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I thoroughly enjoyed this movie years ago...
djess12875 January 2004
I saw this movie starring Angie Dickinson and Cliff Robertson only twice. It is worth issuing back on video, or dvd. My opinion is that it is more to the point of the topic of "Overboard". There is a "realness" out on the sea, and I of course am an Angie fan. Anyone who liked this movie, would definitely like "Adrift" with Kate Jackson and Kenneth Welsh...chilling, and suspenseful, and also on the Pacific. I have been searching for this "Overboard" for years..an exhaustive search. Please help.
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Eerie and compelling
Paul English12 November 2003
"Overboard" was broadcast on daytime TV today. It's a fascinating character study of two flawed individuals who are constantly seeking answers and fulfillment in their lives.

Beautifully photographed and tragic in its execution this is one TV movie that has been shamefully overlooked. One of Angie Dickinson's best ever performances - on a par with her turn in "A Sensitive, Passionate Man" - also broadcast on Irish TV last year.

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Please help me view this movie!!!
moriahhesed28 August 2006
I heard about this movie and have been hunting for it for several years. I see it listed on IMDb but have been unable to obtain it. I saw it once on ebay listed by an Australian but was outbid. I would so love to see this movie. We heard about it from a sailing club that was talking about the bad luck of "renaming" a sailboat. It sounds like a great sailing movie not to mention about the difficulties the couple seems to be going through. The renaming thing is just a superstition thing the club had been talking about, but I guess that is part of the mystery in the movie about the boat??? Please, if anyone knows how to buy or rent one, please let me know.
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"Overboard" is a gem. Unforgettable!
easthaven7730 November 2000
"Overboard" is a gem of a movie. It stands far above the vast wasteland of made for TV movies. What makes it so memorable for me, even after 20 years, is that it breaks all of the usual formulas and rules, shedding the obvious action-adventure treatment for something truly different and in my opinion far better, and deeper.

Filmed on location in the South Pacific with excellent photography and production values, director John Newland weaves the tale and the able cast into a rich fabric that will keep you thinking for a long time to come. Though the characters are well developed, they are intentionally ambiguous, inviting personal interpretation.

The director and cast peel back the layers of a troubled couple's relationship: the human emotions; the failings; the ambitions; and the hidden agendas, and strike a very dark, ominous tone. It's moody, broody and nostalgic, but strangely satisfying. It grabs you and pulls you in. Like it or not, you are dragged along as if by a powerful force of nature. You think you know where the sailboat is headed, and perhaps the characters as well. But you don't!

How well do we really know each other? And ourselves?
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Haunting and chilling suspense/romance/adventure film aboard a sailboat in the Pacific.
negevoli-449 June 2000
I saw this 1978 "made-for-TV" film the first time it was aired, and once or twice since then (though not recently) and have never been able to forget it. It is one of the most haunting, beautiful, and chilling movies I have ever seen. Stunningly filmed in the Pacific and Tahiti, it is believably acted, and the story is original(though its theme is universal). This was made WAY before "Dead Calm," another favorite of mine, but in "Overboard" fate is the villain. The story involves an attractive, affluent married couple (Dickinson and Robertson in their primes) who -- at sailing fanatic Robertson's suggestion -- decide to sail their gorgeous yacht together to Tahiti (along with their cat) to recharge their relationship and add some spice and excitement to their somewhat dull upper-middle-class lives. Their adventure accomplishes both of these goals as it progresses from the ordinary and banal to its unexpected and chilling conclusion. It is especially fulfilling because it was made before American movies became dominated by crass taste, coarse language, and adolescent mindsets.
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He's unhappy, she's frustrated...but soon, there's real trouble
moonspinner5513 July 2017
Newport Beach lawyer, anxious to leave the rat race and chase his lifelong dream of sailing to the South Seas, is encouraged by his wife to purchase a yacht and "be free"; unfortunately, while steering in shifts, she falls overboard some 100 miles northwest of Tahiti (blame it on that pesky cat!). Hank Searls' adapted his novel for television, framing the majority of his story--the couple's rocky marriage--in that old TV device, The Flashback. However, since nothing but internal misery has dogged this bickering couple in the past, and the present offers us little more than Angie Dickinson treading water in a life-jacket, there's nothing to look forward to but their reunion. As an actress, Dickinson must have been attracted to the possibility of fireworks between the spouses--but with monotone Cliff Robertson playing opposite her, the chances for anything dramatically exciting are slim.
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Swept Away
kapelusznik182 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
***SPOILERS***in trying to get away from the high pressure rat race of modern city life malpractice lawyer Mitch Garrison,Cliff Robertson, and his ultra sexy wife-Watha tomato!-Lindy, Angie Dickinson,decide to get away from it all buying a luxury yacht from old sea salt skipper Dugan, Andrew Duggan, and planning to take a trip across the vast Pacific Ocean. Just south of Tahiti Lindy in trying to get the couple's pat cat "Spotty"-who does survive- inside the yacht is swept off the boat and into the Pacific Ocean with her husband Mitch who's dead drunk and fast asleep below deck. The fact that Lindy had a life persevere on that kept her from drowning was one thing but if she's not rescued in time she'll either end up dead from exposure or dehydration or inside a tiger or great white shark's stomach.

