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11 Jan. 1981
Peter's managing director tasks him with delivering the chairman's car, taking it out for a spin sees him get arrested with a group of protesters, and Sheila has to make excuses when the owner turns up unexpectedly.
18 Jan. 1981
Match of the Day
Peter accidentally posts his ticket for the England v West Germany game, a policeman warns him not to climb a fence at an engineering works, and Sheila delivers the final blow after she leaves a note out for the milkman.
25 Jan. 1981
The Train Now Standing
Sheila points out that it's time for the monthly trip to visit her parents, a vending machine at the train station dishes out too much coffee, and Peter heads to London to make a complaint about a cancelled service.
1 Feb. 1981
While the Cat's Away
Peter plans a night of pleasure when Sheila goes to visit her sick mother, his friend bets him that he can't pick up a bit of crumpet in the pub, and being fixed up with a very tall woman leads to problems at a restaurant.
8 Feb. 1981
The Weekend
Peter accepts an army pal's generous offer of a weekend in the country, Sheila's far from pleased when she sees the size of the accommodation, and a shortage of conversation makes things more than a little awkward.
15 Feb. 1981
Rear Window
Peter is given the cold shoulder when he goes to meet new neighbours, an accident after he locks himself out leaves him with a sprained ankle, and the police are called when Sheila laughs off a story about a murder.

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