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Season 4

7 Oct. 1981
An Explosive Affair: Part 1
In the first of this two-part series, WKRP receives a terrorist bomb threat.
14 Oct. 1981
An Explosive Affair: Part 2
Conclusion of two-part series. WKRP receives a terrorist bomb threat.
21 Oct. 1981
The Union
When the staff plans to unionize, Carlson's mother (Bruce) threatens to sell the station.
28 Oct. 1981
Johnny's apartment is being fumigated and he needs a place to stay. Everyone turns him down except for Bailey. Rumors start at the office that they are having an affair. Johnny is also afraid the new DJ will take over his radio time slot.
4 Nov. 1981
Straight from the Heart
Les is being given an award for a news broadcast. Herb is going on vacation, but Jennifer is worried when Herb takes insurance papers with him. He checks into a hospital for heart tests and asks Les to stay with him. They go to a porn movie.
11 Nov. 1981
Who's on First?
With Herb in the hospital, Mr. Carlson must fill in for him in order to negotiate a contract. But if Mr. Carlson is Herb, who is Mr. Carlson? In the meantime, Johnny avoids settling a poker debt.
18 Nov. 1981
Three Days of the Condo
When Johnny comes into a large amount of money, everyone at the station is curious to see what he will do with it.
2 Dec. 1981
Jennifer and the Will
When an elderly gentleman friend of Jennifer's dies, the man's family blames her for stealing his fortune.
30 Dec. 1981
The Consultant
Mother Carlson hires a radio doctor to evaluate the station and Andy worries when the doctor threatens to write a poor review if the station doesn't buy his services.
6 Jan. 1982
Love, Exciting and New
Andy wants a new transmitter for the station, and visits Mrs Carlson to ask for it. Andy ends up taking her out to discuss business, but she seems to want more than that.
13 Jan. 1982
You Can't Go Out of Town Again
Arthur and Carmen attend his college reunion. He finds out their first date was because someone dared her to go out with him. Bailey wants to get a computer for billing. Venus tries to impress a new date.
20 Jan. 1982
The station sells some new commercial spots to a diet company whose 'magic pills' are not as innocuous as they seem.
27 Jan. 1982
Herb decides it's time for a change in his wardrobe and enlists Jennifer to help him. Meanwhile, Venus is interviewed by a Black magazine.
3 Feb. 1982
Jennifer and Johnny's Charity
A fire at the Vine Street Mission that destroys the kitchen. Johnny starts a donation fund and asks Jennifer to ask her wealthy friends to contribute. She throws a party and all goes well -until the homeless show up to show their gratitude.
17 Feb. 1982
I'll Take Romance
Herb sets Les up with a blind date through his latest client. Les enjoys the date, but does not realize the Ill Take Romance Dating Service is actually a front for prostitution.
24 Feb. 1982
Circumstantial Evidence
Venus' girlfriend gives him a diamond earring, and then excuses herself from the room and leaves. While he wonders where she went, the police visit the station and question Venus. The earring was stolen, and they think Venus is the thief.
17 Mar. 1982
A fire alarm sends the crew home early, However Herb and Jennifer get trapped on the elevator going down. Herb then tells Jennifer some rumors that he has been spreading about them being together.
24 Mar. 1982
Dear Liar
When Les jealously plagiarizes Bailey's initial draft of a partially fictional news story on air, the station's broadcast license is put in jeopardy.
31 Mar. 1982
The Creation of Venus
While Andy and Venus are playing jokes on each other at the radio station, Mama Carlson visits and then quizzes them. Venus lets it slip he used to be a teacher. Andy and Venus tell the story of how Venus went from school teacher to DJ.
7 Apr. 1982
The Impossible Dream
Les' mother is visiting, and complains that Les is in a dead-end job. Les decides he is going to follow his dream and apply for a job at CBS for the evening news in New York.
14 Apr. 1982
To Err Is Human
When an ad for one of the station's sponsors that's suppose to have Venus somehow ends up with Herb because Herb placed a picture of himself along with the pictures of Venus and said to use the man with him thinking it's one of Venus. So the sponsor wants to drop them. Jenniffer offers to go and talk to the man using her wiles to convince him not to but only problem is the man is blind.
21 Apr. 1982
Up and Down the Dial
Mama Carlson announces plans to change WKRP's format.

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