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Season 4

8 Oct. 1981
Limited Engagement
Mork proposes to Mindy.
15 Oct. 1981
The Wedding
Against direct orders from Orson, Mork goes ahead with his plan to marry Mindy.
22 Oct. 1981
The Honeymoon
Mindy attracts a lot of Orkans when she and Mork spend their honeymoon on his home planet.
29 Oct. 1981
Three the Hard Way
Mork discovers he's pregnant after he and Mindy return from their honeymoon.
5 Nov. 1981
Mama Mork, Papa Mindy
The newborn Mearth seems to show more affection for Mork than for Mindy.
12 Nov. 1981
My Dad Can't Beat Up Anybody
Mork pretends to be a superhero for Mearth's sake.
19 Nov. 1981
Long Before We Met
Mork fantasizes about competing for Mindy in high school.
26 Nov. 1981
Rich Mork, Poor Mork
Mork makes an investment in a boutique of Exidor "originals".
3 Dec. 1981
Mearth runs away upon realizing he's an alien.
17 Dec. 1981
P.S. 2001
Mearth attends school on Ork where he's teased for being an "Earth-head".
7 Jan. 1982
Pajama Game II
Mearth has a sleepover.
14 Jan. 1982
Present Tense
Mork and Mindy are unable to have a conversation while Mearth is away.
21 Jan. 1982
Metamorphosis - The TV Show
A short circuit causes Mork and Mearth to switch minds.
4 Feb. 1982
Drive, She Said
Mork takes driving lessons.
11 Feb. 1982
I Don't Remember Mama
Orson erases Mork's family from Mork's memory in order for Mork to focus on his work.
18 Feb. 1982
Mork, Mindy, and Mearth Meet MILT
Following a brief visit from a space traveler, Mork builds a home computer that subsequently takes over.
15 Apr. 1982
Midas Mork
Mork learns the secret of turning polyester into gold.
22 Apr. 1982
Cheerleader in Chains
Mindy is held in contempt of court for refusing to reveal a source of news.
6 May 1982
Gotta Run: Part 1
Mork befriends a Neptunian who has an Earth wife of his own.
13 May 1982
Gotta Run: Part 2
In attempt to stop Kalnik, Mork decides to tell the world he's an alien.
20 May 1982
Gotta Run: Part 3
As a result of his notoriety, Mork is faced with fans, marketing executives and Kalnik.
27 May 1982
The Mork Report
Mork bucks hard for a promotion from leader Orson on planet Ork, and unintentionally comes up with a report on how to stay happily married on Earth.

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