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Season 1

8 Dec. 1978
Uncle Ebenezer
Scotland in 1751 - a time when the Scottish Highlands are still treated with distrust by the government following the 1745 rebellion. Seventeen-year-old David Balfour is sent to his uncle's house near Edinburgh after his father's death. On the journey he takes the admonition of the village pastor to keep away from the Scottish highlands, the Jacobites.
10 Dec. 1978
Captain Hoseason
But danger threatens David from his uncle Ebenezer. Ebenezer first tries to kill his nephew by throwing him down the railingless stairs in darkness and thunderstorms. But David survives and Ebenezer's latest plan succeeds, Ebenezer lures him aboard the Brigantine Covenanter, to let him deported to America. In search of David, the young rebels daughter Catriona goes. On board David is gangden. The only one to whom David relies on the ship is Alan Breck, envoy of the Scottish throne candidate and a dreaded rebel. The captain wants to assassinate Breck, but David thwarts...
Dec. 1978
The Voyage
After the sinking of the Brigantine Covenanter, David got away with his life once more. When he wants to attack a highlander on land, he shows him a button that assures him of help from all Stewart supporters. David learns that Alan Breck is waiting for him at his uncle James Stewart's house. On the way there he gets involved in an assassination. David is suspected of aiding and abetting the murder Breck is alleged to have committed.

 Season 1 

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