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4 Nov. 1977
The Incredible Hulk
A troubled scientist's accidental overexposure to gamma radiation curses him with the tendency to change into a bestial green brute under extreme emotional stress.
27 Nov. 1977
Death in the Family
Dr. David Banner tries to find out why, when he is under stress or pressure, he turns into a giant, green, violent monster.
10 Mar. 1978
Final Round
David 'Benson' is saved from a couple of muggers by a boxer nicknamed 'Rocky' and becomes his friend and corner-man. Unfortunately the young man suffers from high blood pressure and is being used to ferry drugs by an unscrupulous manager.
17 Mar. 1978
The Beast Within
David 'Bradburn' is researching control methods for animal aggression with a female doctor at a zoo. She gets into trouble when new animals keep dying from a mysterious illness.
24 Mar. 1978
Of Guilt, Models and Murder
David 'Blaine' takes a job as a valet to investigate the murder of a model that the Hulk is being blamed for. We get to see different accounts of the murder in flashback. But which one really happened?
31 Mar. 1978
Terror in Times Square
David 'Blake' is working at an arcade in Times Square, where everybody pays off 'Uncle Jason'. David finds out two elderly men are planning to take matters into their own hands.
7 Apr. 1978
David 'Brown' is flying from San Francisco to Chicago only to find out some of the crew are plotting to steal the Egyptian artifacts on board.
21 Apr. 1978
The Hulk Breaks Las Vegas
David is working as a card shill in Vegas when he learns his Casino owning boss is crooked. To complicate matters, the people holding the evidence are acquaintances of Jack McGee.
28 Apr. 1978
Never Give a Trucker an Even Break
While hitchhiking, Banner is picked up by a young woman desperate to get her rig back from the men who stole it from her.
12 May 1978
Life and Death
David 'Barnard' subjects himself to an experimental DNA test but finds out his doctor's accomplices are gathering newborn babies for similar research.
19 May 1978
Earthquakes Happen
Banner uses forged documents to take the place of safety inspector Robert Patterson in order to get access to Gamma ray inversion equipment at a power plant when an earthquake hits.
31 May 1978
The Waterfront Story
David 'Barton' works in the kitchen of a tavern on the waterfront and helps the young widow who owns it to fight pushy union men.

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