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Season 5

30 Sep. 1982
Love Un-American Style
Simka sets everyone up with their soul mates as part of her cultural tradition.
7 Oct. 1982
Jim's Inheritance
After Jim's father dies he is visited by the probate for his father's estate.
14 Oct. 1982
Alex Goes Off the Wagon
Alex has a gambling problem again.
21 Oct. 1982
Scenskees from a Marriage: Part 1
Latka has an affair with another cab driver putting his marriage in jeopardy.
28 Oct. 1982
Scenskees from a Marriage: Part 2
Simka has a dilemma as to which cab driver she is going to sleep with so she and Latka hold an informal dinner party.
4 Nov. 1982
Crime and Punishment
Realizing the boss has found out that someone has embezzled money from the cab company, Louie convinces Jeff to take the blame for him in hopes that the controversy will blow over. However, the plan goes awry when Jeff is fired and put in jail.
11 Nov. 1982
Alex the Gofer
After Alex drives a producer and director to a local theater he attempts to get a job as their gopher.
18 Nov. 1982
Louie's Revenge
One of Louie's old flames calls heartbroken from a bar. He meets up with her intending to get revenge for rudely dumping him, however things don't go as planned.
25 Nov. 1982
Travels with My Dad
Tony takes the opportunity to join his father on a voyage with the merchant marine.
2 Dec. 1982
Elaine and the Monk
Simka's visiting cousin Zifka is a monk who is allowed to break his vow of silence and sample worldly pleasures for one week every ten years. Zifka and Elaine find romance during that all-too-short week.
9 Dec. 1982
Zena's Honeymoon
After initially ignoring an invitation to attend Zena's wedding, Louie has regrets so he crashes her wedding cruise.
16 Dec. 1982
Get Me Through the Holidays
Alex is visited by his ex-wife, who not only has the holiday blues she refuses to let anyone else have merry spirits, especially Alex.
22 Jan. 1983
Louie Moves Uptown
Louies has a revelation, he lives like he is so he sets his sights on a high rise condo. All he needs to do is borrow money from Jim and beat out Penny Marshall for the flat.
29 Jan. 1983
Alex's Old Buddy
When Alex learns that his old dog is dying, he determines to do everything in his power to make Buddy's last days comfortable.
5 Feb. 1983
Sugar Ray Nardo
Elaine's son takes on boxing with a little encouragement from Tony Banta.
23 Mar. 1983
A Taxi Celebration: Part 1
Clips from Taxi over its 5 season run are hosted & presented by Danny DeVito.
23 Mar. 1983
A Taxi Celebration: Part 2
The drive down Taxi's 5th season memory lane continues with Danny DeVito as host.
30 Mar. 1983
Alex Gets Burned by an Old Flame
Jim's old flame from the "peace & love" days of the 60s walks back into his life but it may be Alex who ends up with warm-hearted feelings for her.
6 Apr. 1983
Louie and the Blind Girl
Louie is in love and plans to propose to his blind girlfriend Judy. When he learns that an operation may restore her sight, he is suddenly very self-conscious about his looks.
13 Apr. 1983
Arnie Meets the Kids
Elaine's has dated Arnie for sometime and wants him to meet her children. Arnie has reservations about how well he'll get along with them..
20 Apr. 1983
Tony's Baby
Tony finds out that his girlfriend might be pregnant.
18 May 1983
Jim's Mario's
Jim buys out their local hangout, Mario's. He has big plans but things aren't looking up, especially since his brother has made a surprise appearance.
25 May 1983
A Grand Gesture
Jim is attacked by the gang back at the garage about the amount of money he is recklessly giving away. Jim's solution, he will give them all $1000 each to give away.
15 Jun. 1983
Simka's Monthlies
Simka fails to show up for another citizenship appointment. Latka explains, back at the garage, that she is suffering from her "kremkapush" which consists of craving for salt and erratic behavior.

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