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2 Apr. 1978
Digger's Daughter
Bobby Ewing and Pamela Barnes shock their respective families when they reveal they have married. This revelation renews an age-old feud between the two families, and J.R. Ewing, Bobby's older brother, schemes to break them up using ranch hand Ray Krebbs, who once dated Pamela.
9 Apr. 1978
The Lesson
After hearing Ray trying to pawn the job off on one of the ranch hands, Pam gets more than she bargained for when she arranges to see that Lucy gets to school. Meanwhile, J.R. deals with his younger brother, Bobby, by ducking him when he tries to find out how J.R. is so successful when it comes to dealing with other independent oil companies.
16 Apr. 1978
Spy in the House
When Cliff gets his hands on a document proving dirty dealings between a state senator and Ewing Oil, he turns it over to the State of Texas for investigation. But, after finding out about a possible mole, JR turns on Pam, putting her marriage to Bobby in serious jeopardy.
23 Apr. 1978
Winds of Vengeance
A bad storm blows into the Dallas area, along with a couple of strangers from Waco who look to get even with JR and Ray, who seemingly took advantage of their own women the previous night. With the hands off for the day to attend a festival in San Antonio, the ranch looks even more deserted when the only ones packing guns and giving orders on Southfork are the strangers.
30 Apr. 1978
When Pam reveals that she is pregnant, the Ewings try in vain to mend fences with Digger Barnes at the family barbecue.

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