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Season 2

22 Sep. 1978
David and Carolyn marry in Honolulu, Hawaii and continue to work to find a cure for both their afflictions in a race against time.
29 Sep. 1978
The Antowuk Horror
As the people of Antowuk resort community take advantage of a Hulk sighting, David 'Barton's' hotheaded boss goes as far as to dress up as a creature.
6 Oct. 1978
Banner works as a mechanic at a racetrack and befriends a retarded young man, the brother of the local champ, who is taken advantage of by some rival race-drivers.
13 Oct. 1978
Rainbow's End
David 'Bishop' contacts native American Thomas Logan, who has developed a herbal compound to calm down high strung racing horses, hoping it might cure his condition.
20 Oct. 1978
A Child in Need
Working as a groundskeeper at an elementary school, David 'Baxter' suspects one schoolboy of being a victim of child abuse.
27 Oct. 1978
Another Path
David 'Braemer' meets an old Chinese master on the road who is on his way back to the school he founded in San Francisco. There they find one of his students running his old neighborhood with fear and corruption.
3 Nov. 1978
Alice in Disco Land
David works as a barman at the Pandemonium Disco when he recognizes a teenage girl, Alice, whom he used to know years before. He finds out she has a serious drinking problem, but he doesn't tell her his true identity.
10 Nov. 1978
Killer Instinct
David 'Burnett', working as a ankle wrapper at the Colloseum, is interested in Dr. Stewart's hypnotic therapy, but his treatment of a star football player only seems to make the man's aggressive tendencies get worse.
24 Nov. 1978
Stop the Presses
David is washing dishes at Bruno's Restaurant, whose owners are being targeted by a sleazy journalist from The National Register. When Banner's picture is taken, he has to break into the building where Jack McGee works to get it back.
1 Dec. 1978
Escape from Los Santos
David 'Brown' and a young widow he has never met before are framed for the murder of her husband by a corrupt sheriff and his men. Handcuffed together, the two of them make their escape.
17 Jan. 1979
As 'David Blakeman', Banner is trying to earn some money working on an oil rig. The owner's daughter takes a liking to him, but fierce competitors will do anything to sabotage their work.
24 Jan. 1979
A Solitary Place
In Mexico, David 'Baily' has secluded himself from other people to keep his rage in check. But Gail Collins, another doctor on the run stumbles upon his hiding place. Now McGee and others are looking for both of them.
31 Jan. 1979
Like a Brother
David 'Butler' works at a car-wash in a black neighborhood run by a drug dealer with a black panther. He tries to help two orphans, the youngest of which is a diabetic.
7 Feb. 1979
David helps a young woman move back into her childhood home and stays to work as her gardener when it turns out she is haunted by her past, namely her deceased twin sister.
2 Mar. 1979
Mystery Man
Banner has lost his memory after a car crash. With his face wrapped in bandages, he accepts Jack McGee's proposition to see a specialist. Unfortunately, their plane goes down in the woods and Jack injures his legs. Now it is up to David to get them out of there.
9 Mar. 1979
Mystery Man: Part II
'John Doe' and McGee bond while keeping ahead of the forest fire and a pack of wolves. After transforming into the Hulk, Banner regains his memory and when McGee witnesses a second transformation, he finally realizes the Hulk is not a green creature full time.
16 Mar. 1979
The Disciple
David returns to master Li Sung, who has become ill and wants a promising student to take over his work. Unfortunately, the young man is torn between the school and his work as a policeman.
30 Mar. 1979
No Escape
David 'Baron' is arrested as a vagrant but manages to escape along side a mental patient who thinks he's Ernest Hemmingway. Feeling guilty, David has to track the man down before he hurts himself or his loved ones.
6 Apr. 1979
Kindred Spirits
David 'Barton' joins an expedition that has found evidence of a pre-historic Hulk and is recognized by a young doctor who was inspired by him. Together they try to find out if the earlier Hulk might have found a cure.
4 May 1979
The Confession
McGee reluctantly takes on an intern as his assistant, who takes an interest in a lonely little man claiming to be the Hulk. David 'Beeman' worries if the man might actually know his secret identity.
11 May 1979
The Quiet Room
David 'Balin' is working as an orderly at Valley View Sanatorium. After discovering that a surgeon is using experimental mind control, he unwillingly becomes a patient himself.
25 May 1979
Vendetta Road
David 'Brennan' inadvertently joins up with a modern day 'Bonnie & Clyde' who blow up gas stations in a bid to avenge the death of the male's father.

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