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Season 1

10 Sep. 1978
A Double Life
A playboy framed for a crime that resulted in the death of his parents is sent to prison where he learns a variety of criminal skills. Upon his release, he is determined to exact revenge on the men who framed him.
7 Oct. 1978
Aloha, Julie Lang
A mob boss awaiting trial has murdered all of the witnesses against him -- except for Julie Lang, who is hiding out in Hawaii. Jack Cole goes there to protect her from a series of hit men -- the last of whom rides his motorcycle off a very high cliff.
17 Dec. 1978
Judgement Day
When a criminal's trial's about to commence. And the judge presiding over it, has reputation of being tough on criminals so everyone expects the criminal to be convicted. But Jack learns that the criminal has hired a fixer who has something on the judge to get him to make the trial work in his favor. So Jack tries to get close to the man to find out what they have on him. Jack tries to put him in compromising situations so he'll be replaced. But the fixer then decides to grab his daughter to make sure the judge does as he is told.
11 Jul. 1979
Union funds have been embezzled to finance a Casino. By the time the Feds can have the Union books audited, the Casino will have been able to repay the money from its operations, so Cole's solution? Bankrupt the Casino before it can repay.

 Season 1 

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