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The BBFC passed a cut version of this film as an 18 certificate in November 2001 after removing 7 minutes from the 3 rape scenes. An alternate version - re-framed by the distributors and featuring the rape scenes though in a more obscure and off-screen way - was submitted in 2003, though the BBFC cut 41 seconds from the 2nd 'rock' rape because much of the errant thrusting was still visible. The uncut version was resubmitted for DVD in 2010 and, although some previous cuts were waived, 2 mins 54 secs of cuts were again made to the rape scenes.
The USA DVD by 'Elite Entertainment' is an uncut, letterboxed edition, although the DVD cover says 'R Rated'.
The complete and uncut version of this film was originally rated 'R' in Australia in July, 1982. It was released on the Palace Explosive Video label in 1984. A conservative classification board banned it in March, 1998. However, copies of the video are still easily available from many video stores across the country. Moreover, it was re-released on video in early 1998, just prior to its ban. This uncut re-release just added to the futility of banning the film, since hundreds of copies are still in existence around Australia.
The 'R' rated US version is HEAVILY cut.
The Anchor Bay release is the complete 100-minute uncut version.
The six year ban on this film in Australia ended June 2004. Force Video managed to get this film passed uncut (again) for a special edition DVD release. It was rated R by the Australian classification board - the OFLC - with the ratings' advice "strong sexual violence".
The Australian Special Edition DVD release is almost exactly the same as the US Region 1 "Millenium Edition" DVD. However, it also contains additional linear notes, with Australian and New Zealand reviews and articles.

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