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Jamie Lee Curtis: Laurie



  • Laurie : It was the Boogeyman.

    Loomis : As a matter of fact it was.

  • Lindsey : I'm scared!

    Laurie : There's nothing to be scared of.

    Tommy : Are you sure?

    [Laurie nods] 

    Tommy : How?

    Laurie : I killed him...

    Tommy : But you can't kill the boogeyman!

  • Annie : [Michael Myers' car cruises by the girls walking home from school]  Hey, jerk! Speed kills!

    [the car screeches to a halt] 

    Annie : God, can't he take a joke?

    Laurie : You know, Annie, some day you're going to get us all in deep trouble.

    Lynda : Totally.

    Annie : I *hate* a guy with a car and no sense of humor.

  • Annie : Still spooked?

    Laurie : I wasn't spooked.

    Annie : Lies!

    Laurie : I wasn't! I saw someone standing in Mr. Riddle's back yard.

    Annie : Probably Mr. Riddle!

    Laurie : He was watching me.

    Annie : Mr. Riddle was watching you? Laurie, Mr. Riddle is eighty-seven!

    Laurie : He can still watch.

    Annie : That's probably all he can do!

  • Lynda : [concerning Annie]  The only reason she babysits is to have a place for...

    Laurie : [realizing she had forgot something]  Shit.

    Annie : I have a place for *that*!

    Laurie : I forgot my chemistry book.

    Lynda : So, who cares? I always forget my chemistry book and my math book, and my English book, and my, let's see, my French book, and... well, who needs books anyway? I don't need books. I always forget all my books. I mean, it doesn't really matter if you have your books or not... Hey, isn't that Devon Graham?

  • Laurie : Lynda, if this is a joke, I'll kill you!

  • [the Shape is lurking by a bush on the sidewalk] 

    Laurie : Annie, look!

    Annie : Look where? I don't see anything.

    Laurie : That guy who passed us in the car before, the one you yelled at!

    Annie : Subtle, isn't he?

    [marches over to the bush] 

    Annie : Hey, creep!


    Annie : Laurie, dear. He wants to talk to you. He wants to take you out tonight.

    Laurie : [seeing there's nobody there]  He was standing right there.

    Annie : Poor Laurie! Scared another one away. It's tragic, you *never* go out. You must have a small fortune stashed away from babysitting so much.

    Laurie : Guys think I'm too smart.

    Annie : I don't. I think you're wacko. Now you're seeing men behind bushes!

  • Laurie : [to herself, watching kids trick-or-treating]  Well, kiddo, I thought you outgrew superstition.

  • Tommy : It's the boogeyman! The boogeyman's outside!

    Laurie : Oh, Tommy, stop it! You're scaring Lindsey. There's nobody out there. Now, if you don't stop this I'm going to have to turn the TV off and send you to bed.

    Tommy : Nobody believes me!

    Lindsey : I believe you, Tommy.

  • Lynda : So Annie, are we still on for tonight?

    Annie : I wouldn't want to get you in deep trouble, Lynda!

    Lynda : Oh, come on, Annie! Bob and I have been planning it for weeks.

    Annie : All right, the Wallaces leave at seven.

    Laurie : I'm babysitting the Doyles, it's two houses down. We can keep each other company!

    Annie : Oh, terrific. I've got three choices: watch the kid sleep, listen to Lynda screw around, or talk to you!

  • Tommy : I don't like that story anymore.

    Laurie : I thought King Arthur was your favorite.

    Tommy : Not anymore.

    [takes a stack of comics from under the couch] 

    Laurie : Why do you keep them under there?

    Tommy : Mom doesn't like me having them.

    Laurie : Laser Man, Neutron Man. I can understand why. Tarantula Man...

    Tommy : Laurie, what's the Boogeyman?

  • Laurie : [sees Annie wearing a shirt because her clothes are in the laundry]  Oh, fancy!

    Annie : This has not been my night. I spilled butter all over my clothes, they're in the wash. I got stuck in the laundry room...

    Laurie : Listen, I want you to call Ben Tramer and tell him you were just fooling around.

    Annie : I can't.

    Laurie : Yes, you can.

    Annie : No, I can't. He went drinking with Mike Godfrey and won't be home until late. You'll have to call him tomorrow. Besides, I'm on my way to pick up Paul.

    Laurie : Wait a minute...

    Annie : If you watch her, I'll consider talking to Ben Tramer in the morning. Deal?

    Laurie : Deal.

    [to herself after Annie leaves] 

    Laurie : The old Girl Scout comes through again.

  • Tommy : What about the jack-o-lantern?

    Laurie : After the movie.

    Tommy : What about my comics?

    Laurie : After the jack-o-lantern.

    Tommy : What about the boogeyman?

    Laurie : There's no such thing.

