classic Spencer/Hill stuff! It might drag on for a bit long though, but in overall, this movie is excellent! Recommended to both new and old fans! This was one of the first movies I saw with them and it still remains as one of my favorites! I'll rate it 4.5/5. Great show!
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Fun and entertainment but only for Terence Hill and Bud Spencer fans
ma-cortes2 November 2010
It's an amusing film with Hill and Spencer posing as card gamblers in the sunny Miami and full of abundant kicks, punches, leaps and bounds . The pic deals with ours intimate friends , Terence Hill and Bud Spencer and they both find out that are half brothers taking on numerous adventures . It starts with Hill as expert player at a Rugby championship between the Navy and Army , and after that in a motorboat competition . This time both of whom fight against a crooked band , as Terence Hill is a navy Leiutenant named Johnny Firpo who is assigned by his superior to stop a gang of swindlers. He needs the help of an ex-gambler named Charlie who now is a trucker transporting dolphins . Spencer won't help Terence Hill , Hill robs Charlies truck and he then agrees to help him and both of them join forces . Hill convinces Spencer that their daddy is blind and urges to raise a lot of money for his cure . So Charlie turns a card player again just to obtain the money. Later on, the pair become involved in several adventures, and rare situations full of risks , dangers and fun.

The big time duo from Spahetti Western wrapped in humor as ¨They call me Trinity ¨ and its following as ¨Trinity is still my name¨ and ¨Trouble makers¨ were run out and then they're transfered to Police and action genre . As they played the Miami series which are set in Florida , such as ¨Miami Supercops¨, ¨Crime Busters¨, and ¨Superfuzz¨ . As the picture shows typical images from Miami as the usual Florida swamps with the ordinary motorboats , the Acuarium with Orcas , and various habitual sports as , the Pelotari play , old race cars , paddock with rider races , among others . At Europe these movies are shown on TV very frequently and are part of growing up on children and adolescents , however in USA are quite unknown . They're plenty of humor and based on diverse personality and physical differences among them . This one packs silly comedy , tongue in cheek, slapstick and the habitual struggles neither blood , nor violence, besides including some pursuits . Average cinematography and lousy musical score composed by synthesizer is made by the usuals Guido and Mauricio De Angelis . The motion picture is regularly directed by Sergio Corbucci who was an expert on Spaghetti Western, such as he proved in ¨Django¨,¨The Mercenarios¨,¨Compañeros¨,¨Minessota Clay¨,¨Ringo and the golden gun¨,¨Hellbenders¨, among them. Furthermore he realized Hill and Spencer vehicles as ¨Who finds a friend has a treasure¨ with Salvatore Borghese who also plays in ¨Gambling for high stakes¨ as a mobster , and ¨Superfuzz¨ . The film is absolutely hilarious for Hill and Spencer enthusiasts and ranks among their less famous but most representative ones ; a must see for all their fans. Rating : Mediocre but entertaining
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FUNNY MOVIE!, but not one of Terence and Buds best!
Mark-37114 January 2000
This movie is about a navy Leiutenant named Johnny Firpo (Terence Hill) who is ordered to work with the Miami Police force to help stop a gang of crooked card sharks. He needs the help of a pro gambler-now retired named Charlie Firpo.(Bud Spencer)Charlie won't help Johnny, so Johnny steals Charlies transfer truck and he then agrees to help him.They both find out that they are half brothers. Johnny convinces Charlie that thier father is "Blind" and need to raise $ 100,000 for an eye operation. So Charlie becomes a gambler again just to raise the money.

I laughed alot at this movie! Especially when it showed Bud Spencer dressed up as a baby! I nearly died when I saw that!

It was good but not one of Terence and Bud's best comedies! I suggest you one of these: Crimebusters, All the way boys, Watch out, Were mad! or their most famous film "They Call me Trinity".
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Some funny scenes, but painfully labored storytelling
gridoon3 March 2005
"Odds And Evens" is not one of the best films of the Bud Spencer-Terence Hill team. There are some funny scenes (Terence pretending to be an amateur at playing cards, Bud explaining what happens to him when somebody wakes him up abruptly, Bud's encounter with a drunk truck driver), and the final showdown takes place on a boat that hosts a small casino - needless to say, the boys make full use of its props. But the storytelling is labored, tiresome and naive; the 111-minute running time is way too much for a movie of this type. If more gags were as witty as the last one, we'd be onto something here. (**)
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Best ever, do not miss
nbenyo27 December 2017
I have watched this movie since the age of 8 uncountable times and it is today the constant element of our New Years' party. To underline the epicness of the movie: every scene is postable to Facebook and very single sentence should be written onto a T-Shirt and sold on the street. Only one mystery is left for me: The Hungarian dubbing is spectacular - but English? :D Keep watching it in Hungarian!
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Gambling-themed Hill and Spencer comedy
Leofwine_draca10 February 2017
Warning: Spoilers
ODDS AND EVENS is another typical outing for the Terence Hill and Bud Spencer team, here meeting up with their most famous director, Sergio Corbucci, for another light and breezy comedy filmed in Florida. Ostensibly the story is based around gambling this time around, but it does feel quite padded and lacks the spark that the cop and cowboy films starring the actors had.

The film features plenty of scenes involving the different things that can be gambled on. Hill gets to take part in various sports while later on the usual run of card games is played out. These are quite superficially done and just seem to be an excuse to get the guys involved in lots of the fun, brawling action scenes that they did so well. Corbucci is a master at choreographing these and they're constantly funny even if the rest of the material is quite average. Hill and Spencer display their usual likable charm and the familiar faces of Sal Borgese, Luciano Catenacci, and others appear too.
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R.I.P Bud Spencer
adonis98-743-1865035 July 2016
Warning: Spoilers
So far this is my first Bud Spencer movie that i have seen and i'm so happy that the movie got some good reviews it's not only an amazing movie but it's a great comedy also. The dubbing was kinda off for me but it was still an amazing movie i have never seen so many slaps in a movie in my whole life. The film is about a navy's detective who gets his brother, an ex-gambler to help him liquidate an illegal gaming house on a yacht near Miami. The Final fight as you might call it was my favorite when they started slapping and punching all those people i died in laughs especially with the double punch on the 'Greek' if you never seen a Bud Spencer movie and you want to start with a great one start with this one it's hilarious and amazing!!!
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