By the time a sobered up and awake Mitch realizes that Lindy is missing it's almost too late for her with Lindy drifting out to sea and in shark infested waters. It's then that the movie takes a U-turn with a number of flash backs of Mitch and Lindy's, who's mostly dressed in sexy and low cut clothes, stormy relationships in what to do with their futures. It was Lindy's attraction to the cute 30 year old beach boy and part scuba diver Jean-Paul,Lewis Van Bergen, back in Tahiti that got Mitch suspicious that they were having an affair behind his back. The fact that Mitch paid more attention to his yacht than to Lindy never entered his mind in how she felt about him.

****SPOILERS****The movie ended with Mitch finally spotting his wife Lindy flouting in the water barley alive with him throwing her a life line and trying to tug her back into his yacht before she finally goes under. By then Mitch realized that it was his selfish actions that caused her to drift away, on land as well as sea, from him.****MAJOR SPOILER****In the final minutes the film ends somewhat abruptly without us knowing if Lindy as well as Mitch actually survived their ordeal!P.S It was really the drop dead gorgeous and sexy Angie Dickinson who despite being in her mid 40's that was the hottest person in the movie making the some dozen 20 or so year old native hula dancers in it look pale as well as flat in comparison.
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A married couple take their boat to exotic location. They have a somewhat interpersonal relationship crisis, but come back to each other in a very unexpected way.
places413 October 2012
Boopsie has hit my feelings and thoughts about this movie right on the nose. I saw this movie many many years ago and was stunned at the ending. It started as a fairly interesting story-line and I was enjoying that. Angie Dickenson and Cliff Robertson were a good match for these characters. Yes, Boopsie,..haunting, chilling, beautiful.... I was stunned at the ending. To this day..I think about this movie, often, which is odd. I see the tvguides for overboard with Goldie Hawn and WISH that once, (maybe twice or as much) that instead of the overboard with Goldie Hawn coming on every week, this overboard would show up.....i wish i wish. If you can see this movie anywhere, do so.
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Overboard: I have it (or most of it)!
fillmoreavebklynny390519 December 2010
Warning: Spoilers
A well-acted and directed story with wonderfully subtle dialog. Not often rebroadcast probably because the two main characters are both at an age outside the demographic. Of course Angie Dickinson looks awesome in a bikini. She plays the insecure and repressed wife of a highly successful lawyer (Cliff Robertson). After he decides to chuck it all and sail the world with her on a sail boat, they both emerge from their shells. But, while he can only focus on his new acquisition (the boat) she begins to explore her boundaries with the help of a young man at the port of Tahiti. Spoiler!! One huge error: through most of the film Ms. Dickinson is strapped in a life-jacket. But at the end the jacket disappears! I videotaped all but the very beginning of this film in 1992. While still watchable the overall quality has suffered. I was going to tape over it but will hold off for a little while.
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Excellent movie. Have been looking for it for years.
loierae29 April 2009
The scenery alone is enough to make you want to see it again and again. Add to that the acting of both Dickenson and Robertson and you have the perfect movie. As for having a "duplicate" title, I feel that that was a shame. The "other" "Overboard" with Goldie Hawn and Curt Russell, while a cute comedy that takes place on the ocean, has nothing in common with this older or original "Overboard," which is certainly far from being comical. Both my husband and I remember the final scene (we think) to a tee; but we are not in agreement on the rest of the movie. We've been arguing about this all these years and would love to be able to end our dispute by seeing the movie again.
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help! ending help needed
barbakp21 February 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I saw this film several years ago..fell asleep and I missed the ending of the movie .... what happened after she fell??????!!!! Pleeeeese! someone out there has to tell me! I have waited years to find out and never saw this film on TV again! I enjoyed the movie so much..the story line was great and the scenes of the boat were just enough to get me out to whale watch and try my hand at sailing! The Overboard with Kurt Russell is on all the time, but this picture never gets replayed! Please put my years of wondering to an end and someone please tell me what happens to her! Also how do you find copies or contact the networks to get this replayed on TV..Great film
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Powerful movie, faithful to powerful book
vada_rudolph22 March 2008
I am among the many who would like to have a copy of this movie. Imagine seeing a made- for-TV movie just once, and never being able to forget it. I had read the book beforehand and found it to be an excellent novel (which led me to read more of Searles' books). What a thrill it was to see the movie so beautifully express this excellent novel. It's a real drama, the characters are real human beings, and it's a very moving story, without car chases and explosions, so unlike most of today's movies. I suppose for that reason, it will never be released on DVD. But I keep hoping.

