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Season 2

21 Sep. 1978
Sighting 4015: The Underwater Incident
Capt. Ryan and S Sgt. Fitz investigate a report of a UFO that came down from the night sky and submerged itself off the coast of California before ramming into a boat, injuring the two men on board.
5 Oct. 1978
Sighting 4016: The Pipeline Incident
Capt. Ryan and S Sgt. Fitz hitch a ride on a KC-135 to Alaska to investigate a UFO sighting by three Alaska Air Cargo pilots. Two of the pilots want to cover up the sighting, but radar seems to confirm the third pilot's claims.
28 Oct. 1978
Sighting 4017: The Devilish Davidson Lights Incident
Capt. Ryan and S Sgt. Fitz fly to Davidson, CA to investigate a mass sighting of lights in the night sky believed to be UFO's. The sightings were documented over a two day period by dozens of people and included photographic evidence.
12 Oct. 1978
Sighting 4018: The Incident on the Cliffs
A woman who repeatedly sees UFO's along the Maine coastline finally gets video proof she isn't hallucinating. However, her husband and psychiatrist still don't believe her. Capt. Ryan and S Sgt. Fitz fly to Maine to investigate further.
19 Jul. 1979
Sighting 4014: The Wild Blue Yonder Incident
A female pilot on a training flight faces a board of inquiry after she violates restricted air space trying to chase down a UFO over Colorado Springs, CO. Captain Ryan and S/Sgt. Fritz review the report and decide to investigate.
19 Oct. 1978
Sighting 4019: The Believe It or Not Incident
Captain Ryan and S/Sgt. Fritz travel to Utah to investigate a UFO sighting that was reported by an engineering professor on behalf of one of his graduate students.
2 Nov. 1978
Sighting 4022: The Camouflage Incident
Three man driving home from a 10 day fishing trip in Cabo San Lucas experience a close encounter with a UFO. Captain Ryan and S Sgt. Fitz question the three men, all of who are considered to be well respected men in their community.
30 Nov. 1978
Sighting 4020: The Island Incident
Capt. Ryan and S Sgt. Fitz fly to the Marshall Island after an American doctor, along with the native inhabitants of one of the islands, witness a UFO. After some coaxing, the natives finally are willing to talk about what they saw.
7 Dec. 1978
Sighting 4021: The Superstition Mountain Incident
Three people in Indian Springs, SD witness a UFO come down and enter a mine shaft. When a young couple enter the shaft to check it out, they find strange shaped deposits of pure magnesium. Captain Ryan and S Sgt. Fitz investigate.
28 Dec. 1978
Sighting 4023: The I-Man Incident
Capt. Ryan and S Sgt. Fitz investigate a UFO sighting by a teenager in California that they think might be linked to a signal that was beamed to a distant galaxy 15 years ago-and the disappearance of an interceptor jet sent to investigate..
4 Jan. 1979
Sighting 4024: The Scoutmaster Incident
A scoutmaster witnesses a UFO while out camping with his troop in the wilderness of Mississippi. Captain Ryan and S Sgt. Fritz fly south to the Magnolia State to investigate for Project Blue Book and discover another witness.
5 Jul. 1979
Sighting 4026: The Atlantic Queen Incident
Passengers and crew of the cruise ship Atlantic Queen have a close encounter with two UFO's. Captain Ryan and S Sgt. Fitz hitch a ride with a Coast Guard helicopter to investigate theirs claims while they are still at sea,
12 Jul. 1979
Sighting 4025: The Whitman Tower Incident
Captain Ryan and S Sgt. Fritz fly to California to investigate the sighting of a large UFO by several witnesses, including an air traffic controller. During the investigation some witnesses claim to have seen alien beings in the craft.

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