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Season 5

2 Oct. 1981
The Phenom
David 'Bedecker' travels to Miami with a farm boy with potential to be a baseball star, and has to protect the boy from an unscrupulous manager.
9 Oct. 1981
Two Godmothers
David becomes an unwilling accomplice when three inmates, one of whom is heavily pregnant, escape from a female prison to fled across the mountains.
16 Oct. 1981
David 'Barnes' tries to stop a plot to assassinate a Vietnam hero running for office, but neither the target nor the assassin are exactly what they appear to be.
6 Nov. 1981
David is urged to present himself as 'Father Costa' in order to protect a young boy who has taken sanctuary at the San Miguel Mission.
13 Nov. 1981
David 'Beller' is working as a lumberjack in Jordantown and has begun to fall in love with Gale Weber. Unfortunately, rich tycoon Ellis Jordan has got his mind set on her as well, and his goons try to force David to leave town.
5 May 1982
David 'Becker' finds himself being forced to dig for gold in a mine for an escaped con and a former prison guard as one of their 'slaves'.
12 May 1982
A Minor Problem
David 'Bradshaw' walks into a deserted town whose inhabitants have been evacuated because of a deadly gas leak. Together with a female scientist and an infected dog, he runs afoul of a small group of looters.

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