Going Straight Poster

(1978– )

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24 Feb. 1978
Going Home
Fletch is finally released - after getting his coat stuck in the prison gates - and on the train home meets Mr. Mackay, who, after a few drinks, tells him he will soon have to retire and is off to London to look for a new job. Two men get on the train - Oaksey, known to Fletch, and the more military type, Tanner. The pair have robbed a jewellers and think they can persuade Fletch to mind the bag, so if they are arrested (as they were) there will be no evidence. However, a misunderstanding leaves Mackay believing the bag is temporarily his, having agreed with Tanner to...
3 Mar. 1978
Going to Be Alright
Fletch goes to see his probation officer, who is disappointed that he has not got a job. Fletch explains that he was going to work in a cardboard box factory but his wife Isobel ran off with the owner. Fletch plans to dig up some loot he buried in a turnip field in Esssex before his imprisonment but when he gets to the field he finds that a housing estate has been built over it. At least the probation officer has got him a job - digging.
10 Mar. 1978
Going Sour
Whilst in a cafe Fletch sees a young punk girl try to steal another man's wallet. He steps in to save the situation and, on learning that the girl, Penny, has run away from home, takes her back to his house for a bath and a meal. Unfortunately she steals his daughter Ingrid's purse and Fletch feels let down. However, she comes back to the house with her step-father to apologize and return the purse. Fletch plans to take the family out to celebrate but someone seems to have stolen his money.
17 Mar. 1978
Going to Work
The probation officer gets Fletch a job as a night porter in a hotel, whose owner is aware that he has been in prison. He has qualms about returning to legitimate work and goes to the pub for a few drinks. Fortunately Ingrid and Godber, now an item, ensure he reports for duty on time, if not completely sober.
31 Mar. 1978
Going Going Gone
Fletch is well-regarded at the hotel, though he is not too well off as his wages go on repaying Ingrid and Godber, now engaged, for loans. An old lady called Mrs. Appleby comes to the hotel with some valuable jewels. Fletch also recognizes another guest, Worm Wellings, known for operating a scam with an old lady accomplice whereby he steals the lady's jewels, which are paste, but they claim on the insurance that they are expensive. Sure enough the jewels disappear but Mrs. Appleby is not a crook, she is a regular guest at the hotel. Fletch feels he will be blamed for ...
7 Apr. 1978
Going Off the Rails
Ingrid is marrying Lennie Godber but Fletch feels frustrated because his ex-wife and her partner are paying for the wedding when he feels that he should be. He is thus tempted when a man called Piper, whom he meets at an identity parade, offers him 500 pounds to act as look-out for a robbery due to be committed on the following Saturday morning just before the wedding takes place. Fletch goes along with Piper's plan but, before the heist is due to go off, visits a pet shop where, seeing animals in cages, he is reminded of his own time in prison which he does not want ...


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