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Season 12

28 Oct. 1988
Murder charges are filed as the families of Southfork are torn apart over the shooting of J.R. by his furious wife, Sue Ellen. Cliff finally comes face to face with Pam, as Bobby wrestles with his feelings about his ex-wife.
4 Nov. 1988
No Greater Love
Cliff Barnes, resolving to get out of the oil business, offers Barnes-Wentworth to Bobby and Ewing Oil. Clayton Farlow, immersed in the running of Southfork, also offers to sell his oil refineries to Bobby.
11 Nov. 1988
The Call of the Wild
To celebrate John Ross' return to Southfork, J.R. and Bobby take him and Christopher on a hunting trip to Haleyville. While there, J.R. becomes infatuated with a young waitress named Cally Harper, much to the consternation of her brothers.
18 Nov. 1988
Out of the Frying Pan
J.R.'s lust for the young country girl Cally Harper leads him into a dangerous situation that even his wiles, Ewing money, power, and clout can't get him out of.
2 Dec. 1988
Road Work
While J.R. is imprisoned on a torturous chain gang, his long time nemesis, Cliff Barnes, joins Bobby as a new partner in Ewing Oil. Clayton suspects foul play when the river that runs across Southfork mysteriously dries up.
9 Dec. 1988
War and Love and the Whole Damned Thing
A beaten and nearly broken J.R. marries the innocent Cally Harper in a desperate effort to escape the crazed clutches of her vengeful brothers.
16 Dec. 1988
Showdown at the Ewing Corral
Newlywed J.R. struggles to escape from the dreaded Harper farm, while Southfork prepares for war against the unrelenting Carter McKay and his henchmen.
6 Jan. 1989
Carter McKay reveals his true intentions to the Ewings. To avoid bloodshed in the impending range war, McKay offers to buy two sections of the sacred Southfork and J.R. hires his own special brand of mercenaries in preparation for the battle.
13 Jan. 1989
Counter Attack
The range war violently erupts as Bobby vows revenge after Christopher is caught in the brutal cross-fire. J.R., Bobby, Clayton, Ray, and their mercenaries mount forces to destroy McKay and his men and save Southfork.
20 Jan. 1989
The Sting
Unaware that Jeremy Wendell is the force behind Carter McKay, Miss Ellie goes ahead with her decision to sell off the sacred Section 40 to McKay.
27 Jan. 1989
The Two Mrs. Ewings
There is a startling disclosure at the glamorous Oil Baron's Ball, Dallas' social event of the season. Cally Ewing, J.R.'s new bride, attempts to acclimate herself to the grandeur of Southfork, while he searches for a way to remove her from his life.
3 Feb. 1989
The Switch
Determined to create a life for herself in Dallas and win over J.R., Cally turns to an unlikely source for advice -- Sue Ellen.
10 Feb. 1989
He-e-ere's Papa!
Nicholas Pearce's father comes to town to find out what happened to his son. And he starts by grabbing J.R. but before doing anything, he gives him a chance to plead his case.
17 Feb. 1989
Comings and Goings
Sue Ellen launches into pre-production with writer Don Lockwood on the epic film that she hopes will finally bring ruin to the mighty J.R. Ewing.
24 Feb. 1989
Country Girl
J.R. plans to double-cross Bobby and Cliff concerning the sale of the Ewing properties. Cally is finally making progress in getting John Ross to like her. Miss Ellie demands J.R. either accept Cally as his wife or divorce her.
24 Feb. 1989
Wedding Bell Blues
A tornado threatens J.R. and Cally's wedding ceremony, forcing many of the guests (including Sue Ellen) to stay at Southfork for the night.
3 Mar. 1989
The Way We Were
It's brotherly war when Bobby furiously confronts J.R. for ignoring their agreement to consult one another concerning business. Tommy plans to smuggle cocaine from Colombia with the unwitting help of Carter and Tracey.
10 Mar. 1989
The Serpent's Tooth
J.R., hoping to get back into Ewing Oil, seeks information on WestStar's dealings from Tommy. Sue Ellen keeps seeing Don Lockwood. Bobby and Tracey's relationship continues to take a downward turn.
17 Mar. 1989
Three Hundred
The feuding Ewing brothers, J.R. and Bobby, are trapped overnight in an elevator, with a defiant Bobby owning the only source of food or drink: a precious case of expensive wine.
31 Mar. 1989
April Showers
The Ewing brothers are back in business together and set their sights on the biggest oil deal in history at the expense of Carter McKay and Weststar. April comes between Bobby and Tracey after she tries to convince Tracey that her brother is dangerous.
7 Apr. 1989
And Away We Go!
Bobby's love affair with Tracey is shattered when Carter McKay vows to avenge the beating his beloved son, Tommy, suffered at the hands of Bobby in retaliation for Tommy abusing April.
14 Apr. 1989
Yellow Brick Road
Honeymooners J.R. and Cally, along with Bobby, mix pleasure with oil business in the spectacular old town of Salzburg, Austria, until Bobby is shocked by a surprise visitor.
28 Apr. 1989
The Sound of Money
The Ewings head off to Vienna in their battle for the coveted European oil contract. Bobby and April explore their blossoming relationship atop the famed Maria's Mountain in Salzburg. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Clayton still can't retain his memory.
5 May 1989
The Great Texas Waltz
In the romantic city of Vienna, Vanessa Beaumont, the only woman to ever break J.R. Ewing's heart, forces him to choose between her and his love for Cally.
12 May 1989
Mission to Moscow
America's most infamous capitalist, J.R. Ewing, travels to Moscow, the mecca of Communism. At Vanessa's urging, J.R. and Bobby leave Vienna for a crucial and mysterious meeting in Red Square.
19 May 1989
Reel Life
Someone is attempting to frighten April as she continues to see Bobby while Sue Ellen gives Cally advice on how she will have to fight to make her marriage work.

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