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Season 6

16 Oct. 1982
The Curse of the Moreaus/My Man Friday
Jesse and Kathy Moreau try to end a family curse that dates back several decades; and cosmetics secretary Linda Whitney wants to be the vice-president of an ad agency.
23 Oct. 1982
Dancing Lady/The Final Round
Young Ohio receptionist Kristy Lee hopes to become the dancing star of a major musical; and boxing manager Max Grant, wanting to manage a champion, reluctantly takes as a client stubborn fighter Tommy Rudolph with a serious head injury.
30 Oct. 1982
Legends/The Perfect Gentleman
Singer Andrea Barclay wants to overcome debilitating stage fright by performing for the toughest audience that Roarke can find; and rock star Jimmy Jordan, who witnessed a murder, disguises himself as a butler to elude his pursuers.
6 Nov. 1982
The Angel's Triangle/Natchez Bound
An angel faces a huge problem when he falls in love with Catherine Harris, who is on her second honeymoon; and Las Vegas card dealer Jenny Ryan wants to ply her craft on a nineteenth-century Mississippi riverboat.
20 Nov. 1982
Everybody Goes to Gilley's/Face of Fire
Country singer Mickey Gilley plays himself, seeking the fame and fortune that have eluded him; and reclusive philanthropist Philip Camden promises a million dollars to Nevada nurse Jean Harrigan if she survives a weekend at his island home.
27 Nov. 1982
The Beautiful Skeptic/The Lost Platoon
TV tabloid reporter Christine Connelly sets out to expose Roarke as a fraud; Denver businessman Jack Oberstar travels to World War II Italy in search of proof that his brother Lieutenant Ken Oberstar was not a coward or a racketeer.
4 Dec. 1982
Roller Derby Dolls/Thanks a Million
Armchair quarterback Norman Hackett wants to manage a professional sports team and is chagrined when he ends up managing roller derby, and three people compete for a million dollars by seeing who can perform the most selfless deeds.
11 Dec. 1982
The Kleptomaniac/Thank God, I'm a Country Girl
Kleptomaniac Fred Simpson wants Roarke to cure him of his habit of compulsive stealing; and waitress Loretta Wentworth wants Lorraine, the daughter she gave up for adoption, to see her as rich and successful.
8 Jan. 1983
Naughty Marietta/The Winning Ticket
Pushy Beatrice Soames wants her daughter Alison to become an actress, regardless of Alison's wishes; a recently deceased islander has left his Irish Sweepstakes winnings to his best friend, whom Tattoo is assigned to locate.
15 Jan. 1983
Candy Kisses/Operation Breakout
Wheelchair-bound Kentucky racehorse breeder Rowena Haversham wants one last chance to win a race; and self-professed failure Danny Clements of Boston wants to turn his life around by breaking an American agent out of a tough foreign prison.
22 Jan. 1983
The Songwriter/Queen of the Soaps
New Mexico pianist Dan O'Dwyer travels back to Tin Pan Alley to find and recover his grandfather Jeremy Todd's never-published songs; soap-opera actress Gina Edwards wants to stop her evil character Angela from using her to come to life.
29 Jan. 1983
The Tallowed Image/Room and Bard
A young man wants to meet the woman whose image he saw in a century-old magazine; and an aspiring Shakespearean actress gets help from no less than the Bard himself.
12 Feb. 1983
Midnight Waltz/Let Them Eat Cake
Elderly Minnesota physical therapist John Cook wants a last dance with his wife Carol, who passed away six months before; Iowa waitress Adele Anthony, who wants to be treated like a queen, finds herself in the body of Marie Antoinette.
19 Feb. 1983
Revenge of the Forgotten/Charo
Unjustly imprisoned Allen Daly wants to hunt for and find a long-lost treasure and get revenge on Loren Robertson, who set him up; and diplomat Charles Woodruff learns he has a daughter, Maria Diaz, who now wants to live with him.
26 Feb. 1983
Return to the Cotton Club/No Friends Like Old Friends
Charles Whelan wants to make it big at the Cotton Club but meets Linda Bell, another struggling performer. Doreen Murphy wants to impress her female college friends with material wealth but learns a lesson about human relations.
5 Mar. 1983
Eternal Flame/A Date with Burt
Alex and Diane Weston are obsessed with finding the Fountain of Youth so that they can be together forever; and Oregon file clerk Margaret Winslow dreams of having a date with her favorite movie star Burt Hunter.
12 Mar. 1983
King of Burlesque/Death Games
Wall Street broker Tom Vail becomes a comic headliner in an old-fashioned burlesque show; amateur athlete Vanessa Walgren, whose husband was killed during his fantasy, intends to exact a price from Roarke for his death.
19 Mar. 1983
The Devil Stick/Touch and Go
Philadelphia travel agent Carl Peters pursues his dream woman Ally Miller, who is protected by superstitious relatives; and Tattoo helps Susan Henderson get access to pianist Carter Ransome, whom she loves.
9 Apr. 1983
Edward/The Extraordinary Miss Jones
Bigwig publisher Edward Ross of Detroit seeks to reconcile with his estranged family; and terminally ill Melanie Jones wants to make a lasting contribution to society.
16 Apr. 1983
What's the Matter with Kids?/Island of Horrors
Famous children's-book author Stuart Wharton and his wife Margaret, who are childless, want to adopt the perfect offspring; Erica Nelson searches for her missing fiancé Dr. Richard Yates and faces terror from mad doctor Lewis Christophe.
7 May 1983
Remember... When?
When Tattoo has a car accident that results in a serious head injury, Roarke cancels all fantasies till he has recovered. Hoping to keep his morale up, they relive past fantasies through flashbacks.
14 May 1983
Love Island/The Sisters
A couple of self-professed ladies' men have their egos deflated when Roarke sends them off to a remote island to find new conquests; and a young woman is in search of the older sister she has not seen since she was a child.

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