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Show was about a Canine Officer and his partner, a yellow lab named "Sam"
dedgerton131312 April 2008
Granted, this show was on when I was 9, so take my rating with a grain of salt.

However, I vividly remember this show, since I was (and am) a huge dog lover. I started watching it for the dog, and though I don't remember the plot all that well, I distinctly remember three things: 1) a snippet of the opening scene that flashed back to the first day Mark Harmon's character reported to K9 training camp to meet his new partner. While all the other officers got German Shepherds, Dobermans, and every other stereotypical macho dog, MH's character was disappointed to see that his new partner was a seemingly milquetoast yellow lab. Of course, they subsequently finished as the top of their class. 2) One scene from an episode where the pair discovered some type of abused/abandoned dog, and the only time Sam (an otherwise perfect dog) disobeyed him was because he didn't want to leave said dog and MH got him back by saying "C'mon, no fraternizing on duty", and 3) realizing even at 9, how cute MH was!

I'm glad to see that someone else remembers this show.
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