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Donald Pleasence: Loomis



  • Loomis : I met him, 15 years ago; I was told there was nothing left; no reason, no conscience, no understanding in even the most rudimentary sense of life or death, of good or evil, right or wrong. I met this... six-year-old child with this blank, pale, emotionless face, and... the blackest eyes - the Devil's eyes. I spent eight years trying to reach him, and then another seven trying to keep him locked up, because I realized that what was living behind that boy's eyes was purely and simply... evil.

  • Loomis : [to Brackett]  Death has come to your little town, Sheriff.

  • Brackett : I have a feeling that you're way off on this.

    Loomis : You have the wrong feeling.

    Brackett : You're not doing very much to prove me wrong!

    Loomis : What more do you need?

    Brackett : Well, it's going to take a lot more than fancy talk to keep me up all night crawling around these bushes.

    Loomis : I-I-I watched him for fifteen years, sitting in a room, staring at a wall; not seeing the wall, looking past the wall; looking at this night, inhumanly patient, waiting for some secret, silent alarm to trigger him off. Death has come to your little town, Sheriff. Now, you can either ignore it, or you can help me to stop it.

    Brackett : More fancy talk.

  • Laurie : It was the Boogeyman.

    Loomis : As a matter of fact it was.

  • Loomis : You've fooled them, haven't you, Michael? But not me.

  • Marion : Don't you think it would be better if you referred to "it" as "him"?

    Loomis : If you say so.

    Marion : Your compassion's overwhelming, Doctor.

  • Dr. Wynn : Now, for God's sake, he can't even drive a car!

    Loomis : He was doing very well last night! Maybe someone around here gave him lessons!

  • Brackett : Every kid in Haddonfield thinks this place is haunted.

    Loomis : They may be right.

  • [referring to a partially eaten dog] 

    Brackett : A man wouldn't do that.

    Loomis : This isn't a man.

  • Loomis : [after Michael escapes from the mental institution]  He's gone! He's gone from here! The evil is gone!

  • Loomis : [pulling his gun after being startled by a crash]  You must think me a very sinister doctor... oh, I have a permit.

    Brackett : Seems to me you're just plain scared.

    Loomis : Yeah, yeah I am...

  • Marion : What do I give him when we take him in front of the judge?

    Loomis : Thorazine.

    Marion : He'll barely be able to sit up!

    Loomis : That's the idea.

  • Loomis : He came home!

  • Loomis : [into phone]  You've got to believe me, Officer, he is coming to Haddonfield... Because I know him! I'm his doctor! You must be ready for him... If you don't, it's your funeral.

  • [inside Myers' house] 

    Loomis : Hey... What is that?

    Brackett : A dog.

    [Loomis and Brackett walk next to dog] 

    Brackett : It's still warm.

    Loomis : He got hungry.

  • Graveyard Keeper : Yeah, you know every town has something like this happen... I remember over in Russellville, old Charlie Bowles, about fifteen years ago... One night, he finished dinner, and he excused himself from the table. He went out to the garage, and got himself a hacksaw. Then he went back into the house, kissed his wife and his two children goodbye, and then he proceeded to...

    Loomis : Where are we?

    Graveyard Keeper : Eh? Oh, it's, uh, right over here...

  • [as Lonnie is about to enter the Myers house] 

    Loomis : Hey! Hey, Lonnie, get your ass away from there!

    [Lonnie and his mates run. Loomis smiles to himself as a hand grabs his shoulder. He spins around, surprised, to find Brackett] 

    Loomis : Oh! Jesus!

    Brackett : Are you all right?

    Loomis : Yeah.

  • Marion : You're serious about this, aren't you?

    Loomis : Yes.

    Marion : I mean, you really never want him to get out?

    Loomis : No, never, ever... never.

  • Dr. Wynn : I'm not responsible, Sam.

    Loomis : Oh, no.

    Dr. Wynn : I told them how dangerous he was.

    Loomis : You couldn't have, two roadblocks and an all points bulletin wouldn't stop a five year old.

    Dr. Wynn : Well, he's your patient, if you knew that the precautions weren't strong enough, you should have told somebody.

    Loomis : I told everybody! Nobody listened.

    Dr. Wynn : There's nothing else I can do.

    Loomis : You can get back in there and get back on that telephone and tell them exactly who walked out of here last night and tell them exactly where he's going.

    Dr. Wynn : Where he's probably going.

    Loomis : I've wasted my time.

    Dr. Wynn : Sam, Haddonfield is 150 miles away from here. For God's sake, he can't even drive a car!

    Loomis : He was doing very well last night! Maybe someone around here gave him lessons.

  • Loomis : Stop here.

    Marion : Shouldn't we go on up to the hospital and...

    Loomis : Wait!

  • Loomis : Ever done anything like this before?

    Marion : Only minimum security.

    Loomis : I see.

    Marion : The only thing I can't stand is their gibberish... how they keep ranting on and on.

    Loomis : You haven't anything to worry about. He hasn't spoken a word in fifteen years.

  • Loomis : [from a television scene]  You've fooled them, haven't you Michael?

    Loomis : [slight pause, Michael just stares out the window]  But not me.

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