Cliff Robertson is a great actor, and it's a miserable shame that he should have been "black- balled" by Hollywood. If you like him, you might enjoy the wonderfully melodramatic "Obsession."

This may have been Angie Dickinson's best performance, although she was also terrific in in "Dressed to Kill."

Both Obsession and Dressed to Kill are Brian DePalma films which have a particular flavor all their own. I recommend them.
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An Excellent Find
secfreedom26 January 2008
Last year some friends and I were able to "save" and gain ownership of an original seawitch sailboat built in 1961 at American Marine. She is a beautiful boat but was severely stripped by her previous owner, but fortunately we think all the "pieces" are there. I was lucky to find the VHS version of OVERBOARD and bought it off eBay a few weeks ago. It is an amazing classic film and there were so many beautiful shots of the sailboat in it that makes us daydream about how she will look again one day. What a great movie and a great find since I hear/read it's a hard to get a hold of. I recommend watching this movie if you ever get a chance.
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Overboard - 1978
rhesson8 January 2008
I saw the movie once (when originally aired). Been wanting to see it again but have never seen it re-broadcast. Have been looking in the TV guide for at least 25 yrs. ! The Kurt Russel version is on constantly! It's a different movie, as you all know. Cliff R. and Angie D. were both great, and this movie is deep in character and development. My wife, somehow, found a copy on DVDr and got it for me for Christmas! Holy Macrell!! It plays on my regular DVD player and I watched it last night (first time since 1978). It IS as good (or better) than I remembered. Much deeper than most TV made stuff, and no computer special effects like are so popular today. It's refreshing. Hollywood should go back and play it again - and pay friggin attention on how to do a movie! Beautiful boat and filmed on site. Nice!
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Beautiful boat....Angie's pretty gorgeous too!
greg-89427 July 2006
OK ....I'll apologize first. I'm just trying to get a copy of this movie. If that's not possible, a schedule,list, time frame ,or anything else that will help as to when or where I might be able to see this movie. I did see a portion of it on TV back in 1978, but have since fallen in love with the make and model of the sailboat in the movie.... A Hugh "Angelman" gaff rigged "Sea Witch" ketch. This specific boats name is "Sea Forthe" .It's currently located in Dana Point California. It's a Wooden hull Sailboat, built sometime in the 60's, and is by far the most incredibly beautiful "Angelman - Sea Witch" I have ever come across. Even if you're not a sailor ,or even into boats for that matter, you would appreciate the boat, as it is not merely a boat but a piece of art that evokes a romantic desire to break free from all the pomp and pretense that is Los Angeles California or anywhere else similarly dysfunctional. I also wouldn't mind checking out Angie Dickenson in her prime again. Cliff Robertson's (Moon Doggie)a pretty damn good actor as well..."Flowers for Algernon"..anyone.. SO who did Cliff p@%s off anyway? Wasn't he black listed in the industry. Kudos Cliff!
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just read the novel
rrsafeharbor16 July 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I saw the TV movie years ago, but just read the book. I really don't remember how the movie ended but the book ending is very sad. In the book, the man searches tirelessly for his "overboard" wife. Through a series of flashbacks, you see the progression of events that lead up to the point where the book starts. I thought it was really well written and the suspense and revelations of having the circumstances of the disintegrating marriage are so well done. However, I would really like to know how the movie ends. I have always liked Cliff Robertson and Angie Dickenson. Can this movie be purchased on HVS or DVD? DidHollywood slap a happy ending on it?
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triple828 August 2003
Warning: Spoilers
I saw this unforgettable movie more then 20 years ago and have never forgotton it.The movie, whos etitle I had forgotton until I found it on imdb is simply transfixing, it's to the movie's credit that with all the movies I've seen since this has been such an unforgettable one.

The movie's phtography is absolutely beautiful(the boat and ocean scenes). The relationship between the couple is both tragic and fascinating to watch. If anyone comes upon this review SEE THIS MOVIE but be warned there are some:


Not many spoilers since I saw the thing so long ago, I can't remember it scene by scene(except of corase for the FINAL scene!!) and will have to see it again. But I will say this: It reminded me just a tad of "war of the roses"(not alot but there was similiarities) but this movie was everything war of the roses could not possibly be.I have to watch it again and then maybe I'll post another review but anyone who likes tragic movies with beautiful photography and fascinating character development will probebly enjoy this.Unforgettable!
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