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Season 3

16 Oct. 1980
Reunion: Part 1
Coach returns home to spend some time with his father. While they maintain father to son love their relationship is strained. The tough and fearless Mr. Reeves is terminally ill and Ken knows its time to mend fences before its too late.
30 Oct. 1980
Georgia on My Mind
Coolidge ego grows regarding his basketball skills, ignoring academics and planning a pro career. Buchanan and Reeves warn him with Reeves arranging an introduction that teaches Coolidge a valuable lesson.
16 Dec. 1980
If Your Number's Up, Get It Down
Reeves is asked to use his former-NBA-player connections to raise funds for a mobile care unit to treat patients with high blood pressure. As punishment for wrecking the driver's ed car, he makes the team do the collecting. However, they decide to publicize that Reeves is dead to entice celebrities to attend the benefit and contribute.
23 Dec. 1980
Christmas Story
Reeves and the team put on a basketball clinic. The players soon learn that although they live in poverty, there are children much more needy. Meanwhile Stone attempts a get rich scheme but as usual it blows up.
30 Dec. 1980
No Blood, No Foul
Shortly after Salami's 18th birthday, he breaks a player's jaw during an on court brawl. That incident, landed Salami in jail and the other player's parents filed a lawsuit against him so, Reeves assisted Salami to avoid further consequences.
13 Jan. 1981
Mister Hero
Lifelong underachiever Wardell Stone is thrust into the spotlight as a hero when he mistakenly rescues a old woman from a burning car.
2 Feb. 1981
Coolidge begins to realize that being tall is not all that its cracked up to be.
9 Feb. 1981
Trial and Error
Coach Reeves threatens to kick Falahey off the team when he suspects that he is missing practices and faking injuries. However, the coach himself looks like a hypocrite when he is summoned for jury duty and he tries to lie his way out of it.
16 Feb. 1981
Car Repo
Needing extra money, Salami and Vitaglia take jobs as car re-possessors. However, their friendship begins to suffer and the late night hours land them in coach Reeves' doghouse.
23 Feb. 1981
Psyched Out
Reeves befriends a fellow teacher who was once hospitalized after suffering a nervous breakdown. However, she is soon the target of a student who is also suffering from emotional problems. Soon it leads to a very tense situation that nearly leads to tragedy for not only the student, but the teacher as well.
2 Mar. 1981
Racial tensions arise when a group of the players are apprehended without cause and Thorpe is shot by a police office.
9 Mar. 1981
Ken and the students are critical of a teacher who seems to be burnt out of his teaching job at Carver High.
16 Mar. 1981
A Day in the Life
As Reeves makes preparations for a special alumni game, the four surviving graduates all have very eventful days. College student Hayward applies for a job in the law library of a very prestigious law firm and deals with the guys in his neighborhood who constantly tell him he will never make it. Goldstein returns home on liberty and immediately looks up the girl he had a crush on in high school. Reece is working as a cab driver while trying to make it as a singer and has a chance meeting with one of his idols. Gomez has a more hectic day. He has a very intense ...

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