  • Laurie : Sleep tight, kids.

  • Laurie : Tommy, unlock the door! Come here, now you listen to me. I want you to go down the stairs, and out the front door. I want you to go down the street to the Mackenzie's house. I want you to tell them to call the police and tell them to send them over here. Now, do you understand me? Go do as I say!

  • Lynda : It's totally insane. We have three new cheers to learn in the morning, the game is in the afternoon, I have to get my hair done at five, and the dance is at eight! I'll be totally wiped out!

    Laurie : [sarcastically]  I don't think you have enough to do tomorrow.

    Lynda : Totally!

  • Tommy : But I saw the boogeyman! I saw him!

    Laurie : Okay, what did he look like?

    Tommy : Umm... the boogeyman!

  • Laurie : [in the Wallace house, and noises are coming from upstairs]  All right you meatheads, joke's over.


    Laurie : Come on, Annie. That's enough.

    [more silence] 

    Laurie : It's most definitely stopped being funny, now cut it out! You'll be sorry.

  • Laurie : [Tommy's scared of the boogeyman]  We're getting nowhere. Look, the boogeyman can only come out on Halloween, right? Well, I'm here; I'm not about to let anything happen to you.

    Tommy : Promise?

    Laurie : Promise.

  • Tommy : Laurie, what's the boogeyman?

    Laurie : There's no such thing.

  • Laurie : [Deleted Scene from Alternate T.V. Version; Laurie is coming the down the stairs in her bathrobe and towel wrapped around her head, as the doorbell rings; She answers the door to find Lynda]  Hi.

    Lynda : [Hurrying inside]  Hurry up, hurry up!

    Laurie : What's wrong?

    Lynda : Shut the door! Shut the door!

    [Laurie shuts the door, and as they look out the window] 

    Lynda : Some guy is following me.

    Laurie : You sure?

    Lynda : Yeah, I'm sure. I think it's the guy that passed us in the street in that station wagon. I couldn't see him very well, but I think it's Steve Todd. His brother has a Station Wagon.

    Laurie : [Still looking out the window]  You know, he was parked outside the school today. Right outside the window, he was starring at me.

    Lynda : Steve Todd was starring at you?

    Laurie : Somebody was. A while ago, he was in my backyard.

    Lynda : Well, maybe he just wants a date.

    Lynda : Or shut up!

    Lynda : Well, someone could want a date.

    Laurie : [Suspicious of Lynda wanting to borrow something]  So, what do you want?

    Lynda : Oh, Laurie, I totally have nothing to wear tonight. I was kind of hoping that you'd lend me that silk blouse that you got on your birthday.

    Laurie : I haven't even worn it yet.

    Lynda : I know, but I promise I won't spill anything on it or tear it or, or rip it or do any of those things.

    [Laurie looks out the window again, a little worried about the man following the girls] 

    Lynda : Laurie, stop worrying! It was Steve Todd.

    [the phone rings, with Laurie still on a little edge] 

    Lynda : Well, answer it, it's just the phone.

    Laurie : [Laurie goes to answer the phone]  Hello?

    Lynda : [Whispering]  Who is it?

    Annie : [Annie on the other end of the phone line]  Laurie, I have to ask a big favor. I can't find anything to wear.

    Laurie : [Covering the phone with her hand to tell Lynda]  Annie. She wants to borrow something.

    Lynda : You promised!

    Laurie : [Softly]  No, I didn't.

    [Back to Annie on the phone] 

    Laurie : Hi. Lynda's here, she wants to borrow my new blouse.

    Annie : Lynda's a creep.

    [Lynda, having heard Annie's response, looks surprised] 

    Annie : Is that guy still creeping around your backyard?

    Laurie : He followed Lynda over here.

    Annie : Well, if you see him, just go right up to him and tell him to buzz off... or if he's cute, ask him out.

    Laurie : Annie, I gotta go. You gonna pick me up?

    Annie : Right after Dinner. Hey, how about that ski sweater you got for Christmas?

    Laurie : [Holding the phone away, but still close enough to speak]  Bye.

    Lynda : [Laurie holds the phone to Lynda]  Bye, creep!

    [Laurie and Lynda laugh] 

    Annie : See ya.

    [They each hang up their phones; Annie takes another look at her wardrobe] 

    Annie : Yuck.

    Lynda : Where's the blouse?

    Laurie : It's in my closet.

    Lynda : I'll get it.

    [She happily runs over to the stairs and begins to ascend the staircase] 

    Laurie : Promise me you won't rip it!

    Lynda : I totally promise.

    [She runs on upstairs] 

    Laurie : I totally don't believe.

    [She gets up from the couch and heads back over to the window, singing her favorite song] 

    Laurie : "I wish I had you all alone, just the two of us. I'll hold you close to me, so close to me, just the two of us. So close to me".

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